"From Cradle To Grave" - Glasseater
we are born then we start to experience...
with experience we begin to age
we grow old
we look back into our days growing up
then we die
i wonder what it would feel like to die with someone
or at least something other than yourself
when the light in your eyes burn out
and you are looking at your life expeditions in rewind...
how many times did you go out
on a limb to try and prove
what you truly wanted to accomplish
(think about that and remember this)
we are born alone
and we leave this world alone
so grab hold of your life and run it dry
live life at your fullest capacity
leave no stone unturned
so when its your time to pass
the term regret will bear no consequence
risks will make it all worth it
this will make it all worth it

I'm my own God

And I control my own universe

We can be royalty in our own castle

I'll be your king

And I'll leave the queen's crown up for grabs

Just make sure you can deal with how I choose to live my life


There is no better feeling then flying. At least none that I can think of as I make pass after pass over the Quidditch pitch, diving and turning with ease. The sun is shining brightly and the warmth feels nice on my skin.

In the air I am free and there's nothing better than being free. Flying is something I'm naturally good at and I'm not afraid to show it. There are so few things that make me stand out from my title, The Boy Who Lived. What kind of title is that anyway? Why don't they just name me The Boy Who Didn't Die Through Some Miraculous Twist of Fate? I suppose that would be too long.

As I make another pass I notice a girl flying up to meet me. Her long, black hair is flowing out behind her and she has the prettiest green eyes. I feel as if I recognize her from somewhere but I can't seem to remember where exactly. She's riding a strange looking broom. I can't make out the name of it from here and I decide to ask her about it. She appears to be older than me, probably a seventh year.

"You okay?" I ask. She smiles at me but appears to be somewhat surprised by my presence. Perhaps she thought the pitch would be empty. I give her a warm and friendly smile but she still seems quite tense. "I didn't think anyone else was out here," I admit sheepishly.

"Why don't I get the practice snitch out and we can play a seeker's game?" I ask with a grin and she nods in reply. I fly down to the shed and take out the practice snitch. On my way back toward her she whispers something to herself but I can't make it out. I think about inquiring about her broom but for some reason it doesn't seem important anymore.

The game doesn't last very long. The girl tries her best to keep up with me and her broom is rather fast, but she can't catch me as I make sharp turns and terrifying dives. After a few minutes I spot the snitch and I catch it easily. It makes me feel deliriously happy and I wave it over my head, whooping in triumph.

"You did very well," I offer as I hover next to the girl, "It was a good game."

"I was awful," the green-eyed girl replies with a snort, "and you were amazing."

"Well I am the new Seeker for Gryffindor," I state proudly. I study her reaction, hoping that I don't sound to full of myself.

"I know," she replies with a grin, "I hear you're the youngest seeker in a century."

I laugh merrily as I fly back toward the shed to return the snitch. The girl follows along behind me and I realize that she still hasn't introduced herself and I haven't introduced myself either. A sudden bout of shyness takes me over and I decide that she can introduce herself first.

"Do you like it here at Hogwarts?" she asks hesitantly as we walk towards the castle.

"I love it here," I reply happily, "Hogwarts is my home and all my friends are here."

"Do you have a lot of friends?"

"More then I've ever had in my life," I state with a nod, "There's Hagrid, he was my first friend and Ron and Hermione. And I get along pretty well with the rest of the Gryffindors. What house are you in?" She pauses mid-step and I wonder what makes her so nervous.

"I'm not a student," she explains hastily, "I'm just visiting." I nod in understanding as we approach the castle. "My name's Jenny by the way." And my stomach suddenly feels strange at the sound of her name.

"Harry," I offer as I motion to myself, "and it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's been a pleasure meeting you as well," she says merrily, "and it was a pleasure watching you trounce me at Quidditch too." I can't help but laugh at her comment and soon Jenny is laughing as well.

"Maybe you'll be a professional someday," she adds abruptly.

Her comment bothers me for some reason I can't quite understand but the feeling causes me to turn away from her. The sky suddenly begins to fill with dark clouds and I can hear thunder off in the distance. I shiver as the wind becomes cold.

"I think I should get going," I state in a low tone, no longer wishing to stay outside with the strange girl. I take off toward the castle and I can hear her calling out behind me but I don't turn around. Soon I am back in the castle and on my way up to Gryffindor tower to see what everyone else is up to.

Flying is fun but it can get rather lonely. My stomach was still feeling a little queasy and my robes suddenly felt horribly uncomfortable. Perhaps being around friendly faces would make the feeling go away.

I tell the Fat Lady the password and she allows me inside. Ron and Hermione are sitting near the fire. They are discussing the recent break-in at Gringotts as I approach. The queasiness in my stomach remains but now a feeling of dread joins it. I feel as if something bad is going to happen. I feel as if things are going to change.

"Hey mate!" Ron exclaims happily, obviously relieved to see me. Hermione can be a bit much at times. "How about a game of chess?" he asks with a smile and I can't help but laugh.

"Sure," I reply, "but I don't know why you want to play against me, you know I always lose." Ron considers my words for a moment and he almost appears thoughtful which takes me by surprise. Ron doesn't usually like to think much.

"I like playing chess with you," he explains slowly, "because you still play even though you know you'll lose."

"That's true," Hermione states as she pulls out a very thick and heavy book, "and you even smile and laugh when you lose." I sit across from Ron on one of the common room couches and he pulls out his old wizard's chess set.

Perhaps they're right; I do enjoy playing even if I know I'll lose. But it's not the game that I enjoy and it's not losing that I enjoy, it's the moment that brings me happiness. Just being with my friends, laughing and playing games, that's what I truly enjoy and I'll lose as many times as it takes to be able to keep on playing.

The queasiness in my stomach seems to disappear and I push away all of the foreboding thoughts in my mind. They're still there, buried somewhere deep inside and for now that's where they will remain. A little while longer, that's all I want. A few more hours, a few more days or weeks for things to remain unchanged and I'll happily lose as many times as it takes.


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