Chapter 10: A New Beginning: From Now Until the End of Time

Room of Requirement

"Harry, Harry wake up," Draco shook the Boy-Who-Lived's shoulder.

"Uh? Don' wanna," Harry whined burying his head into Draco's chest. Smiling, Draco began running his hands through the thick, silky, unruly hair. They'd been meeting like this for weeks now. It wouldn't do for Harry's friends to alienate him by association.

Not like they've been doing anything helpful, Draco mused. Mating season was soon coming up, and if Harry's reaction weeks ago were any indication, he simply was not ready. He wanted it, but the memories were too fresh and vivid for him to combat.

Ah, well! I'll let him sleep. Merlin knows we'll soon have to spend six months away from each other. Subtly Harry shifted. His head now carelessly thrown back, exposing his moonlit neck. That's what he loved most about Harry. He caught on so quickly and gave so freely of himself.

He knows I get exceptionally peckish in the morning, Draco thought shifting so he'd have easier access to Harry's throat. Just as with the first time he began by licking Harry's neck. Harry enjoyed it immensely. He never minded when he fed. It had easily become routine for the Gryffindor Golden Boy.

Good morning Leo, Draco sent through the flow of Harry's blood, sending pleasant tingles throughout his body.

Good morning yourself. Do we have to go to potions today? Harry whined, pressing his back into the taught stomach of his Vampiric counter part.

Yes. If we don't go, you'll fail.

I don't mind failing, just so long as I'm with you.

Then, why do you insist on wearing that necklace Oliver bought you?

It's beautiful. Besides, my love for him, though nothing in comparison to my love for you, was real. It's just a reminder of another thing Voldemort has robbed me of.

I still don't like it Draco sent gruffly.

Yes, I know, but you must understand, things are going to get very difficult for me soon. Tom's getting restless; he wants this war to end. Soon, he'll attack the school.

"NO! I won't let him touch you," Draco said.

"I know, but not even you, with all of your immortal power could keep me from dying," Harry whispered, gazing up into Draco's silver eyes.

" I know. I'm just so afraid of loosing you. I know I'll die if you do. If not in battle, then I'll destroy myself," Draco stated.

"Don't talk that way. We still have time. Let's not dwell on those facts until we have to okay?" Harry asked.

"All right."

-One Week Later Dumbledore's Office-

"Ah! Welcome Harry, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle. We must discuss an important matter. Mr. Malfoy, as you know, tomorrow is the start of mating season. As a Vampire this is the time in your life when you bind yourself eternally to your mate through not only the joining of your bodies but the joining of your souls as well. Unfortunately during this period the Vampire is unable to control his sexual need for his mate. In this regard, Mister Crabbe and Goyle have been placed as your guard so you will not jump Harry," Dumbledore explained.

"Sir? How long will this mating period last," questioned Harry, afraid of separation from his firm foundation. He didn't want to start cutting again.

"Six weeks," Dumbledore replied.

Six weeks? A lot can happen in six weeks, Harry thought.

"Well, that's all I have to say boys. You're dismissed.

-The Next Day-

It's strange waking up in my own bed without Draco. He must be hungry, Harry mused, walking into the bathroom. He'd had a nightmare. The one where everything he'd gone through, was flashed before his eyes, like cruel, midnight thriller. Merlin, one day, and already, I'm considering cutting myself. Draco always kept the dreams away.

"Hey mate! C'mon let's go down to breakfast, I'm starved. Oh, yeah, and afterwards we can go over this new play I've written. It'll totally knock the socks off those stupid Slytherins," Ron exalted. He'd been made Quidditch captain soon after Oliver's death. Harry had to agree; he was just the man for the job.

"All right Ron, let's go," Harry answered, putting away his eyeliner.

-Great Hall: Breakfast-

Draco watched Harry walk all the way to the table. If only that bastard uncle of his hadn't molested him, Harry would be his now. He wanted him soo much; he could barely stand it.

How're you?


Ha! Ha! Sorry.

It's Okay

Sure. You're just saying that.

Ron's calling you

Is he?


Oh geeze! I didn't notice. Bye!


"Huh? Wha? Oh! Sorry Ron, what were you saying," Harry asked.

"Well, I was explaining the play if you were listening," Ron said.

"No, sorry I missed it," Harry answered.

"Kay, first, the two beaters come in from here, and then you….

-A Week Later-

Desolate, Harry sat in the astronomy tower.

I need Draco. I can't take it, being away from him. I can, I must. I don't want to cut again, but I can't stand being alone. It's too much. I…need…this. Harry's thoughts waged war within him as he pulled out a razor and began cutting his skin.

Can you hear me? Outside this place…

-Draco's Room-

Harry? Harry's calling me

See my broken heart, pride displaced.

I'm coming, Harry. I'm coming.

-Astronomy Tower-

I bleed, I bleed and no one sees…

But me

Draco? Harry weakly opened his eyes, and gazed into Draco's pool of silver.

"Shh, love. I'm here Taking Harry's hand," Draco began languidly lapping up the blood from Harry's arm. Then moving up to his face, he kissed him gently.

Take me, Draco Harry whimpered into his mind.

"You're not ready"

Yes, I am. I need you now, Harry thought.

"Once I start, I cannot stop Harry"

Don't worry; I won't want you to. Gazing up into Harry's eyes, Draco found them dark, and glittering with desire, longing, and need.

All right then Finally giving himself release, Draco began kissing, touching, and tasting him. Through it all, Harry moaned, begging, pleading for more. Soon, without Harry's knowledge, they were both unclothed.

Are you ready?

Yes! Yes, do it now! Harry pleaded, biting into the flesh of Draco's collarbone. Draco nearly yowled in pleasure.

I love you Then swiftly, gently, Draco entered him.

Oh! Never felt anything like it. Oh! Yes, yes, yes! Ha! Harry exalted.

"Faster, please Draco. Harder. Ha! I-oh yes!" Harry cried out, and then sighed contentedly, hardly able to contain himself. Suddenly, a hot white light surrounded them, bathing them both in a luminescent glow. Simultaneously, they came.

I love you Harry, I do

Yes, and I you. Stay with me forever?

Until the end of time Harry until the end of time

The End

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