A collection of drabbles and ficlets from various viewpoints, describing moments of anxiety, sorrow, temptation, joy, and contentment in the life of the twenty-seventh Steward of Gondor. Some words and phrases in the third chapter's text are taken from THE TWO TOWERS (The Window On The West). Most chapters originated on the HASA Birthday Cards Forum. Chapter Two is co-written by Tanaqui. Much thanks to LadyBranwyn for expert beta guidance.

This story is a work of fanfiction, written for purposes of entertainment and not for profit. All the characters belong to the heirs of J.R.R. Tolkien.


I. Taking The Journey

I mount my horse, ready to begin the journey that might change our fortunes in this war. Yet I crave one last look at what I leave behind: the White City of my sires. The Tower of Guard shines in the sun, more beautiful than any elven-city could be, for it is my home.

I bid farewell to my father an hour ago, took his whispered blessing and his kiss upon my brow as I bent my knee to him. I think of all that could be lost…

The Great Gate opens. Another horse comes, the rider spurring first to a trot, then a brisk canter. He catches up to me, long dark hair barely combed and his face pale: Faramir.

My brother holds out his hand, to show what I had forgotten. "Here is your war-horn," he says. "O, Boromir, forget us not when you walk with the Elf-lords in the halls of Imladris!"

"I will remember you to my last breath, brother mine." I reassure him.

We embrace. I see that my younger brother sorrows; we have never been parted by such a long and uncertain errand. But I will let no uncertainty cloud my heart, nor our farewell.

I put the horn to my lips and blow a mighty call. It cries a warning to Gondor's foes that I set forth to fight them.

And I gaze again on Minas Tirith. Faramir prompts his horse to rear up high and waves me a last salute, standing in the stirrups and leaning forward, gripping the big mare easily with his knees. I laugh in joy and pride; for it was I who taught him that maneuver when we were both much younger.

I wave back at my brother and my city, then turn and ride away from home.