Here's the same old plot to the same old story that I'm going to rewrite and take to a whole new level!

Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome are childhood friends, together everyday, until a family crisis tears them apart. Years later they happen to meat again, but with no clue who the other is, only distant memories to reunite fate. It's not easy with obstacles in the way, but better with the help of new found friends.

A young girl swayed silently on an old rubber swing, as the winds rustle chains in the playground and moved sand grains. The skies overhead were showing signs for rain, gray clouds spotted the area. The only thing that kept the young raven-haired girl at the park was the promise of a friend.

"Kagome, sweetie" the girls mother sighed, raising from the wooden bench she was sitting on. "We've been waiting for half on hour now, I don't think Inuyasha is allowed to come today. Why don't we go home and call him?"

"Okaa-San!" Kagome's eyes traveled from the dreadful sky to her mother. "What if we go and Inuyasha comes here! Why he would be d- dev…-devastated!" She exclaimed with childish slang. The way her daughter pronounced and mouthed the words caused Mrs. Higurashi to smile.

"Oh Kagome, come now. It's about to rain, sweetie," noticing the hesitant expression her daughter was giving her, the older woman feigned a gasped and looked down at her wrist, pretending to check the time on a non-existent watch. "Oh that's right! Isn't Sailor Moon on about now?" the pretend horror to the woman's voice was enough to make the young child believe that a pig wasflying on a cloudwith an apple its mouth.

"Sailor Moon!?" Kagome cried out, jumping from the hard swing. "Come now Mother! It's about to rain! Besides Sailor Moon's on! We mustn't pro... procrastinate!" with that announced Kagome began to march out of the sandy play pit and towards her awaiting mother.

The rain came down in a soft drizzle by the time the two girls where half way home, despite of the lousy weather the walk was spent with smiles as Kagome loudly sang the theme song for her favorite show. Mrs. Higurashi smiled with a classical anime sweat drop; oh her daughter would be so disappointed when she found out that Sailor Moon wasn't actually on at that time.

It worked every time

Kagome sat on the large couch holding the remote tightly. Her legs where sprawled in opposite angles, her back slumped, causing the wet brayed to bend oddly. The bluff of Sailor Moon was quickly forgotten as 'bath time' was mentioned.

Mrs. Higurashi was in the kitchen, preparing super for herself and her daughter, knowing that Mr. Higurashi wouldn't be home any time soon. He was always away, busy working or preparing special surprises for the eldest child.

Unknowingly, Kagome was about to become an older sister, Mrs. Higurashi recalled, placing a hand on her steadily growing stomach. A smile was formed on her lips just recalling the expression her husband made when the doctor told them that she was pregnant.

She walked into the living room, finding that the food was cooking. She opened her smiling mouth to speak to her daughter when the commercial brake ended and back on came the news with a new update. It was a wonder, but the small girl loved to watch the news, though she really had no idea what was going on. To be honest it unnerved the pregnant woman, and every chance she got she tried to coax her child into watching cartoons.

"Tragedy has struck downtown this evening, as a car crash has took the lives of many…" The news reporter stated in a monotone. Her grizzled and graying hair, tide in a tight bun, shone as she switched her view to another camera.

"The driver of one car, identified as Saiyaa Higurashi, was dead on impact. The other family, Inutaishou Takahashi and Izayoi Takahashi, sadly, died before paramedics got to the wreck. On a lighter note, the child of the Takahashi family survived and was sent to the hospital. From what we know he has no major injuries and will be sent to live with his older brother" The TV flashed with bloody images of the car wreck, and if one lookedclose enough,could see bodies still in the smashed cars.

The woman stopped talking allowing the viewers at home to take all the information in, as it ended with a scene of a paramedic pulling an unconsciouschild from the silver car.

He was dirty, smeared with blood from his parents and the cuts showing on his bare arms, His surprisingly long hair blackwas tangled and his clothes ripped.

" No! Not Saiyaa!" Mrs. Higurashi gasped, clamping her hand against her lips tightly. Her beautiful face paled reasonably, causing the tears that she desperately tried to hold back illuminate with a foggy gray.

"Mommy…" Kagome sniffled, turning her head to get a look at her very lonely looking mother. "How come Daddy and Inuyasha were on TV?"

"Come here, sweetie" Mrs. Higurashi whispered gently, lightly falling to her knees and spreading her arms for a hug. Kagome sniffled again, small tears forming in her eyes. She knew something bad was happening, or happened. And by the way her mother suddenly looked so abandoned only made Kagome feel worse. She unsteadily slid to the ground and ran into her mother's arms.

And like a chemical reaction, once the older woman embraced the young girl they both cried together, sending prayers to the departed lost ones.