Your Kind….

Chapter 1: Tired

By: Jen "The Stampede" Motou

Level 1 battle stations! Level 1 Battle stations! Commander La Flaga! Ensign Yamato! Report to the Launch Deck Immediately!!!! Commander La Flaga! Ensign Yamato! Report to the Launch Deck Immediately!!!!


I heard, echo off of the walls of my small room in the Arch-Angel. Struggling to open my eyes, I soon heard my name again, "ENSIGN YAMATO!" I jumped out of bed in a rush, I was still tired from the last battle, and into my Omni Uniform. I shot out of the door, zipping up my shirt as I ran, and headed straight for the room before the Launch Bay. "Birdy!" I heard echo from behind, along with the quick flapping of mechanical wings, however I kept running. The Door quickly slid open, I darted for my "locker", slipping in to my pilots' suit as fast as I could.


Was echoing in the background as I rushed to the Strike. "Where ya been kid?" Murdock asked me as I floated up to the cockpit, and sat myself down inside. The Cockpit doors closed, sealed inside, there was no way out of this now. I made my way to the launch deck and prepared the Strike, then brought up a com Link.

"Ensign Yamato, requesting the Strike's Launch." Looking into Mirallia's eyes, the words spilled out, it was nothing new by now.

"Oh Hey Kira, where were you? You look tired. You should get some sleep." She giggled, as I Proceeded forward in the strike. "We'll equip the Aile Striker Pack. All Systems green, prepare for launch."

My hands gripped the controls tighter, bracing myself I guess, as they always did before battle. "Kira Yamato, Strike, LAUNCH!" I shouted, as the Strike was thrown forward. As soon as the Strike left the Arch-Angel once again, the sky filled my eyes. Twinkling lights, millions of them, stars, their light filled my eyes. "Kid what took you?!!" I heard Commander La Flaga scream, as I flicked on the Strike's Phase-Shift. I was out for maybe a minute before the Strike's sensors went wild. The screen read four suits, - X-102, X-104,X-103, X-303. It was the La Creze once again. "Great" I muttered dully, and turned to only receive a blast straight to the chest, thanks to none other than the Duel.

I let out a low growl as I violently crashed backwards in my seat. Sensors were sounded again, and soon I felt the front console and my seat dig into my stomach when the Buster hit me from behind. "Damn it!!" I cursed, and spun the Strike around to return fire, only to see the Aegis, Athrun of course, instead of the Buster. (I was starting to think they were using my friendship with Athrun, as a trump card over me.) "Damn it!" I cursed again, fired a few warning shots at my Best Friend. The Sensors still sounded wildly, by this time I was ignoring them, as I tracked the Duel and the Buster. (I had to worry about them the most—So I thought) "Kira! Come with us!" I heard over my com, Athrun was trying the same speech again. "NO! How Many times do I have to tell You I WON'T JOIN ZAFT!!!!?" I screamed back at him hoping for him to stop with that lame speech again. "Kira! I never said Join ZAFT! I just want you to come with us! I don't want to fight you anymore! Why do we have to fight?! Would you rather we be enemies than friends, Kira?" I shook as he spoke, I heard tears in his voice. "Athr---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I let out a loud scream as I was quickly thrown into my front display screen, from the force of the Strike's right arm getting torn off from the Blitz's assault. I was jerked forcefully and harshly, left to right, back and forth as the cockpit shook, hit with rapid fire from the Duel. The next thing I knew there was a small explosion to my right, as my head crashed into and through my front display screen. I heard the glass of my helmet bring to crack as I was thrown backwards into my seat.

My eyes slowly opened, and I saw the numerous small cracks, that made up my supposed protective, helmet's glass. However, there was blood running down the left side of it. A small stream of blood, and a few small splashes of red also lined the once clear substance. I let out a groan, urgh, and looked forward. Unfortunately the front display had been shattered from the blow, I could see nothing. "Kira! Kira!!! KIRA!!! Answer me Kira!!!" Athrun's voice, laced with worry, rung through my ears. My hand shook, as I weakly moved my hand to turn on my com. Just as my hand touched the button, Athrun appeared in the upper right hand corner screen, and I could see the worry in his emerald orbs. I slowly opened my mouth to speak, however only let out a loud screech as a rod came loose in the front and smashed straight through my upper left arm. "KIRA!" My finger slipped shutting off my only connection to my best friend, and then all I saw was Black………….

To Be continued….