Last Chapter: I heard her get up and move to the kitchen. Then the dial tone cut off my hearing.

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The time was 12:48 PM. The place was Foreman's basement. The people were Fez, Kelso, Eric and myself, Steven Hyde. I heard the door open and close. I knew it was Donna before she even said 'Hey guys.' I looked up and saw Jackie standing next to her. She was happy and carrying three giant white bags. She walked over to me and sat in my lap, placing the bags on both sides of my chair. I gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and turned my attention back to Donna. She was sitting next to Foreman, pulling out books and magazines. They are getting married next week. It's been 5 painstaking months since March, when they set a date. Since then, Donna and Foreman have been freaking out about getting things done on time.

Kelso has a girlfriend. He also knocked her up. In a way, he's matured since the days of dating Jackie. It took him 5 months to mature and I've known him since elementary school. It was amazing. His pregnant girlfriend is preparing to give birth in October. They're having twins. Girls. Fez has had four girlfriends since the break up of his first girlfriend. None of them liked his pervert ways. We're hoping this last one can put up with him. In a way, he's matured too. We find him fulfilling fewer needs and freaking out less. It's not as fun, but it's less annoying. Mr. and Mrs. Foreman have been fine too. They are currently feeding Lori, who was kicked out of college. She still hits on Kelso, who is 'trying' to not have sex with her.

Jackie is living with Donna and Bob next door. We don't spend as much together at night, because Bob keeps a close watch on her, but we still hang out a lot. Her father has been put in jail. Not for charges of abuse, but for bribery. We can all breath a little easier knowing this. Wyatt quit his job and now works for Leo at the Photo Hut. I think he still feels the need to watch over Jackie. Mrs. Burkhart has since returned from Mexico with a very nice tan. She still takes off some times, but she always comes back. Jackie receives some random postcards that are hanging on her wall in Donna's room. I particularly like the one from Tahiti with the almost naked girls on the front.

My room hasn't changed except for a small frameless picture on my wall. It's of Jackie and I at a school dance. We didn't know we were being photographed so we weren't posing. Our smiles are large and goofy as we stare into each other's eyes. She had tricked me into going, saying there would be beer. There was no beer. That was of course before we graduated in July. Jackie is now the only gang member in High School still, but we're okay with that. I always pick her up from school, which she is getting all A's in. She is at the top of her English and Drama classes, planning on becoming an actress. The cheerleading squad wants her to join back, but she has decided against it saying it's too distracting.

"What did you buy?" I asked her. She looked back at me and smiled. "Just some magazines and pamphlets." She responded kissing me quickly. "They had better not be the same ones Donna has, because that's a waste of money." I warned. She shook her head and giggled. I loved her laughs. I was right about needing time. I know that I now love Jackie. I also know that I will never say it out loud unless I really mean it, because then I will over using it. Like Kelso did. I craned my neck to look inside the bag at my left. It was a lot of Bridal magazines stacked one of top of the other. I didn't see why she needed these now. She didn't really need them yet and could just look at the ones Donna has. "Hers are ugly and outdated." She whispered in my ear. I chuckled and stole a glance at the soon-to-be-wed couple on the couch. Foreman has never looked happier then when he was with Donna. I then turned my attention to Jackie's left hand. On her ring finger was a beautiful diamond ring. I had asked her to marry me yesterday. She agreed. We haven't set a date yet, but knowing Jackie, she'll plan the whole thing anyway. I just want to be with her. Always and Forever.