NOTICE: This is my disclaimer. I own nothing. I am just an avid fan of F&F, both editions. My stories are just my thoughts and ideas stemming fro the original. Thank you.

Letty POV:

I don't exactly know how to tell this story. It's a crazy ordeal about my life, our lives after the heist. Nothing was right anymore, and we had to grow again with each other, and without our glue, our rock. Dom. So here goes.

Dom had sent Leon and I away. We got back to the house, packed our essentials, and hopped into Leon's car. I felt like shit, and I know I looked it. Dom held me and kissed me.

" I love you Let. I'll find you. It'll be a month, two tops. Take care of her Leon." I kissed and hugged Mia, Leon did the same. We took off down the street, and the only thing I could think about was Jesse. He didn't come back.

I was hoarse a little, and hurting but we had to get Jesse. I wasn't worried about Dom, because I knew he would come when he said.

" Le, we have to turn back. Jesse is still out there, and he's alone and afraid. I know it." Leon and I were the closest to Jesse. He was a like a little brother to me, seeing as I was an only child at the time of my parents death. Leon just came along the same time as Jesse had, and they stuck like glue.

" I know Letty girl, but he'll be fine. Dom's gonna get to him don't worry." His voice sounded full of faith, but the same confidence didn't reach his eyes." Besides I gotta get you to a doctor before we cross the border. I can tell you're in a lot of pain." I

was but I wasn't concerned about myself at the moment. Too bad I couldn't tell him that, I passed out from the pain.

When I woke up I was laying in a hospital bed, in one of those flimsy gowns.

"Leon!" I didn't have much of a voice at the moment but it worked. He came from behind a curtain, with a girl I was certain I had seen once at the races, except she had on a nurses uniform.

"Here I am Let. This is Chris. She works here."

I didn't need to know where he was. The smell alone made my stomach curl. I was in a freakin' hospital. I looked down and could see my left wrist was in a cast, and my ribs were wrapped up, so sitting up wasn't a possibility. I just looked at Leon in annoyance and he understood.

"Just another ten minutes Let. I got your clothes, and we can ease outta here. Chris got us in real quick and since this is a county hospital they'll help but they asked a few questions, and I answered them for you. She even got you some pills for the pain."

With that I almost spewed venom. I sat up with as fast as possible with the wrap and reached for my clothes. He gave them to me. Despite the fact that I hated hospitals since I was 14, they try and dope me up with some freakin' pills. I gave the girl a once over and it came to me.

"Christina. You're Hector's baby sister aren't you?" She nods, but remains quiet. Leon dates her on and off. She's quiet and very pretty with the right curves and long wavy hair, and light brown eyes. You would never notice her because Hector keeps her on a tight string. But give it to Leon to find her and keep her hidden. It was probably for the best so she won't be corrupted by all the bullshit our world spews out.

" Thank you very much for putting me up Christina, but we gotta go."

Leon looked at me strange and I smirked, I was never polite to strangers whether they helped me or not. And I have never thanked anyone before. Not directly at least. She notices, and looks at me with less apprehension and smiles shooing Leon out so I can change.

Then she speaks, "Letty, will you be okay? I mean I know your wrist will be okay, but I don't want you to damage your ribs. Don't do anything strenuous, and you can't drive; one because of your ribs and two because of the medication. It's a very low dosage, because Leon told me you don't take medicine. It'll num the pain, but not make you drowsy." She said all of that before I could et my t-shirt over my head. She can sure as hell talk.

"Okay. I got it all. Now can I go." She smiled and pulled back my curtain to a weary looking Leon.

" Hey Le. What's up?" He looked like death warmed over. I looked at my phone and saw that it had been at least three hours since we left and had to get moving.

" I keep calling home, and nobody's answering. It ain't right." I swallow hard. They would have forwarded all calls or turned off the phone. But we never not answered.

" Maybe they're already headed out, Le. We are behind. Let's hit the road." He nodded and got up. I left him to tell Chris bye, and picked up my medication. We headed out on the highway flying towards Mexico.