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Afterward, the seven hundred people in the boats had nothing to do but wait: wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution which would never come.






"I really don't want to go to that dinner with Jimmy tonight," he frowned against her velvety soft skin.

They had just made love and she shivered as he ran his hand down her back.

"So don't," she whispered placing her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

He groaned and ran his hand through his hair. "But I have to." He sighed again obviously unhappy at the thought.

"What? What's wrong?" Her voice was soothing.

"I don't know…I can't explain it, I just don't want to go." He pressed a kiss into her hair and closed his eyes, tightening his grip on her. "It's probably nothing."

She looked up at him concerned but he kissed her softly on the lips. He was acting so different.

She looked at him adoringly, "I love you, Sandy you know that right?" She cuddled closer to him.

He gave her a smile that could have lit up a town. "I know. I love you too, so much."

He could feel her relax entirely against him, and he listened as her breathing slowed rhythmically and he knew she was starting to fall asleep. He nudged her so she would lie on her side and he pulled her tightly to him and buried his head against her shoulder blades so he could take a nap and this feeling of dread would leave him when he awoke.


Taking a shower didn't lift Sandy's deep dread. Putting on socks and tying his tie did nothing for his nerves either. So he sat on the edge of the bed on her side and simply watched her. In the darkness of their bedroom enough light crept in that illuminated her features and he could stop himself from placing small kisses upon her. One was below her ear upon her neck. The next trailed her shoulder, the following was placed in her hair until she awoke. Large luminous blue eyes stared back at him sleepily, pupil's dilated from the darkness.

She cleared her throat softly, "You leaving?"

He nodded his head.

She smiled and grabbed hold of his tie and pulled him down onto their bed curling up against him, her fully naked body resting against his. "Stay," she whispered seductively leaning up and kissing a soft spot on his neck that she knew he couldn't refuse her.

"Kirsten. You're going to make me Mmm, God…insanely good…. Late…." He groaned as he could feel her hands unbutton his shirt. "You're going to make me late."

Screw Jimmy.

He reached down into his pants pocket pulling out his cell phone. "Jimmy. Yeah, Um…" He rolled his eyes and bit his tongue trying to concentrate as she roamed his body with her mouth. "Yeah. I can't make it. Kirsten's sick. Uh huh, sure, tell Cal I said hello. You too. Bye."

She paused and looked at him, simple pleasure gleaming off her face. "Sick huh?"

"Ohhh, you're in trouble missy. Deep trouble."

She giggled as he grabbed hold of both her hands, pinning them above her head. "Deep, deep trouble…" His voice rumbled in her ear.

"I hope so…"


The doorbell rang, followed by a knock at 2:30 in the morning, waking everyone in the house.

She glanced over to his side of the bed and felt her heart quicken, as it was empty. She put her robe on and rushed down the stairs, glancing over at the couch to see if maybe he had slept there. He did that on occasion when he felt it was too late and didn't want to wake her. He was always thinking of her.

It was also empty.

She thought that maybe he had just forgotten his key. She opened the front door and was greeted by two police officers, their hats in their hands, and their grim faces spoke silent words.

"Julie Cooper?"

"Yes?" She nodded pulling her robe around her tighter as her heart dropped into her stomach.

Marissa had heard the doorbell and stumbled out of her room and down the stairs standing off to the side. She looked wide-eyed at the officers.

The man frowned. "Your husband was involved in a fatal car accident, a drunk driver hit him."

"Ma'am?" She paled.

His words were underwater and muffled. "No. You're wrong. This is a mistake." She frowned, panicking and slowly backed away. Jimmy had to come home, he had to be on his way. He simply had to come home.

The officer said nothing as he took a step inside the house. "You have the wrong family, the wrong house…. My husband IS coming home."

"I'm sorry ma'am," he spoke deeply.

Suddenly her legs wouldn't support her body weight and she slipped down to the floor and the officer did as well.

"No. No. No, Jimmy is coming home he's fine. You're wrong. He's okay," she cried against him. "YOU'RE WRONG!" She pounded her fists into his chest. "No! You're wrong! He's okay!" How long had she taken Jimmy for granted? Now he wasn't here. He was supposed to pick Sandy up as well. She suspected Kirsten might be breaking down too.

The officer looked up to see a teenage girl standing over them, no emotion played upon her innocent features. She slumped down to her knees and placed a comforting hand on her mothers weeping back.

Marissa Cooper hadn't heard the officer's statement, she only watched her mother collapse to the floor.

When the officers repeated themselves, Marissa went over to the couch and sat down in shock.


The phone rang at the Cohen residence close to three thirty in the morning. Kirsten rolled over and answered it with a groggy, "Hello."

Sandy groaned at the sudden lack of warmth across his chest. As she rolled over on her back he placed a lazy arm across her stomach and nuzzled his head into her shoulder, just wanting to go back to sleep. The thought of who-the-hell-is-calling at this time of night traced his brain, but he was too sleepy and worn out to care.

"Julie? What? No, No he's fine, No….Are you okay? Okay… You're sure? Okay…" Kirsten asked reaching over and turning on the light.

Kirsten's face fell and she hung up, placing the phone back on the cradle.

He sat up groggily, a hand running over his face, and he hardly had time to react before she threw her arms around him and held him tightly to her. "Thank God you didn't go with Jimmy tonight. Oh thank God…" she breathed against his neck. She knew it was a horrible thing to say.

He was startled. "Honey? What?"

"Jimmy was in a car accident with a drunk driver."

Sandy swallowed and she tightened her embrace. "He didn't make it."

Fate had played a cruel game that day. Because Jimmy was supposed to pick Sandy up and they would have arrived together, and he would have taken him home, and to his death. But instead Sandy had played hooky and now Jimmy was dead. He too, could have died and she would be receiving that phone call and police visit as well. He shuddered to think that.

She pulled back to look at him and ran a hand through his devilish hair, relieving herself that he was alive and well and here with her, the close call startling. "Oh Sandy…" she managed to trail off as she realized now what was ahead. Jimmy's funeral. But part of her was so much more relieved that it was Jimmy and not her Sandy. That was horrible to think but she couldn't help but feel selfish and partially relieved that her life hadn't been ripped up from underneath her.

"Sandy, I love you."


Julie stared at the ceiling of her mansion as Marissa lay sleeping with her head in her lap. Her daughter managed to cry herself to sleep, and Julie noticed outside that the sun had yet to rise. Cry was hardly the word, maybe screamed, or shouted, or even begged God why…

Julie's thoughts drifted to when she called Kirsten, she had been surprised to hear that Sandy hadn't been with Jimmy. So once again she had managed to get everything. Her husband was alive and probably holding her as she spoke and told him about the accident. Julie felt cold, and irritated. She hadn't realized how much she loved Jimmy until it had been too late. Her dreams would be torturous if she ever fell asleep. At the moment though she was running on adrenaline. Sleep wouldn't come for her for some time yet.


Used to sleep through the

night peacefully

Not a care in the world got to me

But now I lay me down to sleep

I'm afraid of what I might see

I wake up screamin' when your dream goes by

Used to fell like a man in control

Unaware of the storm in my soul

The sight of you took away my breath

Looked so good scared me half to death

I wake up screamin' when your dream goes by

Now in this dream I'm in a room

All dressed up just like a groom

Watchin' shadows dance on the ledge

Suddenly you then appear you

whisper in my ear

And I jump right over the edge

Just a dream that I seem to recall

Can't you tell me which doctor to call

Tell him please I'm not feelin too well

Every night I'm hearin' wedding bells

I wake up screamin' when your

dream goes by

I lay there in an ice cold sweat

Sheets are torn and they're soakin' wet

I wake up screamin' when your

dream goes by

I wake up screamin' when your

dream goes by

I wake up screamin' when your

dream goes by