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Chapter 11: Flowers, Cravings, and Visits Oh My!

"You really shouldn't have bought these. I don't deserve them, especially since I can't even get up and clean the house anymore," Tohru wailed as she dissolved into hysterics.

Who would have known that a simple bunch of sweet pea flowers could cause this much trouble?

Yuki had spent nearly an hour searching for just the right type of flower in the small shop. Roses were too cliché and carnations were for your mother. When he had approached the owner with flowers in hand, he quickly turned back around to pick something else when she quietly inquired, placing her hand on top of his in a comforting manner, as to who had died.

'Who in their right mind buys lilies for their girlfriend?' he silently berated himself as he browsed through the selection of flowers again. Yuki had never seen the point in flowers. If they were only going to dry up and die anyway, why spend money on something as fleeting as that. But Tohru had always loved stopping to look in the window as they passed it on their way home. She would always talk about the flowers the rest of the way and on rare occasions ask if he could plant flowers in his garden as well.

So after much more time spent in the shop than he had expected, he walked home with the little bouquet of pink sweet peas in hand. Now the flowers he had so painstakingly picked out for her were destined to decorate the garbage can instead of her nightstand as he had intended.

"You know," Shigure said as he stuck his head out of his office, "you really should have thought about what those flowers meant before you tried to give them to her."

"What do you mean," Yuki sighed, exhausted and not wanting to deal with another long and pointless speech given by the inu. Most of the time he was almost sure Shigure was just obsessed with hearing himself talk and didn't actually pay attention to what he was saying.

"Well if only you would have known…" he trailed off in a wistful way his eyes looking toward the ceiling as if the ghosts of the Sohma clan were there to agree with him.

"Spit it out already or I'm leaving," Yuki had honestly had enough of everyone today. He just wanted to go to his garden and try and figure out what to do about tomorrow.

"Well according to hanakotoba those flowers are meant to be given to someone you intend to say goodbye to. It's meant to mean 'goodbye forever'. I swear young people these days and not respecting the ancient traditions," he continued to mumble about the long forgotten traditions of years past long after he had ventured back into his office.

'Well she didn't like them anyway,' Yuki thought to himself as he glanced mournfully at the lonesome looking flowers in his hand. Continuing into the kitchen he laid the flowers on the counter and exited the house now thinking that in the end the lilies would have been just as good.

Hours later Yuki returned to the house with a basket full of tomatoes. The sun had been hot and even with the covering of trees nearby his nose was nearly the same shade of red they were.

'I'm so smart,' he thought as his fingers lightly touched the tender skin, 'Tohru is going to be so worried.'

"Tadaima," he weakly mumbled as he entered the doorway not expecting anyone to be around to care that he was home.

"Okaeri nasai!" Tohru said as she bounced around the kitchen, "I saved some dinner for you. I wanted to wait for you to come back but Shigure assured me that you wouldn't be back for another couple of hours." She fumbled her way around the kitchen trying to clean up what she had been doing and warm up his dinner at the same time.

"Tohru," he said not really knowing what to say to her. She had been nearly bedridden for three days now because of morning sickness and seeing her act like she had before she was pregnant threw him off.

Finally recovering his ability to speak he yelped, "Tohru! You shouldn't be out of bed. Please calm down before you get too excited."

Stopping in her tracks she slowly leaned upward to look at him. She was worried about him; he could tell.

"Okay," she replied meekly like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar, "I'm feeling fine right now so I thought I would cook dinner for everyone like I used to."

Coming up behind her he wrapped her in a hug; his hand rested on her still flat stomach. Leaning over her shoulder he inquired, "So what is it you were making here?"

Color rising to her cheeks she giggled nervously, "I wasn't hungry when I made dinner for you and Shigure but a little while ago I got a weird craving for leeks, chocolate, and rice."

She continued to laugh at herself as she leaned toward the oven to pull a bowl of chocolate covered leeks and rice from it's hiding place. Her laughter was contagious and soon he found himself laughing right along with her.

"If you're going to be eating like this from now on I'm pretty sure that I could start making dinner for you," he said picking up the bowl and sniffing it. His stomach soured at the scent. It honestly smelled like something he made himself, "Are you sure you should eat that?" Handing the bowl back to her he quietly made his way back over to the low table in the center of the kitchen.

Today had been trying to say that least so once he was settled into his normal spot he propped his head on his hand trying to quell the thoughts whizzing through his mind that were beginning to give him a headache.

Grabbing a pair of chopsticks from the drawer she, with more grace than he thought she possessed, glided over to the table, settled on the cushion next to him, and began to eat the strange concoction she attempted to call dinner. After some time she looked up and placed her chopsticks on the table. Catching him starring at her was unnerving. He had, on many occasions, told her how much he loved her and that he thought she was beautiful. But no matter how many times she heard it she could never get used to his unwavering gaze.

"Yuki-kun?" she whispered lightly.

"Nyo," he mumbled, "Hai."

"So what happened at the main house?" she questioned knowing that the reason for him being like this had something to do with it.

She saw him stiffen almost immediately after the words left her mouth. Placing her hand on his he softened slightly and was able to look at her again.

"Hatori asked how you were doing and I ended up messing up and telling him everything and now he wants to see us tomorrow and I'm so sorry. I knew I shouldn't have gone. I knew something like this would happen. Now Akito is going to find out about the baby and," Yuki rambled off quickly; all the feelings and emotions about what had happened at the main house now pouring out of him like a leaking faucet.

For once in her life Tohru did not go into panic mode. Maybe it was the child inside her or maybe it was the fact that over the past month Yuki had rubbed off on her more than she had noticed, but in a moment of extreme maturity she proceeded to calm the fears that not too long ago would have been her own.

Ever since he had been allowed to move in with Shigure the main house had become a place he likened to something from a distant memory. Now it seemed it was becoming a prominent feature in his life once again. Every week, one day after school, he would find himself sitting in Hatori's office. The beakers and syringes of various shapes and sizes that surrounded him always made him feel like a test subject waiting for something terrible to happen.

"Yuki-kun!" Tohru squealed as she bound from behind the partition in the wall, "Next week we should be able to find out the gender of the baby."

"Wonderful," he beamed up at her thankful that we would soon be able to go home.

As Hatori walked out from behind the partition you could hear the latex gloves snap and then swish as he removed them and threw them into the waste basket near the doorway.

"She is correct Yuki. We should be able to do a sonogram to see what the gender is of the baby next week," he said as he took a seat in the chair behind his desk, "The examination is done but I would like to talk to you both about something very important."

Yuki nodded his consent as he straightened a little in his chair. Tohru on the other hand began to hyperventilate.

"Something important! Do you mean something is wrong with the baby? Please tell me that it's going to live!" she shrieked as she stood rather quickly and began to lose her footing.

"No no, It's nothing like that. There is nothing to worry about," his gravelly tone unwavering but a slight smirk appeared on his face as he stepped to the other side of the desk to guide her gently back to her chair.

"As you both know," He said settling back into his own chair, "Akito would be highly unfavorable to this event in your lives. I wanted to talk to you both about how to keep Akito from finding out about this for as long as possible."

A wave of understanding washed over Yuki's features. He had not been blind to the fact that Tohru's petite figure had changed, although minutely, was beginning to raise some eyebrows. Akito, as well as the others in the Sohma clan, had yet to notice this change in stature and before that time had come and gone they needed to figure something out.

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White lilies : Used at funerals; means "purity"
Sweet Pea : Meant for saying goodbye forever; could be used for a childhood friend moving away or a coworker leaving to take another job
Carnations : Often has a negative connotation, also given to your mother on mother's day

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