Authors Note: Well I've had this idea rolling around in my head for quite awhile since I read 'Shock' by zeeharan. 'Shock' was my inspiration and I'm doing my best to stay away from that story (also why I haven't read it in a while). I'll be perfectly fine after I get past the beginning though so no worries... Except for the fact that after a week I still don't have an ending in mind for this story... eek!

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The humans originally from Earth were finally able to locate a second planet with nearly identical climates to Earth suitable for human life. Almost 1/8 of the population of Earth left to find a new more healthy life on Soil.

That's truly what they named it. Earth is either Greek or Latin for soil, and since they'd be starting a new life on new ground English had become the universal language for scientists after Latin, it made sense. The ships that arose from Earth to begin the 8 year journey to Soil were huge. They took most of the rare metals from Earth and made what was common scarce. Causing the humans left on Earth to regress technologically and from the frustration of the inability to make advances caused war to break out.

Soil bound humans listened to the news of Earth's increasing chaos. It wasn't real at first, like watching a movie, or reading a book. However, more and more people received news of family, or friends, and maybe both, all being killed, tortured, and worse. The Earthen wars started after many conflicts, countries rubbing other countries the wrong way, races for limited resources, leaders ignoring the increasing needs of their people until rebellions broke out. Soil bound humans were outraged, pride in former nationalities reemerged to rage against another person of former nationality of the country warring against theirs.

As you can imagine people of certain ideas on how to fix the conflict not only on Earth but amongst the to-be colonizers. People had created unofficial groups to stay close to those of the same country. The organization of people before the ships left their berth on Earth, was divided by general areas on Earth to make travel to the ships easier. There were exceptions however to the groupings of countries for larger ones like Russia, China, Canada, and The United States of North America (a country in South America arose dubbing themselves the USA and after disagreement they settled on becoming the USNA and USSouthA because USSA was too close to the former USSR) and a few others. These large countries were permitted to have several ships to carry people exclusively from their country.

Anyway, the ships had been filled with some of the greatest thinkers of our time, so advances in every field soon became an everyday bore before the Earthen wars, and communication about ideas and inventions flowed effortlessly amongst each of the ships. When conflict within and between ships broke out, a peace treaty was formed to keep all temporarily calm as negotiations between groups by representatives, in controlled environments took place. These were to keep everyone from causing war and to try and find a more stable peace agreement until the ships arrived on Soil.

Long story short, underground manipulations, spies, etc. led to mutinies and war between the ships. Of course the ships that contained people of one country became the driving powers in this war. At this point two years had passed, and the new ship conflicts caused travel to slow incredibly. At one point we stayed near a red giant for almost twelve months. Resources to keep the war going and ship populations alive and content were attained in gas clouds, meteorites, comets, etc. so our war was easy on us resource wise.

I was from an African ship. What was once a third world country advanced itself and extended its boarders into most of north Africa. In honor of the three gold kingdoms in the west of north Africa this new superpower country named itself Ghanamal-Hai. Thus the ship I lived on consisted entirely of Ghanamal-Hais. Of course that has now changed as you most likely know.

"Is this true?"



"What? What are you thinking of?"

"Nothing, it's just hard for me to believe that such a primitive species, uh, I mean to us, our world, universe, dimension, uh, could have advanced so far... Have you still no clue as to the classification between here and where you came from?"

"No I haven't had enough time to actually think everything through, nor have I had a chance to use any of the equipment on my ship or here, so I'm sure of nothing right now.

"I'm going to turn in now, it's getting late by my clock and I don't want too much jet-lag when I have to give private interviews to the press. If you want to ask anything more either ask now or tomorrow after I get up in the middle of the after noon."

"No. I'll see you tomorrow then, Uhuru."