When Donna brings a new friend to the basement names Jackie, Hyde is immediately drawn in. Her eyes, her face, and her bruises…AR.

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The time was 12:48 PM. The place was the Foreman's basement and the people were Fez, Kelso, Eric and myself, Steven Hyde. I have short curly hair and I used to have a beard, but I got rid of it. Wasn't really me. I have these sunglasses that hide the emotions in my eyes. Not that I have emotion because I'm Zen. I'm not rich and I don't have the perfect family. My mom and dad are gone so I live with my buddy Eric Foreman.

I've known Eric since Elementary school when we shared paste. I needed the paste for my macaroni project, and him well, he was eating it. I laughed when he couldn't open his mouth to tell the teacher what was wrong. We're in High School now. Seniors actually, and they only thing on his mouth is his girlfriend Donna.

I had a huge crush on Donna last year. It's over now because I realized she only thought of me as a friend. I didn't know how to react at first, but gradually over time I accepted the fact that we weren't meant to be. Donna and Eric are engaged and are getting married this fall. They want the summer to prepare and accept the fact that they might never be the same again.

Marriage to me is a waste of time. I say that once you get married it turns your life to hell. You never escape your spouse. They're always there haunting you. How do I know? Look at my parents. All I ever heard before my dad left a long time ago was, "Stop following me," and "Leave me alone." I was almost five when my dad left. Never seen him since. My mom is gone. Left with some hairy trucker guy who was headed for California.

Michael Kelso, or just Kelso as we call him, is a total ladies man. According to him he's "man pretty." Kelso and I are almost best friends. We do stupid things together and don't think about it. It's not that way with Eric or Fez. Ah Fez, my foreign exchange student buddy. Where's he's from we'll never know, but he has a funny accent. He also has "needs" and when he talks about them, he makes us all laugh. Fez has a girlfriend unlike Kelso and me. They've been good for a while. She fulfills his 'needs.' Kelso doesn't like things to stay the same. That's why he bounces from girl to girl. I call him a 'man whore,' because he moves around so quickly and doesn't think about people's feelings.

I'm not a feelings guy. I'm Zen remember. I prefer not to have a girlfriend because when I'm with a girl I like, I get a small twinge in my heart about hurting her and then I break it off. I've put dating on hold because I'm not ready. One-night stands are okay with me, but if it goes beyond one day, then it's over. I'm not a romantic guy who says and does nice things for no reason. I don't buy gifts. Partly because I'm poor and partly because the government uses money from gifts to do evil experiments.

I don't trust the government. Everyone thinks I'm stupid for that, but I know they do things they shouldn't. Illegal things they keep under wraps. They have these cars that run on water and they won't tell us because then we'll use all the water up and after that all that'll be left is beer. And they know that beer can set you free. Who else believes that theory? I don't know of anyone. I do know it's better to believe the government if out to get you than to believe in Star Wars. Eric is a freak for Star Wars. It's stupid and he collects the action figures. I shouldn't care, but it's so stupid and I'm still his friend. A mystery that can't be solved I guess.

So as I said, the time was 12:48 PM when I started talking, but now its 1:07 PM. I will always remember that as the time she walked into my life.