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Chapter 8


A small moan escaped from Yuugi's lips. His body felt tired and broken. Slowly he pulled himself into a half sitting and half laying down position. He blinked… confused. He looked around… complete darkness. There was a faint scent of preservatives. Yuugi blinked. Slowly his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He was soon able to make out impressions that the walls were covered with shelves, and it looked as if each shelf was covered with items.

He raised his hands. The smell of his own dried blood nauseated him. He touched his forehead and immediately felt a long gash that ran along his face. He winced and pulled back his hand.

Where am I?

Mou hitori… iie… Atemu-kun?

No answer.

For once… in a long time… there was no answer. Yuugi shuddered. He immediately felt a chill. A chill that he thought he would never have to experience again. It was the chill of loneliness, the feeling that another being was no longer harboring his mind. The boy immediately panicked. He stood up and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Atemu-kun!" Yuugi shouted. Desperate he screamed out his love's name over and over again.

There was no answer. He felt beads of sweat began to form along his hair line. "Atemu-kun!" Yuugi cried again.


Yuugi breathed. He closed his eyes praying to find that familiar bridge to his lover's realm – the darkness. He scanned his senses. His breathing slowed, but he couldn't…. he couldn't find that gap. A gap that had always been there when he wanted to either change places with his love, or the two wanted to touch. This time, he couldn't feel it. It was like… there never had been one.

Yuugi opened his eyes. "Atemu-kun," he mouthed.

A flash of light. Yuugi stumbled back. There lying inches beside his feet was… mou hitori no boku. Yuugi reached from him. His old friend… suddenly Yuugi was aware just how old the doll was. Its age suddenly became apparent as was the blood that stained it. Yuugi felt his fingers tremble as he played with the doll's blond bangs.

"Atemu-kun?" Yuugi muttered. "Where are you?"

"Hey boy! What you doing down here?"

Yuugi looked up… startled. He cocked his head… a beam of light illuminated from the nearby staircase. A young man slowly appeared from the light. His features were smooth. He looked young, yet bags were already forming underneath his eyes. He looked like he hadn't slept in days. The man's hair was a deep shade of brown, yet he seemed very familiar. "Ba… Bakura-kun?" Yuugi whispered uneasily.

"Oh." The man's eyes widened. He stopped in his tracks; the flashlight –where the light had been coming from – fell loosely to the side of his body. "You know my son, Bakura Ryou?"

Yuugi nodded. He gulped. "Yeah… we're good friends." Yuugi added hurriedly. He felt the words taint his buds and lips. Memories of Bakura… the mere fact that the young boy was a necromancer and was controlled by a thief sent shivers up Yuugi's spine.

The man nodded. "I'm glad my son has friends. I worry about him a lot. He doesn't even know I moved here. We've been distant since his mother and I … separated." The man sighed. "He still can't get over his sister's death. It's been almost five years."

Bakura … had a sister.

The man continued muttering. "He won't believe it was an accident. Blames he wasn't watching her. It was an instant. She was laughing and playing one second. Next, she was laying dead on the street… a sixteen wheeler."

Hit and run. Necromancer.

The man sighed. Yuugi looked up and noticed just like his son. Bakura's father also had that far away look in his eyes. He reminded Yuugi of a lonely, broken man and that caused him to shiver. For no matter what, his past couldn't and hadn't left him. It haunted Yuugi to realize just how similar he and Bakura really were. They both had parents who left them. They both had a dead sister, and both had ancient spirits sharing their bodies.

So… so what determined the course of their life? Who decided that he would meet the hero and Bakura the demon? Yuugi had always wondered what determined his life and fate.

"But you really must leave," the man added. He rubbed the back of his neck with the butt of his flashlight. It cast uneven beams of light onto the ceiling above. "Shutting down the museum for the night."

"Museum?" Yuugi asked confused.

"You okay boy?" The man asked startled. That faraway look vanished from his eyes only to be replaced with one of a concern. Like that old saying… 'once a father always a father'. "This is the Domino Museum."

"Do… mino?"

I'm home, but how?

"Yes Domino."

Wasn't I in… Egypt?

"Arigotou," Yuugi fumbled. "Gomen. I'm leaving now." He quickly ran out the museum, and just as Bakura's father said. He really was home…back in Domino. The streets, the buildings, and even the air, it was all … Domino.

Yuugi grasped the doll tighter in his arms. In his mind he kept calling out his lover's name, yet still there was no answer.


Yuugi wasn't sure how long he walked aimlessly around Domino's streets crying out the names of his friends and lover. He circled the park, the school, the train station, game and card shops, arcades, movie theatres and restaurants – all places he spent the last three years with his friends.

Every time there was no reply. The longer he walked. The more he wondered. He just couldn't keep a certain feeling from suffocating him. How did he get back home so soon?

But worse he wondered…

Am I dreaming? Living in…

Yuugi closed his eyes. He leaned against a bench in the bus stop. He was filthy, cold and tired.

"Mind if I sit down?" A distant voice asked.

Yuugi merely shook his head. He didn't look up instead continued playing with mou hitori no boku's blond bangs.

"Nice doll. Nice weather. Bus will be here soon."

Yuugi blinked. Everything he disagreed with. It was raining. He hated the rain. It rained the day his parents died. It rained the day his grandfather stopped spending a month at a time with him. As for the doll, Yuugi wanted the real thing.

"Summer's almost over. Fall is nice… more jobs, more rain, cooler air. Everyone needs it. Rough day kid?"

Yuugi blinked. He bit his lips and turned towards the other. It was young man, foreign in nature. He had a rough build, around Kaiba's height, and long brown hair. He was dressed strangely too, a long pale gown and golden bands on his arms.

"Hi," Yuugi squeaked. He actually squeaked. He hadn't in years.

"You should cheer up kid. Look at me." Yuugi blinked confused. The young man laughed. "I'm sorry. Just a middle class man trying to give some advice. You look like you need some kid. Perk up."

Yuugi blinked some more, yet this strange person…

Have I met you somewhere before?

A blinding flash of light, the squeak of a brake… Yuugi turned and saw a bus pull up. "There's my ride." The man commented. He stood up and brushed past Yuugi.

"Don't fail."

Had he…no… that's ridiculous. Yuugi looked up, but that strange man at already disappeared onto the crowded bus leaving a severely confused Yuugi.


The cool hum of the restaurant dissolved into the back of Yuugi's mind. He passed his arms into his pockets and shuffled his feet. The rain still hadn't relented. It was starting to bug the boy. His clothes were starting to get soggy, but he didn't dare go home.

He blinked and let out a yawn before continuing his walk. After a couple of blocks he called out one of his friends' names, but by now he was starting to give up hope. Nothing made any sense anymore. He passed a movie theatre, the smaller one that still ran its films by a film reel.

It was playing a scary movie. The boy shuddered. His life already left like one. He glanced around as if expecting someone he knew to show up. Slap him a bit and tell him… "you're still in Egypt". That person didn't turn up, and Yuugi wasn't sure if he was disappointed or not.


He passed Burger World later. Its neon lights were casting a holy glow on him. He was very tempted to go inside and get a burger. But there was another part of him that couldn't help but wonder…

Would Anzu be there… working one of her late night shifts?

Yuugi had to catch himself. He knew Anzu had quit ages ago. 'Perverted men, being a waitress… pff… nobody can tie Mazaki Anzu down!'

Yuugi shook his head. He wondered where Anzu was right now. He wondered where all his friends went.


Hours later he reached Domino High. Yuugi shivered seeing its lights dimmed. All the windows were black. He would be graduating there before the spring… and enter the real world. Yuugi chuckled… 'the real world'. He forgot about that, ever since summer break… Atemu had consumed his very being.

Do I have to wonder about the future now?

"What do you want to do in life, Yuugi?"

"I don't know."


"I really don't know."

"You got to like something… what about Egypt? You've always like that. You could be an archeologist."

"I guess, Anzu."

Anzu was always the 'seeing into the future one'. She never understood. He never looked to the future. Not with his life – doctors always tried predicting how long he would live. He never cared to wonder what he would be doing at 20, or 40 or even 60 years. He used to just say 'I want to be alive'. That scared people.


Yuugi kept walking. He ended up near the park. They used to come here all the time. He would help Jounouchi with his dueling skills. Sometimes Kaiba would show up. He would always snort when Anzu asked why he wasn't at his company. Kaiba would nudge Jounouchi away before slamming a dueling deck in front of Yuugi. It always annoyed Atemu. They would take turns dueling Kaiba, but the outcome was always the same.

Yuugi sat down at a table… no… 'the table'. A street lamp cast a holy glow upon him. The faint sounds of firefly as they hovered under the lamp. They had a lot of laughs there. Playing games, talking, eating, and just joking around… Yuugi sniffed back some tears. He rubbed his tears and sat his doll on the table.

"Mou hitori no boku."


He didn't know how long he slept on the table. The rain was still pouring when he awoke to voice… familiar voices. The voices were laughing, happy. Yuugi didn't feel happy. He wondered if he would ever be happy again.

He turned his head scanning the park for the voices.

"Honda-kun!" Yuugi's eyes widened. There, just inches before him was… Honda… with Miho. Yuugi's eyes widened.

How? And what happened to Shizuka? Didn't Miho move away? Jounouchi-kun said she did.

"Honda-kun," Yuugi shouted again. He picked up his doll and ran to his friend.

Honda turned around startled. He automatically pulled Miho behind him. "Who's there?"

"Honda-kun? It's me," Yuugi stated. A wide grin formed on his face. Honda blinked, but Yuugi didn't seem to notice. "We got to find Jou…"


Yuugi's body flung through the park. He skid across the pavement and into a pile of leaves. His amethyst eyes clouded over… stunned. Life slowly leaked from Yuugi's eyes.

Honda-kun… punched me.

"Hon… Honda-kun," Yuugi muttered. He looked up. His body dripping wet from the falling rain water.

The thunder cracked through the air.


Yuugi looked up. He bit his lips. Honda stood, hovering over him. Yuugi half wished, half prayed Honda was just joking around, or even he that would awake from this nightmare. But reality doesn't play like that.

"Never speak my name again, kid. I don't know who you are or what you're doing calling me like that. Come Miho." Honda wrapped his arm around Miho and dragged her away. Miho stopped Honda for a second and turned, for a second Yuugi thought he saw someone else in her face. The girl merely shrugged her shoulders and gave Yuugi a strange look.

"Honda-kun?" Yuugi muttered one last time. Darkness veiled his vision.



Yuugi slowly looked his eyes. White washed walls… machines buzzing…dripping liquid.


He slowly sat up… an IV tube was hooked to his wrist. He looked around confused. Only till he felt the raw sting of his cheek did it all come back. Honda… Honda had punched him. But weren't they friends? Hadn't Honda promised him all those years ago?

"I'll protect you Yuugi! We're friends now!"


So why did Honda-kun act like he didn't even know me? And why is Miho doing back? Didn't she move away? And…and what happened to Kaiba-kun, Jounouchi-kun… and…

"Anzu?" Yuugi mouthed. His amethyst eyes widened. He had turned his face just as a girl… no… Anzu walked passed, but she … she looked.

"Anzu?" Yuugi called again. He quickly jumped out of bed and pulled the needle from his arm. He barely flinched this time. The irony… needles and pulling them out no longer affected him, the aftermath of staying in hospitals when he was little. He wasn't going to let her get away. No, she might have answers to all his questions. As he walked out of his room… somehow Yuugi seriously doubted that… in the pit of his stomach he knew something was terribly wrong.

Something… something was very… wrong.


Yuugi's eyes widened. That voice… Anzu!

He ran faster, scanning the long hallway… a hallway that he once knew like the back of his hand. In the distant, he saw what made his blood run cold. He gasped. There collapsed on the floor, three nurses and a doctor surrounded her.

His world seemed to end then. Everything he once knew shattered into a billion pieces. He had… failed…

"Yuugi I'm scared."


"About everything."

Yuugi blinked. "Why? Shouldn't I be the one afraid? I don't even half anything set, but you… you have a dream. You want to go to America and dance. That's a dream... me… I got nothing. I'll probably live my rest of life in Domino; working in some dead end job."

"I know." Anzu twisted the edge of her coffee cup. She looked up and sighed. "It's just that… I miss… I'm going to miss you. You… you always protect me. Make me feel save."

Yuugi blushed. He twisted a piece of his blond bangs. He blushed and moved his hand over Anzu's. "I swear Anzu. We'll always be friends, and I'll always protect you, no matter the distance. Cause you're my friend."

He watched his childhood friend scream in agony… on the ground. He watched in horror… as blood flowed from her body. He had really failed. He had failed to protect her when she needed him most.

Time stood still then. Yuugi barely seemed to notice when a young man suddenly appeared by her side. He almost hissed at him. He was… he was well… Prince Charming. He was glorious, honest, strong, and loving. Yuugi's breath hitched as he watched Anzu's face change. She no longer looked scared as that mystery man supported her back and held her hand.

Hell… she even looked at … peace.

As bad as Yuugi felt, he suddenly wondered. He wondered if Anzu had finally found someone replaced him. Was he no longer the most important person in her life? Was he no longer her knight errant?

Yuugi's feet seemed to turn to jelly as he followed the nurses; doctor and young man lead Anzu into a room. He watched outside the door as they leaned her against a bed.

The hours seemed to pass… and soon… the sound of a wailing child.

Anzu and young man were smiling. Yuugi watched on at the happy scene. Anzu's sweat stained hair as she cradled a bundle in her arms. She looks so glorious. The hospital lights radiated her beauty… a beauty Yuugi had never seen from her before.

He collapsed on the floor, and all he could do was cry. He knew he had no right to. After all, she had told him she loved him and wanted him, but he… he had given it all up of his prince. As he pressed his shoulder blades into the plaster like walls, Yuugi suddenly realized. Everything he had just seen. Once… maybe in another lifetime he could have had.

Thunder and lightning battled in the skies. The rain continued furiously.


Yuugi left the hospital later. He wondered if the doctors ever realized that they were missing one patient. He didn't bother to check out. His mind was still racing as the trekked down the streets.




Yuugi felt his head spin uncontrollably.

Anzu was a mother. Honda-kun and Miho… together. How? What happened to Egypt…? Isis-san, Malik-kun, Rishad? Where did everybody… everything go?

He felt his body tremble… as he hugged his doll tightly. The rain continued to drench him, but he seemed to have stopped caring after a while.

What had happened? Kaiba-kun would know wouldn't he? Yes Kaiba-kun must know.

Yuugi immediately took off for Kaiba Corp. The one place he was sure Kaiba would be at. Kaiba loved his company almost as much as he loved his brother… and …

"The wedding of the century… Kaiba Seto and Kaito Sakura!"

Yuugi skidded to stop. Kaiba-kun and Sakura? Sakura… Sakura! Yuugi eyes widened. He stopped at the store window where the sound at came for. It was technology store. Inside ten TVs were blasting the same news. Yuugi pushed his face closer to the glass and blinked. Before him were shots of Kaiba in a tuxedo and beside him was a beautiful girl. She was as glorious as Jounouchi had described her to be. Yuugi watched in horror. Kaiba kissing the girl… it… it was wrong.

No! No! Kaiba-kun loves Jounouchi-kun! He… he would never forsake Jounouchi-kun.

"Kaiba-san, what are your feelings about this wedding?"

Lightning raged the skies. Thunder soon tore it apart.

"It's my duty as a Kaiba. Sakura will make a fine wife for me. Kaiba Corp will life on for many generations."

Yuugi's eyes widened as he watched the interview between Kaiba and a random news reporter. He seemed so arrogant, so different from the Kaiba Yuugi had known. He… he seemed like the Kaiba… the Kaiba of the past. The one without feelings, the one who only cared about beating Yuugi at Duel Monsters… the one who had nearly forsaken Jounouchi.

"No," Yuugi mumbled. It wasn't right. It couldn't be right. Yuugi didn't want to believe it.

But… why didn't… Mokuba…

"But why plan your wedding so soon after your brother's death?"


Yuugi's eyes widened. He couldn't bear to listen any longer. He pushed himself away from the glass. His shoulders slumped.

Mokuba-kun was dead. Kaiba-kun had married his cousin. No! No! It was wrong, wrong!

He knew where Kaiba's happiness lied. Kaiba even told him so.


"Oh Yuugi you came."

"Of course. We're friends, so why wouldn't I?"

"Yeah. Well, I…" Kaiba looked away. Had it been any other day, Yuugi would have laughed, but not today.

"You need help finding a gift for Jounouchi-kun's birthday tomorrow?"

Kaiba still didn't answer. Yuugi merely smiled. He knew in Kaiba's own way; he was thankful.

They found a gift by the end of the day. Both were exhausted. Kaiba had dropped Yuugi off in front of the game shop despite Yuugi's protests.

"Yuugi, wait!"

Yuugi turned holding the slightly ajar door open. "Ne?"

"I want to say…" Kaiba looked away. "Arigotou."

Yuugi blushed. He knew it took a lot out of Kaiba to say that.

"I'm glad Inu has friends like you. Thank you Yuugi. He means a lot to me."

"Iie!" Yuugi screamed. Tears fell from his eyes. He clinched the doll and ran blindly into the distant. Everything was wrong. Nothing was right. His last hope…

"Jounouchi-kun," Yuugi cried. He screamed his best friend's name into the heavens. It sparked with lightning. The rain continued.

His legs carried him to the cemetery. The darkest place in Domino, it was the place where all his loved ones were buried at. Yuugi ran on and on through the many tombs. He didn't stop. He couldn't stop. He hated the cemetery.


The skies continue to bleed. Lighting ravaged the skies. Thunder tore open the clouds. Rain poured forth.


A girl's voice… a voice Yuugi was very familiar with. He stopped in his tracks. Yuugi's amethyst eyes widened. He peeled forth from behind a sakura tree. There a few centimeters in front of him was a sobbing girl. Her fiery brunette hair covered her eyes. She was kneeling in front of a newly dug grave. Beside the young girl was a middle age woman. She too was crying just not as profoundly as the young girl.

"Come Shizuka. Dry your eyes," the woman stated. She gently pulled her daughter up.

"Shizuka," Yuugi muttered.

He watched Shizuka being dragged away, screaming out 'Oniichan'. Yuugi felt his stomach roll over. As much he couldn't believe it, as much as he didn't want to believe… he felt his eye dull over. The last of his life force began to vanish.

Slowly he advanced to the grave. He hadn't been noticed till he was there. It was a small grave… even the tombstone was simple and cheap. But craved beautifully were the words… 'Jounouchi Katsuya'.

"Jounouchi-kun," Yuugi trembled.

He fell onto his legs. Tears sprang from his eyes. He looked up into the skies, unable to corp. with the pain, unable to believe it.

Jounouchi was died. His best friend was died.

"You promised Jounouchi-kun. We promised each other we would live."

"Tomorrow's it Yuugi."

"Yeah, Jounouchi-kun. Tomorrow's it."



"Promise me again."

Yuugi blinked confused. "Promise?"

"To live?"

"Oh that."


"Promise me that too. Promise me that we'll grow old together."

Grow old together…

He couldn't take it anymore. As much as Jounouchi had always claimed that he was the stronger of the two, at the moment… Yuugi didn't want to believe it. He couldn't take it anymore and immediately got up and ran. He ran on and on blindlessly crashing into tombstones, into tree roots, but he no longer cared. Every time he fell he picked himself up.

There was nothing left.

His friends… they were gone…


He continued to run… run… run.

He ran on blindlessly. Screaming, crying in pain. His body was drenched in the summer rain. His bangs drooped down below his eyes. In his hand… now soaked along with the boy in the rain and in his own blood was his age old doll… mou hitori no boku. Yuugi glazed down at it… his eyes filled with hatred and remorse.

He stopped running and collapsed.

"You promised! You promised that we would be together forever… and ever! You promised!" Yuugi screamed… digging his nails into the doll's skin… like always… and forever would… the doll had that pitiful smile. It would always have that smile on although it was never happy. As Isis-san had stated… 'the young pharaoh knew no love. When he tried to save Egypt from its greatest darkness, all he could do was give up his body. Banishment was his cruelest fate. He would forever be locked away in the doll… never knowing either life or death.

So why was he gone now? Why? Hadn't they promised each other that fateful day on the train to Yokohama that they would be together forever… and more? Why… why… was he gone now? Why? Why are promises broken so easily?

It was a cruel fact that Yuugi had seemed to have forgotten… something that he had lived with all his life… lies. Yuugi chuckled insanely. He now understood. He'd been so foolish. The last three years, they had been wonderful, priceless years, and it caused had him to forget. He forgot… he forgot the pain of lies.

He forgot…

His parents' promises that they loved him and would return for his next birthday… for Christmas. His grandfather's sick promise that they could all be together in that palace in the sky. So what about people like Bakura… necromancers who bought back the dead in its cruelest form … as slaves?

And now as Yuugi gazed down at the doll… hatred slowly formed in the pit of his stomach. Tears burned his amethyst eyes. They continued to pour down. Drenching him… blurring his sight… soaking him in front of a nameless grave. Irony… now… now finally… everything… everyone was gone…

"Gone," Yuugi muttered darkly. "Everything's gone."

No reason…

Gone …


What's the point…?


His heart shattered. He reached into his pocket. Slowly he drew out the blade his grandfather gave to him… so many years ago… his birthday… his sixteenth… the day of his parent's death. He eyed it stupidity… fingering the blade.

Thoughts returned to days after his birthday. The day when he had first thought he imagined the young pharaoh… he had eyed the blade like that then. The day when he had first wanted to kill himself. Now he wondered. Should I have done it then… then…so then none of this would have happened?









A bolt of lightening illuminated the earth… illuminating the boy… as he raised the knife. It hovered overhead and slowly… slowly tears blurred his vision as he plunged it into the doll's chest. Yuugi gasped… choking as he fell to the ground.

A mouth full of blood spilled from his lips… and slowly… weakly he looked down… half scared and half pleased… as he drew out the knife... drenched in his own blood. He eyes dimmed… slowly he fell. A smile covered his lips… meekly he rubbed the doll's cheeks. It was still smiling… that pitiful smile. He slowly turned his head and looked on at the doll… his first friend and companion.

No, no… he could never… never be anger with mou hitori no boku.

"Gomen ne, Atemu-kun. Aishiteru… itsumo…" Yuugi muttered. He reached for his doll. The bloodied knife lied beside him.

"I… I have lost."

Mou hitori no boku…

His eyes fluttered one last time… his heart beat one last time… as the pharaoh always said… in tune with his own.



The wheels of time turned as the age of new beginning begun. The flowers bloomed. The sounds of fledglings awoke from their slumber. The morning dew sparkled in the dawn's light. Early morning traffic could be heard. The streetlights were dimming before going out once more.

Domino had once again awakened from its slumber. A small store on a block was already opened welcoming new customers. An aged old man, the owner of the shop could be seen humming a small tone. Every now and then school boys and girls would enter and leave his store. Each exiting with a new game of some sort. The elder men could be seen smiling as he stood before the only glass counter in the whole store. A smile played on his lips as he watched potential five star gamers enter and leave his store.

Yet, he knew that some hadn't come to buy games but instead to listen to his stories. Once every day an hour before he closed up his shop he would tell a story of a great duelist who treated his opponents with respect and honor. A gamer played by the rules and was unbeatable. Each day would be a new story… a new chapter. And he loved telling it… because he knew his customers loved it. They loved the story of the legendary duelist… he could see it in their eyes. There was an all too familiar twinkle in their eyes as they listened to his stories.

As the day drew to a close and when the last lone child would leave his shop for the cold, damp world outside, the elder man's smile would begin to droop. His eyes would begin to lose their twinkle. He would turn over the smiling face with the word 'open' under it to the side with the word 'close'. The lights would go out. And like always, he would stop at the door way and admire the small store he had opened… what was once a translating shop of old ruins.

For a second his heart would freeze, and faint tears would twinkle down his violet eyes before warming up once more. He would walk upstairs leaving the unearthly silence that enclosed the room. Only the faint caste of moonlight could penetrate the small shop. A heavenly glow would transgress the walls before setting onto a shelf… filled with board games and cards. But at the very top… surrounded by puzzles two stunning beauties could be seen. They looked almost identical… the older, wiser of the two had its arms wrapped eternally around his younger more naïve and innocent counterpart. A look of tranquility and pure love was forever imprinted on their faces… for nothing… not even the passage of time could separate them now. Nothing could separate red eyes from his amethyst eyed koi…


(The End!)

A/N: I'm soo sorry. I know you guys all wanted a happy ending, but I categorized this fic as 'angst' for a reason. I knew the day I started this fic that is wouldn't end all that happily. Sorry.

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Okay… incase anybody is curious. I'll translate the titles of each chapter now.

Chapter 1 Mou hitori no boku Other me

Chapter 2 Itsumo Forever

Chapter 3 Yuugi Game

Chapter 4 Tomodachi Friends

Chapter 5 Aishiteru I love you

Chapter 6 Yume Dreams

Chapter 7 Shinjite Believe

Chapter 8 Genkaku Illusion

And incase anybody forgot or didn't read my opening note Kame means turtle. I'm not sure if anyone figured out why this fic was named that. It's very, very figurative since obviously there was no turtle in this whole fic. Okay, let me explain. The "turtle" in this fic allured to both Yuugi and Atemu. At the beginning of the fic, Yuugi was a shy and quiet in a way; he hid in his shell never coming out. As the fic progressed, Yuugi gained courage and love; he left his shell and became brave. Atemu is also like a turtle. The doll that Yuugi carried is his confinement… impeding his movement just like the shell of a turtle. It causes him be weighed down and slow. Okay… I know it's really stupid… to tell the truth when I first named this fic. Kame was just suppose to have been the game shop that Sugoroku opened due to Yuugi's love for games. It was suppose to have been Sugoroku's way of grieving over Yuugi's death/insanity, but that plotline somewhere along the way disappeared when I changed the ending, so it didn't mean as much anymore. Oh well. -.- Then though Sugoroku did open a game shop in the end of this fic too. I know it's confusing why since I never developed Sugoroku's character. Maybe I'll do a drabble or a one-shot that goes into depth Sugoroku's emotions of all the times he left Yuugi alone. Then maybe then, it'll make more sense why he opened the game shop.

Oh yeah, and the tales of the legendary duelists that was Yuugi's dueling career. I kind of never went into that much depth about what happened during that one year period from Yuugi and Atemu getting together to the end of this fic. Yuugi and Kaiba did compete duel tournaments. Jounouchi never caught up with their skills, and Yuugi was his only tutor. Yuugi was actually crowed Duel King as both Yuugi and Dark Bakura stated.

Well, for a while now I've been thinking about doing a sequel for this fic and maybe someday even a prequel to explain in depth Atemu's days as pharaoh and all that stuff. Although I'm not sure yet if I should make this into a trilogy. -.-;; I mean I have an idea for a sequel and prequel, but I don't know if I'll use them as that or as just fics with no precedents. Whatever I choose… keep a look out for them. ) Hell there is only one good thing about writing them. That will definitely clear up the mystery of what exactly happened in the last chapter. Hehe. .

Finally, I would love to thank all my fans for sticking with me throughout this! If it wasn't for you, I would have trashed this fic a long, long time ago. Arigotou minna!