Author's Note: Dedicated to a character that I think is stronger and smarter than he is given credit for, who never fails to bring a smile to my face, and who is completely underestimated. Here's to you BB. While this may appear to be OOC to some, I do believe it is what he could be thinking at times. Oh, and if you didn't see it, I did post the final chapter of Magic Of My Color. Just look for "Blue".

The Thoughts Behind the Smile

Riddled with insignificance,

I am the hindrance you tolerate. . .

Pathetic and second rate,

If anything, only pitied for my fate.

Why care about this weak hero?

Why should you love a fool?

My contributions, minimal,

It is the laughter that I hear,

Though for, or at me. . . I don't know.

Why is it that no one sees

My fight, my struggle

To hold back, remain in control?

I'm seen as weak, and for that I'm ostracized,

But my gifts are deadly.

Venom, toxins, crushing strength,

Claws that rip, horns that gore,

Fangs that could easily end a life. . .

Would anyone call me hero then?

For my friends, for myself, I hold back

So I can stay upon this track. . .

And not be cast out as an animal.

I'm not an animal, yet not a man,

Though the line is blurred everyday

As control is lost to those instinctive desires,

Because the fight is hard, and I grow tired.

Behind the jokes and my smiling face,

I am keeping the beast at bay.

So do not take me lightly,

Or cast me aside, ignored. . .

I am living, fighting, doing my best.

Don't deny it, because it is true. . .

And it's not my fault that you can't see

The actual extent of what I can do.