My first holiday fanfic. Yaaaaaaaay!

Chapter One: Holidays Aren't Fun For Everyone

"YAY! New Year's Eve is finally here!" "Pietro shouted with glee. Todd was turning a hand crank noisemaker in one hand and blowing on his other noisemaker. Fred was busy tossing confetti everywhere.

"Yippee." Mystique groaned.

"Could you please not blow that so loudly?" Magneto asked irritably at Todd.

"You mean like this?" Todd took a deep breath and blew as hard as he could which ended up being too hard and emitting a high pitched note. Everyone had clapped their hands over their ears. Magneto merely winced however when John's glass of alcohol shattered.

"Hey watch it!" he exclaimed as the drink spilt all over him. "Now look what you did!"

Todd stopped blowing and looked at Magneto. "Like that?"

"Yesss," Magneto said through gritted teeth. "Exactly like that."

"Blob stop throwing confetti all over the place, this room is a mess as it is!"

"I'm just getting into the holiday spirit."

"I don't know why you guys are so excited." Lance rolled his eyes.

"I can explain it in one word my friend." He jumped backwards onto a chair. "PAAAAAR-TAY!"

"Get off of the furniture!" Mystique yelled.

"Hey at least I didn't blow it up!" Pietro said looking at Remy.

"That was an accident. I was trying to grab you!" He retorted.

"Hey Colossus are you done filling up those balloons?" Todd called into the kitchen.

"I am almost done!" He called back.

"What balloons?" Mystique asked acidly.

"Oh we just thought they would liven up the place a bit." Pietro said grinning.

"Why did I come back here?" Magneto moaned.

Peter came out of the kitchen holding a yellow balloon. "That was last one."

"Well don't hog 'em all." Pietro sped into the kitchen and began tossing the balloons into the living room. Todd and Fred helped him and in a couple of minutes the room was littered with dozens of brightly colored balloons.

"Heeheeheeheehee!" Pietro cackled as he sped around in circles make a small rainbow colored tornado.

"Ooh pretty." Fred said in awe. Todd merely cheered Pietro on by blowing into his noisemaker.

"You simpletons are easily amused." Remy remarked.

"What are you idiots doing?" Wanda asked as she came down the stairs.

"What does it look like silly?" Pietro said running around in circles everywhere kicking up the balloons. "We're celebrating New Year's!"

She turned to Lance. "Has he been drinking?"

"Not yet." Lance replied.

"I hate New Year's eve." She mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Todd asked, he had started making paper decorations. "It's a whole New Year!"

"Yeah!" Pietro agreed. "A time to look forward to new things, new adventures, new girls to meet, new pranks to play on the X-Geeks…"

"New trouble to plague us, old morons to deal with," Wanda grumbled. "If you ask me the whole thing is pointless."

"That's not true." John said striding out of the kitchen with a new drink. "There's party and games and getting drunk."

"Oh boy, what have I been missing?" She said sarcastically.

"But personally I'm looking forward to the bonfire."

"Just try and go easy alright?"

"You're letting him start the fire?"

"Aw come on Wanda it's his passion." Todd said as he was hanging up the decorations he had made. "How could we say no?"

John took a swig out of his glass. "Now this is a lift!"

"I'd say I would have found it extremely easy."

"Hey Freddy, you wanna help my get the rest of the decorations?"

"Sure little buddy." The two of them left.

"Hey Johnny? Up for a game of soccer?" Pietro asked.

"Sure thing mate."

They started kicking the balloons everywhere.

"You guys are like little kids." Wanda said shaking her head.

"Pyro at least you could start acting your age!" Lance said exasperatedly.

"Now what would be the fun in that mate?" John cackled.

"When is the fun supposed to start?" Magneto said as balloons bounced all around him.

"When I die and am rid of these morons." Mystique groaned.

"Come on Petie! Try it!" Pietro said gleefully.

"I do not know…" Peter said a little apprehensively.

"Oh come on mate!" John insisted.

"Yeah, nothing bad's gonna happen."

"Well, alright." Peter took a swing at a yellow balloon. It went straight upwards and punched a hole in the ceiling.

"What the heck?" Mystique shouted.

"Terrific, another hole to be fixed." Magneto stated.

"You been working out mate?" John asked staring at the hole in the ceiling.

"I think I shall go cook something up." Peter said before dashing out of the room.

"Lance have you seen my yellow soccer ball?" Fred's voice came from upstairs "I think I've lost it."

"I feel the same way." Magneto said covering his face with his hand.

"Gambit thinks we found it." Remy implied.

"Oops." Pietro said nervously. "I forgot about that."

"Hey Blob we found your ball!" Lance called up the stairs.

"Really where is it?" Fred called back.

"It's gone through the ceiling!" Lance replied.

"By the look of it that's exactly what Magneto's about to do." Pyro whispered to Pietro.

"I don't know how I got into this family." Wanda said bewildered.

There was a loud smashing noise upstairs. "What now?" Mystique said exasperatedly.

"I think I'll go see what Colossus is doing in the kitchen." John said nervously and left.

Todd and Fred came down with gift wrapping rolls in their hands looking rather guilty. "Let me guess…" Magneto said tensly.

"We were dueling and accidentally knocked over a lamp." Fred said.

"Which one?" Mystique growled.

"The one across from your room." Todd said shuffling his feet.

"Oh, well I never liked that one anyway." Mystique said casually.

Suddenly there was an explosion in the kitchen and a plate came flying out of nowhere that almost hit Remy. He ducked just in time and it shattered through the window.

"Hey watch where you throw those!" Remy yelled.

"That's it, I'm getting my pistol." Mystique said rubbing her head.

"Look what you've done!" Came Peter's voice from the kitchen.

"It's not my fault!" John shouted.

"If you had not risen the temperature it would not have exploded!"

"So I cranked it up a few notches it's not my fault you were cooking too slow!"

"Look at the damage you caused!"

"Don't worry mate, I'm sure the bill will pay for the oven. And the cabinets. And the refrigerator…" John said apprehension building in his voice.

"How bad is it?" Magneto asked Wanda.

She looked into the kitchen then looked back at him. "You'd rather not know."

"I see." He looked at Mystique. "I think I'm going to need that gun after you're through with it."

"Hey don't worry." Fred said throwing back his hands. "I mean how could it get any--" Unfortunately he was still holding the gift wrapping and ended up knocking over another lamp.

"Worse?" Lance finished for him.

"THAT'S IT! GET OUT! ALL OF YOU NOW!" Mystique shouted.

"Even me?" Remy asked.


"But where will we go?" Todd asked.


They all filed out the door grumbling as they went. "Thanks a lot Pietro." Wanda snapped. "What did I do!?" Pietro whined. After the door shut there was a high-pitched scream. Gambit poked his head in. "Gambit think this is a little unfair--" But he quickly shut it when Mystique had thrown a glass at him and it shattered against the door. She slumped back into her chair.

"Finally some peace and quiet." Magneto mumbled.

"I hate the holidays." Mystique growled and took a swig of alcohol straight from the bottle.

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