TITLE: Even if you won't believe

CHAPTER: 2/2 Relief

AUTHOR: Kami Beverly


GENRE: General



DISCLAMER: I don't own anything.

SUMMARY: Seto Kaiba has, has always had, a strange form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. There's a way in which it would makes sense, but... he doesn't believe in magic. Maybe that can be fixed?

NOTES: It's platonic! O.O; OMG, I've done it!

"Take it, it's yours."

"Nonsense, I've never seen that object in my life, except in Ishtar's hands."

"Trust me, it's yours!" The small teenager exclaimed, thrusting the golden object towards his reluctant classmate. The boy just took a step back, avoiding the movement completely. "You'll feel better if you take it, I promise. Please?"

"Absolutely not!"

With a quick shift of energy, Kaiba Seto found himself wearily watching a rather annoyed being that, according to his beliefs, shouldn't exist at all. "Take it!" The spirit implored. Actually, he didn't do much begging- it was more ofan order.

"If it's so important to you," he scoffed, rolling his eyes. In all truth, he was absolutely terrified of touching the thing. He knew what would happen, and the Mouto did too! He thought that, in a way, he/they was/were blackmailing him into taking it.

It was cruel. With a strangled groan, he snatched the object away from the Pharaoh's fingers.

He felt absolutely comfortable with the golden object in his hands, palm sliding against the cool metal. He traced the edge of the Sennen Eye, feeling as though he had done it a thousand times before. Had he? It would match what the others had been saying all along.

A familiar shiver ran up his spine as he realized the golden handle was actually a sheath; he slid it away, revealing an eternally sharp blade. In its shape, he was sure the Ishtar tomb-keepers had been keeping it very well over the millennia. He ran his finger carefully over the blade, then stopped. Completely. He replaced the sheath, feeling no need to continue his exploration of the golden icon.

He glanced at Yami as he carefully loosened the belts around his right leg, tucking the weapon there. He vaguely noted the Pharaoh was smiling as he observed the CEO's movements.

"Do you feel better now?"

Seto nodded once.

Yami grinned, before continuing. "Do you believe me now?"

Seto nodded again and gave the eternal teen a small, hesitant smile. The action felt strange, not the way holding the Sennen Rod had been. But he felt that, after all, since he had been cured (at the very least temporarily) of a life-long illness by the king, Yami most definitely deserved some kind of reward, even if that was the most Seto could offer. (Neither Pharaoh nor Yuugiwere ones for gifts of money, after all. That was too detached.)

Yami, not one to be difficult, but instead one to recognize how hard certain actions were for certain people, offered his a dazzling smile in return.