Summary: AU fic. Tohru, Uo and Hana are all in their third year at Tokyo University, along with Uo's boyfriend, Kyou. Things mix up a little when a ravishing young man saves Tohru's life at a train station. Uo/Kyou, Yuki/Tohru.

A/N: Yay! A story I might actually finish! I have the first five (ish) chapters already written, they just have to be typed up, so this story won't go on Hiatus for long periods of time whilst I have writer's block like the others. (laughs) Yukiru forever! It seems like there's a lot of dialogue in the first few chapters… oh well, it's more effective that way! Tohru is a bit more confident, as is Yuki. After all, they are four years older (20-ish) and in an alternate universe (AU). As always, R & R! Thanks!

Chapter One – The Train

"You know, we'll never make the train at this rate." Arisa Uotani yelled to her two best friends over the loud roar of passing traffic. She stomped her foot impatiently, Tohru Honda and Saki Hanajima standing beside her, watching the cars as they quickly drove by from a street corner. The three waited for the light to change, Tohru frequently checking her watch.

"It's okay, we still have ten minutes and the terminal is only five away." The young woman smiled cheerfully at her friends before tucking her rosy face inside the neck of her winter coat. "It's chilly today!" she commented, her voice slightly muffled.

"Yes, it is…" Hana answered calmly, her eyes still following each passing car as it whizzed by.

"Ugh… I'm freezing. Why is this light taking so long to change?!" Uo, who was carrying a black backpack full of all three of hers and her friend's binders filled with notes; pulled it off of her shoulders and placed it on the ground.

"Oh, Uo, are you okay?" Tohru asked, noticing her friend's actions. "I told you you didn't have to carry that… Here, let me take it." She fussed, leaning over to pick up the backpack from the slushy ground on which it lay.

"No, no it's okay Tohru." Uo replied, looking up. "C'mon, the light finally changed." She picked up the backpack in one hand and grabbed Tohru's hand with the other. The two of them quickly ran across the street, looking back at Hana, who was taking her sweet time. She walked very slowly, eyeing the halted drivers as if daring them to honk their horns in an effort to speed her up. Uo rolled her eyes in an annoyed way from the opposite corner of the street.

"C'mon Hana, the train is coming soon…" Hana looked away from the drivers and to Tohru, who was standing beside Uo and smirking and finished crossing the street, the sides of her lips twitching slightly.

The three of them walked the rest of the way to the train terminal, chatting about the day's lessons at Tokyo University, where they attended classes. Their laughter echoed soundlessly through the busy winter streets of downtown Tokyo.

"Look, we're here! Just in time!" Tohru grabbed her friend's hands and they ran together toward the now visible train station.

"Right on!" Uo cheered as she boarded the halted train and found a group of empty seats where she sat down. It looked as if Tohru and Hana were having a bit more trouble getting on the train; the crowd outside the doors was fairly large. Finally, Hana made it in, sitting beside Uo and putting her legs up on a chair so that it could be saved for Tohru. The two students watched the doors intently, brows furrowed slightly as they tried to catch sight of Tohru. She was the last person standing outside, waiting to get on. A handsome man probably the same age as them stepped onto the train and it was finally Tohru's turn to get on.

"She probably let everyone go ahead of her. Sweet Tohru…" Hana whispered to Uo fondly.

Suddenly, the train lurched forward. Tohru, who had been trying to balance herself by leaning on the train, was thrown forward, almost falling down the wide gap separating the train floor and that of the station. The silver headed man who had boarded just before her turned around at just the right second and caught her in a hug position just in the nick of time. The duo fell backward in recoil from the catch; the man pinned on the floor by Tohru's body.

"TOHRU!" Uo and Hana stood up and yelled in unison out of concern for their friend. The following lash signaling the actual movement of the train threw them back into their seats, their eyes wide.

Tohru and the man stared at each other for a moment in shock until she had come to her senses. She stood up and helped her savior from the ground of the speeding train, tears in her grateful eyes.

"Thank you, you saved my life, I'd have been killed had you not caught me." She bowed, tears running down her face.

"It's okay." He told her, reaching out and pulling her into a tight hug, which she returned. For anyone else in just about any other situation, it would have seemed awkward for apparent complete strangers to be hugging, but the guy had just saved her life. He held her as she collected herself, looking genuinely worried. Finally, the hug separated and Tohru started thanking him once again.

"It's okay, really." The man smiled at her. "I'm Yuki Sohma, and you?" He asked her politely, his violet eyes twinkling.

"I'm Tohru Honda." She sniffed, her normal radiant smile replacing any fear left on her face. "You seem familiar to me Mr. Sohma, do I know you from somewhere?" she inquired, cocking her head to the left slightly.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Miss Honda. You seem familiar to me as well…" The two of them walked down the aisle in search of a place to sit. Finding Uo and Hana, Tohru sat down and signaled Yuki to do so beside her.

"Tohru, are you alright?" Uo asked, looking extremely concerned, as did Hana.

"Yes, I'm fine." She answered, smiling gratefully. "Yuki, this is Arisa Uotani, and this is Saki Hanajima." Tohru gestured to each of her still worried looking friends in turn. "Uo, Hana, this is Mr. Yuki Sohma."

"You look familiar…" Hana commented in her normal creepy voice; a voice that seemed to take Yuki aback, he had not been expecting it to be so sinister.

"Yeah, where do I know you from?" Uo asked. "You're a Sohma? Are you Kyou Sohma's brother or something? You don't look like him, but you're both pretty gifted in the looks department…" she continued carelessly; Tohru sweatdropping and Hana looking taken aback as Yuki buttoned up his overcoat, apparently getting ready to disembark at the next stop. His smile faded as soon as he heard the name 'Kyou Sohma'.

"No, he's not my brother. He's my cousin. You know him?" Yuki answered nonchalantly. It was clear that he didn't much care for Kyou.

"Well, yeah… He's my boyfriend. Orange hair, hot tempered…" Uo prompted, laughing.

"That's him." Yuki answered, not looking at her. The train buzzer rang, signaling the train had begun to halt for the next stop. "Sorry, this is my stop… I don't doubt I'll see you around." He said blandly to Uo, finally looking up. Turning to Tohru who was sitting on his right beside the window however, he smiled and placed his now gloved hand on her shoulder. "Take care of yourself. I'll see you around." He winked kindly, standing up, a briefcase in hand, and making his way to the train door where he had first met Tohru. He turned one last time, hearing Tohru's voice.

"Thanks again Yuki, I'm in your debt. I hope to see you again." She told him over the seats.

"My pleasure." He grinned broadly. "Likewise, I'll see you around." The slender-faced man then stepped off the train and onto the platform, gave one last wave and walked away. Uo looked slightly annoyed while Hana looked at Tohru calmly as usual.

"I don't think he even noticed my presence." She said, still not the slightest bit of annoyance detectable in her voice.

"Ehh…" Tohru sweatdropped as the train lurched forward once more.

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