Title: Daughters of the Unnatural
Part: 6: Falling into Darkness
Author: Liayso
Email: Disclaimer: The characters of the Angel and Buffy world are not mine. I'm just borrowing them for this story. I do own the characters D.J. and Abby.
Summary: The daughter of The Key and The Destroyer sure has her hands full. Her twin sister wants to kill her and now she's stuck in the past. Can she possibly calm her raging sister down and get back to her own time? Lame summary, I know.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and violence
Spoilers: Everything I guess. This story is set a couple of months after Angel's series finale.
A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger last chapter. You're really going to hate me at the end of this chapter, nice big cliffhanger. Heheh… Anyway, again, thank you for the reviews. They're always welcomed. I'm afraid Abby won't be interacting with anyone other than her sister anytime soon, but I'll try to throw some Abby/Spike interaction somewhere in the future for you, Celestia Nailo. I mean, she does seem to have gotten her colorful vocabulary from him. Onto the chapter! Remember, italicized words in between the dashes are flashbacks.

"Hey D.J."

Gunn knocked softly on D.J.'s bedroom door. The night when everyone had found out her secret, D.J. had locked herself in her room. She had spent a night and a day locked within her room, and now she was entering another day of isolation. Gunn was once again trying to get her come out, but especially after the fiasco that night, it looked like she wouldn't be coming out anytime soon.

"They're Dawn's what!" Spike shrieked.

Angel closed his eyes and repeated himself. "D.J. and Abby are Connor and Dawn's daughters in the future."

Gunn was in disbelief. "Wait, so you're telling me that D.J. and Teen Mean are your grandkids?" Angel nodded. "Man, your family's even more messed up than I thought."

Angel frowned at him.

"Your son and my Nibblet!" Spike once again shrieked in Angel's face. The idea of Dawn, who he thought of as his own daughter, with Angel's son just appalled him.

"Yes. Connor and Dawn get married and have kids. Get over it, Spike." Angel was getting annoyed.

"Oh I'll get over it. Right after I rip the boy's bloody head off." Spike began stalking upstairs.

"Oh no you don't!" Angel went after him. Gunn and Illyria followed.

Spike found Dawn and Connor in the hall and immediately went for the boy's throat.

"You hurt her and I swear to God that I'll bloody kill you!" He slammed Connor to the wall.

Dawn tried to pull him away from her future husband. "Spike! What do you think you're doing?"

Angel punched Spike away from his son. "Don't lay a finger on him!"

Soon Angel and Spike were going at it, punching and kicking each other. Everyone was trying to break them apart. D.J. peeked her head out of her room to see what was going on. She was surprised to see her grandfather and Spike having a slugfest. Connor saw her and immediately headed towards her. D.J. saw him coming, so she quickly shut and locked her door once again. Connor began pounding on her door.

"D.J.! Open up right now!"

Things were just getting out of hand. Dawn was getting frustrated. She screamed at the top of her lungs. "EVERYONE JUST STOP RIGHT NOW!" With a big flash of magic, she separated Spike and Angel, and removed Connor from the door once again. She let out a heavy breath and soon became very dizzy from using so much magic. She stumbled forward and was about to fall.

"Dawn!" Connor cried out.

"Nibblet!" Spike cried out as well.

The both of them went forward to catch her, but Gunn got there quicker.

"All right! Enough! Everyone just calm down." Tensions were high in the hallway and Gunn did his best to cut it down to size. "Spike, if Connor and Dawn do hook up, then it's none of your god damn business." He turned to Connor. "Connor, it's obvious that D.J. does not want to talk to you right now, so just back off and leave her alone." He turned to Angel. "Angel, you should have told us about this whole thing sooner and maybe we could have avoided this whole fiasco." The three men looked down, ashamed of themselves. "Now, I'm going to put Dawn to bed. I want all of you to go to your respective rooms and cool down and I had better not find you guys fighting again or else I'm breaking out the stakes. Got it?"

Their silence meant that they got it.

"Good." Gunn headed to Dawn's room with her in his arms. Everyone else left the hallway to go to his or her own rooms. Illyria remained in the hallway. She had been silent throughout the whole thing.

"Things were so much simpler back in my time." She shook her head and headed to her quarters.-

Gunn shook his head at the memory. He knocked again. "Come on D.J. You've been in there for the past day and night."

"The bird still hasn't come out yet?" Spike walked up to Gunn.

He shook his head. "No. I'm starting to wonder if she's even still in there."

"Oh she's still there. I can hear her breathing." Spike stared at the door. "I still can't believe that Nibblet has kids. With Angel Jr. no less."

"Yeah, I still can't quite believe it either."

"I mean, Dawn can do so much better."

"You aren't going to try and kill Connor again, are you?"

"No, but I am going to keep an eye on the little bugger."

Gunn rolled his eyes and knocked on the door again. "Come on D.J. You have to come out sometime. Aren't you even hungry?"


"I guess I could slip you some pizza under the door if you're not opening up."


Gunn and Spike turned to see Connor walking down the hall towards them. Angel was behind him.

"If she wants to eat then she should leave her room and get the food herself." Connor's voice was harsh and he kept walking, not even casting a sideways glance towards D.J.'s door. Spike frowned at his walking form.

"Well aren't you Dad-of-the-Year material, letting your poor daughter starve to death."

"Do as he says, Spike. You too, Gunn." Angel said.

"But Angel-" Gunn started.

"Just do it." Angel looked at the door. "Giving her time and space isn't making her come out. So we'll have to draw her out with the lack of food." Angel shook his head. "I don't like it either, but she's just as stubborn as her father. Come on." Angel pushed everyone away from the door and the three of them left the hallway.

On the other side of the door, D.J. sat at the edge of her bed. She listened to the footsteps of them walking away until she could hear them no more. She heard everything, their conversations, the constant knocking, and the footsteps. She even heard their sighs and the shakes of their heads in pity. D.J. let out a sigh. Everything had broken down and fallen apart. She had hoped that she would have been able to calm Abby down and return to the future without having her parents find out about them, but that wasn't going to happen now. D.J. gripped the edge of her bed and shut her eyes. The future was ruined because of her, at least if felt that way to D.J.

D.J. looked to her dresser. The items and the book she had gathered up the other day were inside it. Those things were her last hope in stopping Abby. She didn't want to use them, but Abby left her no choice. Abby wouldn't let her speak; she wouldn't let anyone speak to her. D.J. had to do it before anyone else got hurt, but could she go through with it knowing that her father was still mad at her?

Her father.

Connor had sounded so angry. D.J. wasn't used to him being angry with her. Then again, he was always too busy to be angry with her. Connor was always with Abby: training her and taking her on cases and patrols. The only real times D.J. had gotten to spend with her father were the times in the basement and the many times when he rescued her. Even then, he was either broody or overprotective.

D.J. guessed that one of the reasons why she didn't tell them that she was their daughter was because she really was enjoying the growing friendship she had with her parents. They didn't treat her like a little kid, nor were they being overprotective. If they had known, they would have done just that. That wasn't the case though. Now that they know, they weren't overprotective; they were angry. Well, Connor was angry. D.J. wasn't sure about her mother.

Her mother.

Dawn had not once passed by or knocked on D.J.'s door. D.J. figured that Dawn was freaking out about the whole thing, even if she had kept a level head when Connor was trying to break down her door. D.J. was grateful that her mother and Gunn had managed to calm everyone down a bit that night. She would have broken down some more if Connor had gotten into her room. D.J. just wished that Dawn would at least come and try to talk to her. If D.J. were to let anyone in, it would be her mother. While Connor trained Abby in fighting, Dawn was training D.J. in the ways of magic and translating ancient text. The two of them were really close. The fact that Dawn didn't stop by and check on her only made D.J. feel more awful. D.J. fell back onto her bed and sighed.

Her life was too complicated.

"I sensed a great sadness emanate from the girl's room. You are her life giver. You should go speak with her." Lace within Illyria's words was a tiny hinge of concern.

Dawn remained silent and didn't look into Illyria's eyes. The two of them had bumped into each other in the hallways of the hotel.

"You must speak to her, as well as her father."

Dawn looked up. "Connor…"

She heard footsteps behind her and turned her head to see Connor down the hall. Connor stopped in his tracks when their eyes met. For a brief minute, the two of them starred at each other. Dawn began to breathe heavily. She broke the gaze and brushed pass Illyria, buttering a quick "Excuse me" as she hurried into the library. Illyria watched her retreating form and felt Connor pass her as well, after Dawn.

When Connor entered the library, he found Dawn facing a bookshelf. Her face was buried into a book. She looked to be reading it, but Connor knew better.

"You're avoiding me," He said.

Dawn quickly glanced at him but then turned back to the book in her hands.

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

Dawn faced him. "What makes you say that?"

"Every time I enter the same room as you, you find some excuse to leave." Connor crossed his arms. He stood in the doorway. She couldn't leave now. Dawn turned back to the bookshelf and placed the book back in its place. She remained quiet.

"Why?" Connor asked.

"I just needed some space." Dawn didn't turn back to him.

"You don't want to be with me." Connor stated.

Dawn spun around. "It's not that! It's just…."

"It's just that you don't like me."

"No, I mean yes, I mean…. I do like you, Connor. I like you a whole lot."

"Then why are you avoiding me like the plague?"

"We just met, Connor. To know that we get married and have kids, it just scares me."


"I grew among people whose relationships never lasted." Dawn began rambling. "I mean, my parents got divorced. Buffy's had more boyfriends than I can count. Xander left Anya at the altar. Oz left Willow and then she lost Tara. Not to mention the whole jacket love spell thing. Oh and my first kiss was with a vampire who then tried to sire me."

Connor stepped towards her and grabbed her gently by the shoulders. Dawn calmed down a little.

"You and me… It's just too good to be true."

"But it is true, Dawn." Connor lifted her face so that he could stare into her blue eyes. "Even before all this stuff happened, I had liked you and I wanted to be with you. And now that I know that I do end up with you, well, that makes me happy."

Dawn looked up at him teary-eyed. "Connor…" She leaned into Connor's chest and he wrapped his arms around her.

"It makes me happy too, but I'm scared." Her voice was muffled against his chest, but Connor heard her loud and clear.

"Don't be." He gently pulled her away from his chest so that he could gaze into her face. "You and me, we work."

Dawn smiled at him. A tear began to fall down her cheek. Connor wiped it away. He then cupped her chin with his hand. He slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to her lips. Dawn wrapped her arms around his neck, further deepening their kiss. For the longest time, they stood together, kissing. They finally had to break their kiss for some air; they were human. Well, mostly human anyway. Both of them were breathless when they pulled apart.

"Wow…" Dawn said, as she got lost in Connor's eyes once again. Her heart was beating very quickly.

Connor smiled at her. "Do I kiss better than a vampire?"

Dawn smirked. "Way better." Once again, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into another kiss.

"Come on, Bit." You have to come out someday." Spike was once again at D.J.'s door, trying to coax her to come out. Illyria was with him.

"You will starve if you remain in your quarters." Illyria tried to make her come out as well.

On the other side of the door, D.J. stood, hungry. Her stomach growled. She couldn't hold out any longer; she had to get some food in her, but she couldn't go out. D.J. wasn't ready to face her father yet.

"She still won't come out?"

Both Illyria and Spike turned to see Dawn walking up to them. Spike shook his head.

"The bird's as stubborn as you and your sister. Maybe you can get her to come out, she's your daughter."

Dawn shook her head. "We can't force her if she doesn't want to. Besides, we have a case right now and Angel wants all of us on it."

"But what about D.J.?" Spike motioned to the door.

Dawn stepped up to the door. "D.J., it's me, Da- your mother. Look, we're going on a case right now. If you want to help out, we'll be at the old loading docks." Dawn paused. "I'm sorry I haven't tried talking to you sooner. I guess I just have been trying to sort everything out. Listen, I know you must be really conflicted right now and I want you to know that I'm right here for you." Only silence came from the other room. Dawn continued. "Maybe after I come back from the case we can talk."

Dawn gave the door a pleading look and then she began to walk away. Spike and Illyria followed. D.J. smiled. That one sentence made her feel a little bit better. She fought the urge to run out of her room and into the arms of her mother. She won that battle and remained in her room.

For about an hour, D.J. remained in her room. She wanted to be sure that they actually did leave. D.J. peeked her head out of her room. The hotel was eerily quiet. The only noise was her growling stomach. She listened for voices downstairs, but heard none.

"They really are gone."

D.J. left her room and made her way downstairs. Her stomach was growling the whole way. She was starving! D.J. made her way into the kitchen. There was a box of pizza on the table. D.J. rushed to it and flipped it open. There were a couple of slices left. D.J. lifted a slice to her mouth.

"I figured you would come out now."

D.J. froze just as she was going to take a bite. She placed the slice of pizza down and turned around to face her father. Connor had his arms crossed. There was no running away for D.J. She avoided his gaze and looked to the ground.

"You know, I was waiting for you in the basement." D.J. didn't look up at him. Connor continued. "I had all this stuff I wanted to say to you, but now that I'm actually talking to you, I can't exactly remember what I wanted to say."

D.J. remained silent. She was at a loss for words as well. She glanced at her father, but then looked away. The two for them stood in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. Then Connor spoke up.

"Why did you lie to me?"

D.J.'s head shot up and faced him.

"I didn't lie!" She looked away and spoke more quietly. "I just twisted my words into the truth and didn't tell you some things."

"That's just as bad as lying."

"I know. I'm sorry."

D.J. still didn't look into his face. She was afraid of what it might show: anger, disappointment, sadness. She didn't want to see any of that and if she looked up, she would see one or a mixture of the three. D.J. felt Connor stare holes into her with his eyes. She felt the intensity of his stare. She feared that stare.

"D.J., please look at me." Connor pleaded.

Slowly, D.J. lifted her head to look at him. She was right. There was a mixture of saddness, disappointment, and anger. It was mostly sadness though. D.J. shifted uncomfortably under his gaze

"Okay, so technically, you didn't lie, but why did you keep it a secret? Why didn't you just tell us? Tell me?"

"I'm sorry. I just didn't want it to be weird for you 'cuz you and mom just met and…"

"And you didn't want me to know that I failed as a father. Again." Connor turned away from her then let out a small laugh. "You lied about me being a good father."

"No I didn't! You are a good father!"

Connor turned back to D.J. "Then why is Abby-"

"It's more of a sibling thing than a parent thing." D.J. looked away.

"But still, there must have been something I did or didn't do to cause her to be like this."

D.J. looked back at her father. His shoulders were slumped. Tears began to form in her eyes.

"You're blaming yourself for something that hasn't happened yet."

"But it happened for you."

"Yes, it did, but I don't blame you for it. You shouldn't either."

"How can I not? You're my daughter and I've screwed up your life."

"You haven't done anything!" The tears were falling down now.

"But I will, in the future!" He began to cry too.

"Don't Dad." D.J. shook her head. "Please don't do this. If anything, this is all my fault. God! If only I had just trained with you from day one, then Abby would have been used to me being strong and she wouldn't have freaked out when I killed her demon."

The tears were tumbling down in waterfalls as D.J. began to shake. Connor pulled her sob-racked body to his and hugged her.

"You couldn't have known that this would happen." Connor began stroking her hair. "I guess neither of us is at fault." He felt his shirt become wet with his daughter's tears.

"I'm still sorry, Dad."

"I'm sorry too, D.J."

His tears fell upon her head. For a brief moment, father and daughter held each other, both crying. D.J. slowly pulled herself away from Connor's chest. She looked up into her father's teary eyes.

"I wasn't lying when I said I love you. I would never lie to you, remember that."

Connor smiled softly at his daughter. D.J. continued.

"Abby loves you too, I know she does. No matter what she says, she loves you."

Connor didn't say anything in reply. He just hugged his daughter once again. The precious moment was interrupted by D.J.'s growling stomach. D.J. stepped back and placed a hand on her belly. She still hadn't eaten anything.

"Can I eat now?" She pleaded.

Connor gave out a small laugh. "Yeah."

D.J. smiled and picked up the pizza slice she had put down earlier.

Angel and the others stumbled back into the hotel to find Connor sitting on the lobby couch, reading a book. D.J. was nowhere to be seen. Angel stared at his son incredulously as he stood to greet them.

"She still hasn't come out?"

"She came out. We talked."

"And?" Dawn stepped towards him.

"And nothing. We just talked." Connor stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Where is she then?" Angel asked.

"She's in her room." Everyone stared wide-eyed at Connor. "Oh, but she hasn't locked herself in there again. She just wanted to rest after practically devouring the whole kitchen." Everyone sighed in relief.

"So everything's cool between you two?" Gunn asked.

"Yeah." Connor said with a smile and a nod.

"That's good." Angel paused. "Things got worked out between you two really fast. I guess girls are easier to raise."

Spike made a "Pfftt" sound. Dawn punched him in the arm and said "Hey!" He just chuckled.

Dawn turned back to Connor. "Can I see her?" Connor nodded and she ran upstairs. Dawn stopped before D.J.'s door and knocked. This time, she answered.

"Come in."

D.J. shut the book she was reading as Dawn came in.

"So that's where that book was. I've been looking everywhere for it." Dawn sat on the side of D.J.'s bed.

"Sorry." D.J. smiled. "You should get use to me taking books from the library. I do that a lot in the future."

"I'll make note of that." Dawn paused. "So, everything is okay between you and Connor?"

D.J. nodded. "What about you?"

Dawn blushed. "Um, yeah."

D.J. smiled at her. She then looked down at her fingers.

"I wish everything was okay between Abby and me."

Dawn reached over and brushed aside D.J.'s bangs from her eyes.

"I'm sure things will work out. We'll find a way to bring her around."

"D.J. looked up at her mother. "Thanks Mom. It's not weird for you when I call you 'Mom' is it?"

"No. It actually feels natural."

D.J. pulled her mother into a hug. "I want to rest now. It's getting late."

"Okay." Dawn got up. "Good night D.J. I'll see you in the morning." Dawn left her room.

D.J.'s face turned into one of sadness. She said softly, "No, you won't."

D.J. tossed her legs over the side of her bed and walked over to her dresser. She pulled open the top drawer and pulled out a small vial filled with a purple liquid. She had prepared this in the time she spent locked in her room using the instructions in the book and the herbs she had picked up. This was her last resort to stopping Abby. D.J. didn't want to use it, but she knew she had to.

Gunn strolled into the lobby, whistling quietly. In his hand was a plate and on that plate was a big sub sandwich. It was really late and everyone was asleep in his or her room, well, he thought everyone was asleep. He sat down on the couch and was about to take a bite out of his sandwich when he saw D.J. at the bottom of the steps.

"Gunn." D.J. said, surprised to see him up.

"D.J., what are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep. You?"

Gunn held up his sandwich. "Just getting a midnight snack. Want some?"

"Sure." D.J. waked over to him. She set her book onto the table and sat next to him on the couch. Gunn handed her a piece of his sandwich and eyed the book she had placed down on the table. A slip of paper was tucked in between the pages.

"Whatcha reading?" He asked as he motioned to the book.

"Oh, it's a book about ancient poisons and potions and other stuff."

Gunn struggled to read the foreign title.

"It's in Ancient Sumerian." She replied.

"Wow, and you understand that stuff?" D.J. nodded. "Damn, you're like a mini-Wesley. Now me, all that ancient mumbo jumbo stuff is enough to make my head spin. Give me a sword over the codex thingie any day."

D.J. gave him a small smile and said sadly, "I prefer the book over the sword." She took a bite out of her sandwich.

Gunn stared at her for a moment. "You don't like fighting do you?"

D.J. shook her head. "I thought I would, once I started my training, but I don't. I mean, it's nice being strong and able to protect myself, but the fighting it just gets to me. I guess I'm just not cut out for it." She paused. "But I kind of have to fight. I have the strength to do so and there are people that need my help."

"You remind me of my sister."

"Alonna?" D.J. remembered a couple of stories about her.

"Yeah. She fought demons too, but she never liked it. She wasn't really much of a fighter. That's why I tried so hard to protect her." Gunn stared into the distance remembering the awful memories. He then turned back to D.J. "Your sister Abby has some major jealousy issues. I mean, you kill one little demon and she goes all postal on you."

D.J. looked down at her feet. "It wasn't just one little demon. He was kind of like the Beast you guys faced, only a thousand times worse."

Gunn whistled. "And you killed that thing?"

"I caught him off guard. I was lucky."

"You were prophesized."

"That too."

"But still, Abby shouldn't have reacted the way she did. You're supposed to protect your little sister, not try to kill her."

D.J. stared at Gunn. He looked a little sad. "I'm sorry. I'm probably reminding you of some bad memories."

"It's okay. It's nice to remember my sister once in awhile. I don't ever want to forget her."

The two of them sat in silence and finished their snacks. D.J. finally spoke up.

"Thank you, for breaking up that fight the other night."

Gunn smiled at her. "It was nothing. Besides, your mom was the one that really stopped it. Although it was cool bossing around the big three for a change."

D.J. let out a small laugh. Then she became a little solemn. "Gunn, can I call you Uncle Gunn?"

Gunn smiled at her. "Go right ahead."

D.J. gave him a small sad smile. "I'm sorry Uncle Gunn."

"For what?" Gunn was confused.

D.J. suddenly struck him on his head, knocking him out cold.

"For that."

D.J. laid Gunn on the couch. She walked over to the weapons cabinet. She pulled out one of the swords and twirled it in her hands. Deciding that it would do, D.J. set the sword against the wall. She then opened the weapons chest and rummaged through the things inside. She pulled out a small dart with a long needle. She took out the vial, opened it and stuck the dart into it. The dart closed up the vial with the needle inside the liquid. D.J. tucked it into her sweater pocket and picked up her sword. She turned to leave. As she placed her hand on the doorknob, she turned to give the hotel one last look, and then left.

Connor placed a hand on D.J.'s doorknob.


He looked to the side and saw Dawn step towards him.

"Dawn, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question."

"I just wanted to check on D.J. You?

"The same."

The two of them smiled at each other. Connor opened the door. However, they didn't find D.J. She was nowhere to be found. The two of them did the first thing that came to mind. They panicked.

D.J. wandered the streets, trying to get a hold of Abby's scent. Her wandering brought her to an alley. D.J. got a strange vibe. She looked around and saw a broken light sign that said 'Caritas' on it.

"Caritas…" D.J. looked around. "This is the place where Dad was born."

"Really? Who would have thought?"

D.J. immediately turned around, sword in hand. She saw Abby sitting on top of a closed dumpster with her legs crossed. Abby smirked at her sister.

"Hi there little sis." She waved, tauntingly.

"Abby…" D.J. gripped her sword tightly.

Abby motioned to the sword with her head. "What do you plan on doing with that?" She jumped off the dumpster, her own sword in her hands.

D.J. brought up her sword. "What I have to do."

She then charged her sister.



Connor and Dawn pounded on his bedroom door. A grumpy looking Angel appeared on the other side and he glared at them, but then softened when he saw their panicked faces.

"What's wrong?"

"D.J.'s gone. She's not in her room." Connor said frantically.

"I think she went after Abby." Dawn said.

"Nonsense. D.J.'s not stupid. She wouldn't do that. She probably went downstairs for a snack."

The three of them headed down the stairs. As they descended, they heard a groan coming from the lobby. They saw Gunn sprawled on the couch, ripping his head.

"Gunn!" Angel rushed over to him. "What happened?"

"It was D.J. She was here and we were talking. Then she knocked me out."

"Do you know where she went?" Angel asked earnestly.

"I was kind of busy with the being knocked out thing."

"Dad." Angel looked over to Connor. He was sanding in front of the opened weapons cabinet. "One of the swords is missing."

"What?" Angel's eyes widened.

"Guys." They all looked to Dawn. She had picked up the book that D.J. had set down on the table. She opened it to where it was marked with slip of paper. Dawn unfolded the paper. "It's a note."

They all gathered around her as she began to read D.J.'s letter aloud.


D.J. stepped backwards. She looked at her arm. Abby had cut it slightly. D.J. looked back at her sister who only smirked evilly back at her. Abby then swung her sword at her again. D.J. quickly blocked it with her own sword. At the same time, Dawn was reading D.J.'s letter to everyone. The words floated in the background of the sisters' fight.

My dearest family,

Please forgive me. I'm about to do something really foolish.

Abby kicked D.J. in her chest. D.J. stumbled back. She used her momentum to kick her sister in the chin as she flipped backwards.

The page that I have marked in the book, it contains steps to make a certain poison.

Abby regained her composure and tried to stab her sister. D.J. dodged it and swung her sword. The blade cut into Abby's arm. The wound mirrored the D.J. had. Abby looked at the cut and then back at her sister. She then lunged for her.

The poison is ancient. It was used on the old and sickly about to die.

D.J. and Abby exchanged more blows. Their swords clanged against each other each time they struck.

It puts people into a dream world, where they can review the past memories of their lives to see why things happened the way that they did. I figured that I could use it on Abby, to make her see that I had no ill intentions towards her.

D.J. and Abby kept fighting. Abby punched her sister in the face and she fell to the ground. Abby raised her sword and brought it down. D.J. quickly rolled out of the way.

The thing is, after the person finds out why the things happened the way that they did, then that person dies. That is why it was used on those that were about to die, to give the people's souls a chance to sort out their problems before they moved on.

On the ground, D.J. swung her sword at her sister's legs. Abby jumped up and then kicked D.J. in the face.

I'm going to use this poison on Abby and me, so we can go through the dream walk together. We aren't even supposed to exist yet in this time, so it's probably for the best that we die shortly after.

D.J. lost her grip on her sword as she fell back to the pavement. Abby kicked her sword away and stepped towards D.J.

Please understand that I had no choice but to do this. Abby won't listen to me. She won't listen to anyone.

D.J. flipped herself up and Abby made a motion to stab her. D.J. moved to the side and kicked up her leg, knocking the sword out of Abby's hand. It flew across the alley.

I love all of you remember that. I'm sorry I have to leave you like this. I will see you in five years.

Dawn read the last of the letter.




Dawn looked up at everyone. She had a worried look on her face.

"We have to stop her!" Connor cried out.

"Dawn, stay here and read up more about this poison. Connor, let's go."

Angel and Connor ran out of the hotel.

Abby punched her sister down and she fell to the floor. The two of them were now unarmed and they resorted to their fists and feet. D.J.'s nose was bleeding and a large gash was on her forehead. Abby had a small cut right above her left eye. D.J. coughed in pain. She was obviously losing.

"You'll never be able to bring me to my knees like I have done to you. What made you think that you could beat me?" Abby holstered her sister up and slammed her against the brick wall.

"I guess I wasn't thinking." D.J. choked out.

"I bet you think mom and dad will come just in time to save you." She smirked. "But they won't. It's hopeless for you."

"You're right. They won't get here in time." D.J. reached into her pocket. "But I do have one last hope."

She pulled out her poison covered dart and stuck it into Abby's neck. Abby quickly let go of D.J. and stepped back. D.J. pulled the dart out of her. Abby stumbled backward. The poison was quickly taking affect.

"What the hell did you just do to me?" She shook here head. Her vision was becoming blurry.

D.J. stuck the dart needle back into the vial to coat it once again.

"I'm sorry Abby, but you left me no choice."


Abby fell down, unconscious. D.J. looked down at her. "Don't worry. I'll follow you big sis."

She brought the dart up to her own neck. She saw her father and her grandfather running up the alley towards her. D.J. looked at them with sad eyes.

"D.J.! NO!" Connor shouted at her.

"I'm sorry." She whispered softly.


D.J. pushed the dart into her neck. She pulled it out and it fell to the floor. The running form of her father split into two and then went back to one. D.J. blinked and shook her head. She was becoming very dizzy. The world was spinning and she began to fall. As she fell, the last thing she saw was the darkness.


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D.J. and Abby lie dying in a poisoned dream. As they take a walk through their past, the others try to find an antidote, but the antidote might lie in hell.