TITLE: Even if you won't believe

CHAPTER: 1/2 Difficulty

AUTHOR: Kami Beverly


GENRE: General



DISCLAMER: I don't own anything.

SUMMARY: Seto Kaiba has, has always had, a strange form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. There's a way in which it would makes sense, but... he doesn't believe in magic. Maybe that can be fixed?

NOTES: I'm cruel -sob-

He sobbed, fingers searching frantically. His fingers sped over the trunk as he heaved for breath, tears spilling down his cheeks. "I'm sorry! I'm not trying to! I wanna stop!" He cried desperately, shoulders shaking.

The large, meaty man grimaced, thick fingers crushing the boy's shoulder as he swept down on him, the force exerted causing the child to scream loud. "Stop, I order you! Stop!"

The blue-eyed boy only screamed harder, wanting to tear away, but needing, needing to feel the entire chest. He'd probably already done so several time, but he needed to make sure he hadn't passed up a secret in the wood. "I'm trying!"

"Try harder!"

It was many years before the small child managed to rid himself of the abusive man- his keeper would always make him face his sickness, trying to force him to fight it off. It never worked, though, and he always found himself with several bruises- though never in places that might be seen by the public.

The adolescent lookedat his watch, eyes flickering to the sky. School had just ended, and he had a meeting in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, there had been a field trip today in one of the higher grade: the bus had arrived late, and he was now being detained. He tapped his finger on his arm as they crossed.

He needed to go now, or he'd be late. In reality, the time it took to arrive at the meeting hall was only five minutes, maybe seven. But it would take him at least ten to stop feeling the door. What idiot had decided to make it of ancient wood, anyway? Why is it that his hands only sought ancient objects? It was more reasonable that they might have a hidden cache, as opposed to the new age. But since when was Obsessive-compulsive disorder reasonable? If he believed Yugi, his classmate, then it was because his past life's prize possession was a sacred object, and did contain a variety of secrets- including one hidden blade. But he did not believe in magic, and past lives, and that heart of the cards nonsense.

It was unfortunate. Maybe then, it wouldn't hurt so much.