Dark lashes flutter open, beneath them two sleep hazed honey colored eyes surveyed their surroundings. Cradled in the arms of a black winged angel, the young girl was being whisked away to some unknown destination. Was the man kidnapping her? Peering up at her captor the girl offered him a simple smile and relaxed her head against his chest. Apparently not. He shifted his head closer down toward hers, burying his face into her auburn tinted hair.

"Where are you taking me?" Riku mutter groggily.

"To heaven," he answered plainly.

"Oh," she yawned, closing her eyes, "that sounds nice."

With growing resolution to please his lover, Dark Mousy soared higher and faster into the brisk night sky. Feeling Riku tremble beneath him, he wrapped his arms tighter around the resting girl.

Upon landing, Riku felt herself stir for what was to be the second time that night. Dark carefully lowered her to feet allowing her to gaze out at the scenery in awe. He had brought her to a well secluded lagoon located in the wood just outside the village walls. It was a beautiful, peaceful place with a small steady paced waterfall flowing at the far end, shrouded by full, lush evergreen trees.

As Riku slowly treaded toward the water, the sound of shifting pebbles under her bare feet echoed through the desolate area. Peering down at her reflection over the shore's edge it seemed to glow back at her, illuminated by the moon's light.

"This place really is heaven," she sighed with a growing smile.

"Do you think I would lie to you?" he grinned as he joined her side; satisfied to see that his master was pleased.

"You spoil me, Dark."

"How could I not?" he chuckled, his arms sneaking around her waist to pull her to him. Once again he buried his face into her soft tresses, beathing in her familiar, comforting scent. "You deserve it," he added, his voice sultry in her ear.

She felt her cheeks go instantly hot, despite her efforts to cool them as she turned to face him. Their eyes locked in what would normally be a romantic stare, but she noticed the odd look he was trying to conceal. It was an expression she had seen upon him before, one of great seriousness and anticipation. None the less, she leaned in for a kiss but was interrupted by an alarming sound that followed an erruption of fire in the distance.

"The village!" she cried twirling around on her heels.

"Krad!" Dark hissed glaring over his shoulders.

"Stay here!" he commanded, his back to her as he prepared to fly toward the destruction.

"Dark wait! Let me go with you!"

"Riku you can't go with me; it's too dangerous!"

"But I always want to be by your side," she protested taking a few heedful steps toward him.

"You can't!" he snapped bitterly over his shoulder.

"You brought me here to protect me...didn't you. DIDN'T YOU!" she shied away. "You knew this was going to happen..."

"I just...I just want you to be safe," his amethyst eyes softened.

"Dark," she whispered, her voice free of all offense," I love you."

"I love you too. Don't worry, I'll come back for you," he smirked and waved before taking off for the flames. "I always do."

Riku was left alone to peer out in absolute worry at the path of destruction the love of her life had choosen. She felt her stomach twist, succumbing to the erie feeling that she may never see him again...not in this lifetime. Only moments after his departure, a tidal wave of blinding light poured over the surrounding area, destroying everything in it's wake.

Only in this world is hope carried on wings of black...

Riku felt her heart quickly jump to her throat as the burning spread and Dark was no where in sight. It wasn't long before her legs gave way and she collapsed to her knees. Wrought with uncontrollable sobs, Riku pounded her fist into the earth in frustration. There was nothing she could do for him now. A black feather floated it's way elegantly into her lap.

How quickly we forget...