Picture Perfect

Disclaimer: DNAngel and the characters therein belong to Yukiru Sugisaki-san.

Author's Note: This is something random that pieced together in my mind. I adopted the 200-word drabble from another author, although I did overshoot by 25 words. Oh well, enjoy.

She should be in the movies.

He assessed this opinion over and again in his mind as he followed her movement with his video-cam. He taped her making her way from the wide doors and on to the school gate, waving to familiar faces and sometimes stopping for a short chat with friends. He caught the way her pink lips turned appreciatively at the words exchanged and heard her distinct laughter come in sweet peals. The girlish tossing of her shoulder-length auburn hair was unmistakable and perfect for the lead role.

He trailed her even as she walked further on to meet the boy with light-blue hair.

The recording stopped.

He stood still for a moment, watching the exchange between the couple and feeling the silent jealousy that came up from the recess of his heart. His blond hair whipped gently against his features, dancing in the wind.

His eyes never left them until they had walked out of his sight. Even then, the image of the two at the school gates was imprinted on his mind as he explored the possibilities if it had been him instead who was chosen.

It was when his servant tapped on his shoulder that he broke out of his trance.

She should be in the movies, he thought again as he left.

She should be in his movie.


Story completed: 1 January 2005
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