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Chapter 1

"Ok dudes, this is going to be the ultimate party." Said Beast Boy pacing around the room.

Raven sighed loudly from on the couch. The titans annual new years eve party, this would be their second year together. (a/n: how long have they known each other for anyway?) And just like last year while everyone in the tower was celebrating Raven would lock herself in her room until the party was over.

" Ok we've got tofu dogs, tofu burgers, tof-."

"Yo B who's gonna eat all that tofu anyway you're the only one who likes that garbage." Yelled Cyborg from across the room.

Beast Boy shrugged and faced Robin. "So who's all coming?" he asked.

Robin pulled out a list. "Let's see, Speedy, Aqualad, Bumblebee, Wildebeest, and Hot Spot." He replied.

"Friend Robin, forgive me for interrupting but, I do not remember meeting most of the people on the guest list." (A/n: bet you can't guess who said that.) Said Starfire.

Robin smiled he loved the way that she always asked him questions. It made him feel special. "It's ok Star, I'll introduce you to them when they arrive."

Starfire returned the smile. "Thank you Robin." She said and flew out of the room.

She called me Robin, not friend Robin. Is that good or bad, maybe she wants to be more than friends. Or she could be mad at me.

"Dude Robin," said Beast Boy pulling him away from his thoughts. "When are the guest gonna arrive."

Robin looked up at the clock hung on the wall. " Should be only couple more minutes. I'll go get Star." Said Robin walking away.

"Heh those two are so obvious when are they just gonna tell each other that they love each other." Said Beast Boy.

"Tell me about it." Said Raven. She stood up, shut her book and began to walk away.

"Hey, where are you going?" Asked Beast Boy. "The party's soon gonna start."

"What's your point?" Asked Raven walking out of the room.

Beast Boy sighed. "Nothing, just thought that you'd wanna be here with us." Whispered Beast Boy.

"Looks like Robin's not the only one that's obvious." Said Cyborg.

Beast Boy turned around facing him quickly. "What's that spose to mean?" Asked Beast Boy.

"You and Raven, anyone can tell." Said Cyborg shrugging.

"What, were just friends." Said beast boy.

"Sure you are." Said Cyborg.

Beast boy opened his mouth to protest but before he could say anything the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Yelled Cyborg running towards the door.

Beast boy sighed and looked towards the door that Raven had went through. You don't love her, do you? Beast boy asked himself. Sure I mean she is smart, and darkly funny, and she is beautiful, the way her hair sways in the wind and when you look at her eyes you can see her soul and-. O my god I'm as obsessed as Robin is with Starfire.

Beast Boy quickly stood up and walked towards Raven's room. He was determined to get her to come to this party if it was the last thing he did, which it might be.


Beast boy looked at the forbidden door marked 'Raven.'

He sighed and raised his gloved hand and softly knocked. "O well I'll come back latt-." Suddenly the door swished open.

Beast Boy let out a loud "EEP" and spun around to come face to face with none other than Raven.

"Hey Raven, umm…what's up?" Asked Beast Boy.

"I don't know you're the one who came to my door." Said Raven.

"Oh, uh, Right." Said Beast Boy finding his shoes suddenly very interesting. "Well I mean the party's starting and I was just wondering, actually I was hoping that maybe you would want to come down and I don't know have some fun?" Said Beast Boy nervously.

"I don't do fun." Said Raven glaring at him.

"Oh, ok well I was just hoping that you would wanna come down." Said beast Boy.

"Why?" Asked Raven.

"I…umm…because I…I want you to have some fun, I mean you never hang out with us and-."

"You don't get it do you Beast Boy?" Asked Raven. "I can't have fun, I can be normal. I'm not normal!"

"But I-." Began Beast boy.

"Why do you care so much?" Hissed Raven. But before he could answer she walked back into room slamming the door behind her.

"Because." Whispered Beast Boy. "I love you." He sighed and slowly walked back to the party.


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