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Author's Note: This story is totally different from the real Inuyasha series except for the people that fall in love. Oops… It slipped out. Oh well. It's my first Inuyasha story so I hope you like it.

Chapter 1- In the Legend

There is a legend, where five stones are found. In this legend, the stone chooses its owner. The stones all have different meanings, and some people lack these meanings. This is the way the stone chooses its owner. It sets a magical curse on this person until they find the true meaning of the stone, or else, the person shall fall into death. The stones also are different colours. The red, is the meaning of love, the blue, is the meaning of belief, the pink, is the meaning of fault, the green, is the meaning of trust, and the yellow, is the meaning of courage. This is the legend.

"Grandpa! I'm home!" Kagome called as she walked through the door.

"I tell you! There is a way to go back in time!" Kagome heard her grandpa shout back at her grandma.

So far, it was just her grandpa, grandma, and herself. No one else. Having no one around bored her. When she was two she learned how to read fluently, and by five, she was done the dictionary. Kagome was a 14-year-old nerd. A pretty face and long beautiful hair. No glasses either, but she was a nerd. She was grades ahead of her own class and knew anything you threw at her. She knew. Kagome no longer studied because when she was frustrated, she'd just stop and believe nothing would work. That didn't matter. She still knew everything, but didn't believe.

Kagome walked outside because she was bored. She gazed dreamily at the shed her grandpa never let her go in and thought 'I'll never be able to get in there.' Then something just came over her. Before she knew it, she was in the shed. Inside, there was a well. Kagome looked down the well. There was something shiny at the bottom of it.

As she reached for it she told herself, "What am I doing? I'll never reach that thing!"

Kagome was about to get up, until she stumbled over into the well with the shiny item in her hands.

Inuyasha was very young when he entered a world where everything was evil. He had lived with his brother, Sesshomaru, for five years until he had turned ten. By that time, he finally got away from his evil brother. After he ran away, Inuyasha thought that children from other villages- and the adults, would welcome him. He was wrong. Every village he went to beat him or turned him away cruelly. That's when he realized; he'd always be alone. Only because, he was a hanyou. Now he was 17. Cruelness had taken over him, and he was totally independent.

Inuyasha pounced down the hills with nothing to do but slay demons. Below, where there was a forest, he spotted something.

"Huh?" Inuyasha wondered aloud. "I wonder what that is."

He let himself float down to the ground and walked around. Inuyasha was puzzled. He was sure he'd seen a demon running down in this forest. He didn't know it, but it was an illusion the demon. He backed against a tree trying to relax. It was such an uncomfortable tree, he moved to another. When his back hit the tree, it sounded much more hollow. Inuyasha stood up and knocked his fist against the tree. It was indeed hollow. He, now, was curious to see if it WAS hollow. Inuysha scratched it down with one sweep of his claw.

"Well, that was easy," he laughed. "Huh?"

A small shining stone of red hovered over the stump. Inuyasha sniffed the stone. It didn't have a scent. This time, he picked it up. At that point, something happened.

A voice from the stone spoke "A curse has been set upon you. You will die if this curse is not broken within a year."

"Wait!" Inuyasha called to the stone.

A villager nearby saw Inuyasha yelling at the stone. He began to laugh. Inuyasha sped over to the villager and held his claw to his neck. The villager immediately stopped laughing.

"You got a problem with me?" Inuyasha questioned him.

"N-no," the man shivered.

Inuyasha took pity and threw the guy down. By the next second, he jumped away.

'Miroku, let's face it.' Miroku thought to himself. 'You are a pervert who can't keep his own beautiful hands off a women's bottom. But only the pretty ones.'

Miroku didn't realize that he had spoken the last sentences out loud.

"Let's call it an ass," his friend Minako told him.

Minako had been his life long friend. She had long shining black hair tied in a ponytail and was always graceful. Although she was tricky, Miroku never fell for them. Saying never means "Pretty much always." He sometimes didn't though.

"Isn't it supposed to be "Let's call it a day?"" Miroku questioned her.

"I meant what I said," she explained. "You know! Like, don't call it a bottom! It sounds tacky! Jeez! You are so stupid!"

Miroku sighed. Then stated, "No wonder your parents named you "Minako." You are such a beautiful child."

"Hm!" she said and turned her head away. Secretly, Minako was pleased that Miroku had called her a beautiful child, but she knew it was only the meaning of her name.

Suddenly, Minako's six brothers came running down the hill. The eldest name from the top down was Shinju, Sho, Saburo, Shiro, Saki, and Shichiro.

"Hey sis!" greeted Saki. "You hanging out with Miroku the monk boy again?"

Minako crossed her arms staring at him angrily for the sarcastic comment.

"Actually, we were just talking about names," Miroku told him, "It's quite unfortunate of your parents to name you after some stuff that makes you drunk."

Minako laughed Saki. "You idiot!" Saki cried. "My name means cape! And why don't you pick on Shichiro? He name means seventh son and he's only the sixth!"

The boys began to riot soon after.

"Miroku, I wanted to show you something," Minako told him and took out a pink stone with a grass pillow.

"What's that?" Miroku asked her curiously.

"I don't know, that's the problem!" she replied. "If I touch it, it shocks me."

As proof, Minako touched with two fingers. An electrical spark shot under her hands. She immediately dropped the stone rubbing her fingers to stop the pain. Miroku touched the stone. Nothing happened, until the same thing happened to Miroku that happened to Inuyasha.

"Oh really," he said to the pinkish stone.

"Are you okay Miroku?" Minako asked him sounding worried.

Miroku nodded and said, "Yes, I am. I'm going to see Lady Kaede in the far village for some answers about this stone."

"Okay," she replied looking down. Miroku walked off until she cried, "Wait! There's something I need to tell you…"

He turned around. "Yes?"

"A few years ago, I overheard our parents talking," she told him.


"They've arranged a marriage for us next year on this very day!" she yelled smiling.

"Wow!" Miroku shouted surprised. He then stopped being surprised and was normal again. "Well, I'm off. I think I'll see you next year because I plan to go traveling!"

"Okay! Goodbye my sweetheart!" she called after him. Minako had never known he would leave so suddenly.

Shippou ran as fast as he could. He was deathly afraid of demons larger than him.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" he screamed as three demons chased him through the forest.


A large beige boomerang came crashing through the yokai. Their left over flesh fell speedily to the ground. Shippou looked up in an extremely freaked out face. He saw young woman in a demon slaying outfit.

"You're a demon slayer!! Thank goodness! I was so scared! Waaaahhhhhhhh! How can I ever repay you?" Shippou asked gratefully.

This young woman was never fooled and unsheathed her sword.

"You can't fool me demon!" she yelled.

Shippou began to cry. The young woman put her sword back into the sheath. Although she didn't trust him at all, she did feel sorry for him. She realized that she wasn't very welcoming.

"I'm sorry little one, but are you a demon?" she questioned him.

He nodded. "I'm Shippou, a fox demon. But my powers are so weak because I'm so young!"

"I'm… Sango. I've never really told anyone but my family my real name actually. So you'd better not do anything stupid or I'll kill you instantly!" she told him.

"Of course!" said Shippou. "Don't you trust me?"

"Well… I'll try…" she answered.

They headed off until Shippou came an innocent bird being shocked by 2 stones. He pounced onto the branch it was on and carefully removed the light yellow stone from its claw. The bird was still being shocked, but this time it was another stone. It was a dull, yet shiny colour of green. Sango quickly grabbed the stone from under the bird's wing. It wasn't being shocked anymore, so it bundled up in it's nest and thought about better things than what had just happened. The voices once again came inside Shippou and Sango's heads.

"Did you hear that?" Shippou asked Sango trembling.

She did not reply.The talking stopped as they started off into the forest. Silence, the only thing heard. Sango didn't say a word.

Author's Note: I hope you liked this chappie! I know, the end's a little awkward, but I have a really awesome idea for the next! I promise it will get more exciting and er... a little perverted with Miroku later. Only the usual stuff with him. Like the butt touching... Yeah, gotta go!