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"I am Marin Depores. I am from Spain but I am named for a Peruvian Saint, who could cure the sick, or the injured, by the laying of hands."

-The Saint.





Seth Cohen was groggy. His head simply ached and he groaned as he awoke. As his eyes opened slowly he was blinded by white light.

This wasn't his room… Where was he?

Then it all came rushing back to him.

The ungodly horror of the large vehicle speeding towards him like a giant head on, the spellbinding fear that coursed through him as he realized he could do nothing, he was utterly helpless. He couldn't help the people he loved.

He remembered Ryan turning towards Summer and he heard Summer screaming. It was that bloodcurdling scream that had awakened him from his sleep.

He shivered and when he did his arm ached up by his shoulder. He groaned as he moved his head and his hand to move the hospital gown away. There was a large white patch that covered his left shoulder above his heart. It hurt like a bitch. Gingerly he moved his right arm and grimaced as the tape bound to his skin suddenly stretched.

What in the hell happened to him? His whole upper body was just one large thumping mass and he could hear blood pounding in his ears.

Slowly he glanced about and he saw his father dozing in a chair next to him.

He meant to say "Dad," but it came out more like "Dammmph."

His throat was dry, his head hurt, his body was in an amount of pain Seth didn't even want to try to describe. He didn't even know if he could do anything other than saying the word, "Ow."

His father stirred and Seth had to resist the urge to start bawling right then and there.

God his head hurt! A constant pain just ran through the left side of his head and down his neck. If he could reach up and rub it, he would.

"Hey son," his father's voice murmured.

"Thirsty," was the only word Seth could mumble back.

Sandy took the cup of ice that was sitting next to his bedside and fed him a few chips. They were so nice and cold on his sore throat.

"Mom?" he whimpered.

"She's with Summer, Seth."

"Summer?" he asked confused. He hoped Summer was okay.

As if reading his mind his Dad spoke up, "She's fine Seth, a little shook up and bruised, but she's okay." So he hoped. He knew Kirsten was furious with the EMT's for not admitting her too in her condition.

Seth nodded slowly, as if everything was registering in his mind at the pace of a snail.

"Ryan?" he asked hopefully his voice barely above a hoarse whisper.

Sandy shook his head, "He's in surgery Seth. Just rest buddy, it's going to be okay now."

He then felt his Dad softly place his hand flatly over his chest, right on the breastbone. As much as Seth thought it was going to hurt it didn't. In fact it seemed to make the pain go away and it made it easier to breathe.

Seth placed his own hand smaller, paler hand upon his father's pushing down slightly and adjusting the pressure enough to where Seth could breathe evenly and he didn't ache so bad with every breath.


"Kirsten. I can't do this. No," Summer muttered repeatedly as she eyed the MRI machine in fear.

"Honey, I'll be right here the whole time."

Again she slowly shook her head. "I can't be trapped again; I can't be in a small space like that."

Kirsten motioned to the nurse who was standing by with a needle. Summer was still slightly in shock, she was tense and nervous, sometimes making jittery moves and she wasn't going to cooperate. She was liable to hurt herself or someone else if she panicked.

Summer eyed the nurse with wide brown eyes. "What's that?" her small voice was fearful.

"Just a tetanus shot sweetie," she cooed softly. Tetanus shot, or rather a muscle relaxant. The girl was too tense and nervous and the night of the accident just played about on her eyes and beautiful features. She had so many shots tonight; she couldn't even remember them all.

Kirsten nodded and Summer accepted it. Within moments she suddenly felt droopy and tired, her eyes started to glaze over and they finally managed to get her to lie down.

"Okay honey, I'm going to place this cool washcloth over your face for a few moments, I need you to be as still as possible for me okay?" The technician called and Summer managed to mumble a 'yes.' She couldn't move if she wanted to.

Hell, they could have asked her to dance a hula dance and she would have. 'My, this is some tetanus shot,' she thought to herself as she felt the machine roll her in. For the first time since the accident she felt like she was going to be fine. For the first time that night her ridged aching body actually didn't hurt as much. With the washcloth over her eyes she didn't see how close it actually was. She relaxed even more.

"You okay Summer?" Kirsten called out, cautiously, her blue eyes sweeping the large machine for any chance of a movement of panic.

"Mmmph. Tired," she mumbled groggily.

"Good," Kirsten muttered to the nurse next to her. She loved Summer with everything she had. But tonight there were times when the girl would go into a trance and just start talking about the accident and then she might whimper or scream. It actually scared Kirsten more than anything, knowing her sons were in the same accident. She could only pray that Seth and Ryan were okay. She knew they were in the front and had taken the blunt of the accident. God, she hoped they were all right.


A doctor was filling Sandy in about Seth. Each word and sentence was worse than the last one.

"Somehow, when they cut your son out of the truck, apparently the part that holds up the windshield was bent at such an angle it went in through his heart. The dash came up and crushed his chest and lower body. He's going to be sore for a long time, but for the most part, other than the mental damage he should be fine. Now I don't mean jump on the skateboard and do some dances and tricks fine. I simply mean he will be able to walk in a few weeks. He's lucky."

Sandy looked at him horrified.


Glass shards had been imbedded in his body? A wicked piece of metal had gone through his son's soft skin almost piercing his heart? His chest cavity and hips were like one huge bruise.

"Jesus," he whispered, running a hand over his face, the stubble rasping.

Seth moaned softly in his sleep and the doctor turned to head out, and Sandy placed his hand back on his chest.

He ran his other hand through the dark matted curls.

He knew he should go find Kirsten, and he had to go find out about Ryan. He just didn't want to leave Seth yet.

Who could blame him?


When they arrived at the hospital finally Julie's eyes were wide at the scene of the chaos. Even though it had calmed down some things were still slightly insane. As Marissa glanced around the waiting room for a familiar face her sharp green-blue eyes found Luke.

He was sitting there, holding his arm, his pants and shirt wet and near soaked with blood.

"Luke!" She rushed to him. "Oh God Luke, you need a doctor, Mom!"

Hearing her daughter's cry Julie turned on her heels and headed for them. "Oh let me go get a doctor," she said as she took once glance at his arm and headed off for the nearest nurse.

"What happened," Marissa asked softly as she rolled up the sleeves to her sweatshirt and placed her own hands over his bloodied arm.

"I cut it while getting Seth, Ryan and Summer help," he mumbled thoroughly exhausted from the night.

"Are they okay?" She asked worriedly, hoping he would tell her yes.

"I have no idea," he mumbled again, his handsome features going incredibly soft. "I sure hope so."

She nodded.


"Hrmm?" She asked as she moved her gaze down to his arm, where blood had now covered her graceful hands as well. God she couldn't wait to get today over with.

"I'm really sorry about your Dad."

She looked up into his gray-blue weary eyes, as her own welled up in tears.

"Me, too. Luke?"


"It was because of you that Summer, Seth and Ryan got out wasn't it?"

He nodded.

"Thank God for you, Luke."

'Luke,' she thought, 'Saint Luke.'