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Chapter 5

Breaking In

The group moved through Sector 6 taking out monsters here and there. "Pathetic creatures," said Yomi disgusted. Suddenly a creature landed in front of them. It was dead with a hole in its face.

"Man," said Kuwabara. "That was scary," he said. Albert examined the creature. "Nice work Sniper." Haname grinned. "My pleasure."

Kuwabara moved closer to Tifa, but when he tried to grab her he got slapped by Shizuru and Tifa. "Sorry bro, no reason to scare people now," said Shizuru. Kuwabara didn't answer. Instead he just stayed on the floor.

"Stupid Kuwabara," said Yusuke. "Indeed," said Sesshomaru. "He must have no brain." Everybody laughed at this remark. "Take that back," said Kuwabara. Sesshomaru glared at him. "Ahhhhhhh," screamed Kuwabara, running away. "What a weird boy," said Bankotsu. "Idiot," muttered Inuyasha and Hiei at the same time.

After another 2 minutes, Kuwabara came back and the group continued to the Wall Market. Upon arriving they saw a whole bunch of kids whispering. "Wonder, what they're up to," said Lloyd. "Let's go see," said Cloud.

They approached the boys. Immediately they ran, but one stayed behind. "Hey, mister, there's something cool." "Follow me." He ran off after his four friends with the detectives running after.

"Wonder where they taking us," said Sesshomaru? They followed the kids to a big wall with graffiti on it. Hanging down was a big rope. "Think it'll be hard to climb," asked Yusuke? "Nah, this is kids work," said Lloyd. He proceeded to jumping up the wall. Soon he was out of sight.

"Holy shit, how'd he do that," asked Cloud? Barret and Tifa were also astonished. They were even more when various other members of the team jumped up. Cloud quickly scrambled up the rope in an attempt to catch up. He was halfway up when he saw Tifa fly by him. "Shit, how'd she do that," he thought.

Cloud was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt someone grab him. It was Barret. "What the hell," screamed Cloud! "Hey Spike, this kid's carrying us," he answered. Cloud opened his eyes and saw Albert lift him towards the top. They soon got there and Cloud stepped down to catch a breath.

When he finally looked up he saw everyone staring at something. Tifa had Kuwabara by the collar and was punching him multiple times. "Damn." "She's mad," said Lloyd. Albert nodded. When Tifa was done Sango and Mukuro took their turns beating him up. "What'd he do," asked Cloud? Tifa walked over and said that as Kuwabara lifted her he was groping her butt.

Cloud was furious on the inside. "How dare he touch her," he thought. Even so, Cloud didn't say a word and just followed everybody else upwards. Finally they reached the top and saw a huge building. "So this is the Shinra HQ, huh." "I think so," said Cloud. "So how do we get in," asked Kurama? A lot of people said force. "No, how bout we sneak in," suggested Tifa.

"Yeah," said Cloud, Touya, and Kurama simultaneously. Tifa glowed with pride. She didn't care if she was outnumbered. At least the smart and cute people agreed with her.

"I don't care how I get in," said Hiei. "I'm just gonna make sure that the person who has Yukina dies horribly. He proceeded to walk towards the door and for a moment he glowed black. Luckily Kurama stopped him. "Wait Hiei." Hiei stopped. "Why?" Kurama looked annoyed. "We don't know what's in there."

Now Hiei looked annoyed. "Humans, that want to die," he answered. "And I'll kill every last one." "That's enough," said Albert. "We can't hurt innocent lives. So how about we split up. One group infiltrates the building, the other fights demons." "Hn," said Hiei. Sango glared at him and he remembered his deal with her. "Fine," he said. "But where are the demons," asked Yusuke.

Sniper suddenly came up. He had a head. "Down there," he replied. As soon as he said that the majority of the group jumped down. Soon there could be yells and screams from below.

"So that leaves us with AVALANCHE members, Hiei, Mukuro, Yusuke, Kurama, Touya, and me," said Albert. "I think I'll leave it to you guys. Albert jumped down without a word. Hiei followed him. Before jumping he looked at Touya. "You had better bring her back," he said. Touya nodded. He knew he would. Yusuke also decided to step back. "You better get Keiko," he said.

"Shall we go then," said Cloud. Kurama nodded and the group proceeded to finding a way in. After half an hour of looking, Tifa gave up. "Fine, we'll blow the doors," she said. The group grinned and together knocked the doors down. When the guards turned they screamed and ran. "Ignore them," said Kurama. They walked over to an elevator and stepped in.

As they rose up the floors the elevator suddenly began to shake. "What the hell just happened," asked Barret. Jessie looked around. "I think the elevator is being manually controlled by something. Cloud drew his sword as the door opened. Two machine gunners attacked. Cloud swiped at them with his sword and then cast bolt. They were easily killed.

"Nice work," said Mukuro. The group was attacked constantly and each time another member fended them off. Finally it was Mukuro's turn. "I'll handle them." Tifa watched in amazement as Mukuro drop kicked a guard and beat up two others. In two minutes she was done. "Wow, you're good," said Tifa. Mukuro smiled.

The group moved up a couple of floors and ended up on the 61st. As they walked Tifa talked to Mukuro. "So you know martial arts too, right," she asked. Mukuro nodded. "But only a little bit." But Tifa was sure Mukuro was stronger than she was saying.

The group walked down a short hallway when Kurama suddenly kneeled down. "What's wrong," asked Cloud? There are too many guards up around the corner. (A/N: Of course Kurama can handle them, but remember they're trying to hide their real powers.) Kurama ducked down and pointed at an office. "Let's make four that office.

One by one they ran for the office. Finally they made it. There was another door by on the other side. "Looks like we have to sneak across," said Biggs. Cloud stepped up to the door. "I'll go first and then I'll signal you guys across. Everyone nodded.

They watched as Cloud snuck past the guards by hiding behind pillars. He got halfway and then stopped. One by one he signaled people across. Kurama was first. Touya was second. Then Tifa came. Last, were Barret, Jessie, Wedge, Mukuro, and Biggs. "Okay, let's go up," said Cloud.

They went up to the next level and went out the open door. They were in another hallway. "Where to now," asked Biggs. "Let's try there," said Kurama. The group turned and saw a room, labeled Mayor's Office. "Okay," said Barret. They headed towards it. There was a man there. It looked as if he was some sort of secretary. "Hello," he said.

"How do we get upstairs," asked Cloud right away. The man looked confused for a moment. "Oh you mean you need the keycard. Well, the mayor will only give it to you if you guess his word. "Okay, what's the word," asked Touya. "I'm sorry I can't tell you. But I can give a hint," he said.

Kurama lifted the man and Touya formed his ice sword. Everyone, except Mukuro was amazed. "How'd he do that," asked Cloud. He was ignored however. "Okay, the password is Mako," he said, fearing for his life. Kurama dropped him and Touya retracted his sword. Then they went in to speak with the mayor.

"Wow, said Tifa. "I remember Albert did something like that too," said Barret. "Yeah, the flame sword, we'll have to ask them about it," said Cloud.

The AVALANCHE members nodded, except for Mukuro. She didn't need to for she had secrets of her own.


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