Harry potter and the heir's staff

Chapter One

The sky was dark and full of clouds. It was pitch black in the quiet street at Little Whinging but from a distance, a light could be seen from an upstairs bedroom at No. 4 privet drive where a young man was sitting at his desk, staring aimlessly out of the open window.

To the Muggle world, this young man was simply a troubled kid who went to school at St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys and lived with his aunt and uncle. To his world though – the wizarding world, he was famous and there wasn't a single soul who did not know his name - Harry Potter.

For the past week and a half, Harry had been sitting in his room at his relatives' house where he unwillingly spent his summer vacations away from Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After the terrible events of his last year when Harry was led to believe that his godfather Sirius Black, then escaped murderer was being tortured by Lord Voldemort, Harry had run away from school so he could save his godfather. He eventually found out that it was actually a trap with the sole purpose of capturing Harry. After discovering the contents of the prophecy which foretold the fall of the Dark Lord, he was rescued by the members of the Order of the Phoenix. In the battle that raged between them and Voldemorts minions, Harry's godfather was struck by a spell and surprisingly fell through the veil of death where no man could return from.

Harry had been lying in bed all day, crying himself to sleep every night.

Even the letters from his friends were to no avail for Harry thought that it was only through luck that some of them were not killed because of him.

Again he was walking along a dark corridor with only the dim light at the end of it drawing him closer. Before he could make another move, all of a sudden, he was right in front of the door, and he opened it only to find himself once again at the same room where the veil stood.

Suddenly, Harry caught a beam of red light hitting a man with no face and he found himself stuck to the floor. His feet wouldn't move for fear of what he knew he was about to see. The faceless man was falling backwards through the veil and all of a sudden his face became visible – it was Sirius. "Nooooooooo," Harry screamed in despair. Harry realized that he could not move, so not wanting to see it again, he closed his eyes and stood there. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turned and saw her - Bellatrix, the woman who had shot Sirius.

"See how everything is your fault, potter?" she asked in a cold voice, "I was ordered by my lord to deliver this message. End it now and he will make sure none of your other friends gets hurt, yes even that little mudblood friend of yours ….""NEVER!" yelled Harry.

"Now Potter, you know better than that. Here, I have an idea! Let me show you a little of what your friends will suffer from if you don't comply with my lord's wishes," threatened Bellatrix. Before Harry could say anything else, she pointed her wand right at his heart and yelled, "Crucio!"

"AHHHHHHH!" yelled Harry as he found himself drenched in his cold sweat in his bed.

BANG! "WHAT IS ALL THIS RACKUS?" bellowed uncle Vernon as he burst open the door to Harry's room.

"Just had a nightmare, Uncle Vernon," croaked Harry as he struggled to get out of bed to wash his face.

"WELL THEN, DON'T!" he yelled as he slammed the door on his way out of the room. "Oh… that git! Someday I will show him," thought Harry to himself and went back to sleep.

Two days had passed since the awful nightmare and was starting to feel a little better.

And then one mid noon, two owls came through the open window, one was brown and medium-sized which Harry thought to be a school owl. "Damn! Probably those owl results, "thought Harry. The other owl he could not recognize. He decided to first open the letter from the unknown owl which looked al lot like his own Hedwig but for the darker shade of feathers. It also had a few brown spots across her wings. Upon further inspection, Harry saw his name on the envelope and a huge grin splattered over his face as he recognized Hermione's large, cursive handwriting. It had been a while since he had gotten a letter from her and he was getting a little worried.

Dear Harry!

How do you feel? And I also mean how are you dealing with everything? Hope you are well.

You wouldn't believe how beautiful it is here in Bulgaria. Yesterday, my parents and! Went to visit Durmstrang and Victor – you remember him, don't you? Well anyhow, we had a blast and now we are back in Muggle Bulgaria.

And guess what!? I just got my owl results a few minutes ago and would you believe it – I got 'O' in all my subjects! How did you do? Hope your marks are as good as mine.

OH! Just thought you might want to know, this is my new owl. I don't really have a name for her yet so any suggestions are more than welcome.

By the way, if you have the chance to talk to Ron, do me a favor and give him a message from me. Just tell him that he can sod off and that I will not talk to him again! In case you are wondering why I am angry at him, I will tell you. Don't worry; I just don't have the time right now. Mom is calling me for dinner. Got to go….

Hope to see you soon.

With love,


Two days earlier

Hermione was sitting at the desk in her hotel room in Bulgaria and was looking outside the window as her owl flew in to give Harry her letter. Oh, how I wish harry was here with me, thought Hermione sadly. "I just hope that I didn't sound too eager in my letter," she said to herself.

"HERMIONE," came a voice from downstairs, "Dinner is ready. Are you coming down to eat?" asked her mother in a calm voice.

"Yes, I will be right there, mom!" and with that, she left her thoughts about Harry and reluctantly went downstairs to eat.

Harry finished reading the letter with a half smile-half frown. It was typical of Hermione to be the best in the school but on the other hand, what happened with Ron? Harry found himself thinking that if Ron had hurt her feelings, somehow he would kill him. He decided he would right the answers later but for now, he wanted to look at his OWL results.

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

Dear Mr. Potter, here is your ordinary wizarding level (O.W.L) results

Subject score

Charms 'O'


Defense against the dark arts'O' 'O'


History of magic'E'


Care of magical creatures'O'



One bold gradeindicates extra credit

Two bold gradesindicates the best practical test in the past ten years

I am pleased to inform you Mr. Potter that you have received 8/9 of your O.W.L's and you are rated 2nd in your year.

Please note that included in the envelope are your class choices for your N.E.W.T.'s

And you are requested to send me your choices in no longer then two and a half weeks.

Deputy head-mistress

Minerva McGonagall.

"Wow," was all Harry could say after he finished reading his letter. "'O' IN POTIONS…." He breathed and then a huge grin appeared on his face as he thought of how Hermione was going to react when she got his next letter. Hope Ron's results were as good as mine thought Harry and he then picked the added page describing his N.E.W.T. classes. After some deliberation, Harry decided that he would take all the regular classes including charms, transfiguration , DADA , potions , care of magical creatures and the only thing that he thought that was worth it – healing.

"Well, now to answer those letters," muttered Harry to himself. Sitting down, he took a quill, some parchment and an inkbottle and started writing.

Dear Hermione

I am fine and thanks for worrying about me. I am taking it slow right now as I don't have much to do here.

Congratulations on your owls! I always knew you would do great.

I did not do so badly myself either. If you must know, I got 8/9 owls with 4 'O' and believe it or not, but one of them is in potions!

For my N.E.W.T classes, I took the entire regular subject plus healing. What classes did you take?

Now for more pressing matters.

What is the deal with you and Ron? No, I don't have time yet to send him your message if you want to know. Did he say something to hurt you?

About your owl (the real one), she is really nice and Hedwig here seems to like her. I'm not too sure about the name. What about "Vera"?

I know its pretty lame but that is the best I can think of right now.

Well, I have to go. A certain aunt of mine wants me to come and cook them lunch…

So have fun at Bulgaria and I really hope to see you soon.

With love,


"BOOOOOY," roared Uncle Vernon from the kitchen.

Well, I guess my letter to Ron just has to wait, thought Harry as he gave his letter to Hermione's owl and it flew out of the window until it disappeared into the horizon.

At lunch, things were as they always were. The Durslys would ignore Harry except when asking for the salt. Suddenly, Vernon spoke to Harry, "Boy, if what happened last night will happen again, I am locking you up in your room until it is time for you to go to your freak school at the end of the summer you hear me? "

Harry gave him a glare and said, "Yes uncle Vernon."

"Git," he muttered under his breath.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" roared Uncle Vernon who obviously heard his muttering?

"Err… nothing."

"Don't you lie to me, boy!" snapped Uncle Vernon. He waved his hand to slap Harry across his face but Harry blocked him with his hand and suddenly, Vernon was knocked 5 feet backwards, landing on his butt.

After dinner, Harry returned to his room so he could write his letter to Ron.


Hey! How are you doing? You wouldn't believe it but I just got my owl results today and I go an 'O' in potions. Can you believe that?!

I thought I had gotten the wrong letter at first.

So how did you do? Hope you did well.

On another note, I heard from Hermione. She got all 'O's, but from her letter, I could tell she was really angry with you. What did you do?

She wouldn't tell me.

Well, I have to go

Your best friend,


Harry felt the need to go to the bathroom and on his way out; he glanced at the mirror on the wall. What he saw shocked him for he was taller than usual. Probably 6ft 1, he mused.

He was pale, undernourished and had no muscles. I should really start working out a little, he thought to himself and right then, he vowed to himself that he would do it until the end of summer.

The next morning, Harry woke up just a little after dawn and decided that it was time to take things in his own hands and start working out. He went to his trunk, took out a pair of running shorts and put on a t-shirt. Pulling on his shoes, he treaded downstairs.

Outside on the front lawn, he began doing some stretches so he would not have cramps after his run. After he finished, he started running towards the park at the end of the street but soon, he realized that he had passed the park a long time ago. He started running back to Privet Drive when he heard a flutter of wings and saw an owl coming from behind him. He stopped and took the letter from the owl. He looked at the sealed parchment and on the back of it was his name. He opened the envelope to read the letter and found out it was sent to him by Remus Lupin, his previous Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, as well as his father's and Sirius's best friend. So he started reading with some hope that he would finally get some information from the order.

He wasn't that lucky.


How are you? Hope you are doing well.

I am coming today for a visit at about 10:00 so be ready by then.

And don't worry about your aunt; she will be taken care of.


Well it wasn't what he had hoped for but it wasn't all that bad either.

Actually, he was a little happy that Remus was coming because he really wanted to talk to him. It just wasn't the same with owls though. So with something to look forward to, he resumed his run back to the house.

When he arrived, Harry glanced at his watch and was startled to see that it was already 7:30 in the morning – he had run for a whole two hours! He went to do some more stretches and sneaked back into the house for a nice hot long shower.

After showering and dressing up, Harry went to his room and started one of his Defenses against the Dark Arts book that he had gotten from Remus and Sirius last Christmas. He came upon a very interesting passage.

Wandless magic, also know as "foras virga" is the ability to do magic without the need of a wand to concentrate the magical power of the user. According to recent studies, wandless magic is not a common trait amongst wizards. Even today, those few who can do it are only able to do minor spells with it. The only person ever known to forgo the use of a wand and rely solely on his hand for doing magic was no one other then the great Merlin himself and until today the only two other people known to be able to practice magic without a wand are Albus Dumbledore and Godric Gryffindor.

Suddenly, a familiar image came to Harry's mind and he replayed yesterday's events when he had sent his uncle backwards with a wave of his hand. Was that a banishing charm I did, thought Harry to himself? Well, if it was, why didn't I get a letter from the Ministry for using magic outside of school?

"I just have to ask Remus when he gets here," Harry muttered to himself.

After a couple of hours, his aunt informed harry that she had an important meeting to attend. Must be what ramus meant, thought Harry.

As he went to his room, where he was supposed to stay until his aunt came back he thought just how much he actually missed Remus. and as agreed exactly at 10:00 with a soft 'pop' ramus lupin was standing right in-front of harry in his room.

"REMUS!" Harry boomed while a smile appeared on his face.

"Hey Harry, how you've been? "Asked Remus as he pulled Harry in for a big hug. When they pulled apart, Harry's smile faded when he saw the tired look on his friend's face.

"I think I should ask you the same thing," he stated.

"Me? Well, I am pretty much okay. But now really, how are you?" A small frown appeared on Remus' face before he sighed and said, "To be honest Harry, not that good. I am still trying to cope with … Well, you-know-what," he said with a sad tone in his voice.

Sirius… thought harry "you know harry one thing that I wanted to make sure that I tell you is that I am here for you, and I mean it really I know it must be hard for you too with Sirius's death and all and just so you know I am here if you want to talk or need anything ok? Owl me no matter what If you need anything just say", "thanks ramus I really appreciate it" said harry "actually there were a few things that I wanted to ask you" "go right ahead harry" said ramus as he sat down on a chair by the desk across from the bed where harry sat "well yesterday something really weird happened to me at dinner…" and then harry went on to explain his incident with uncle Vernon and he also showed him the passage he found in his book, when he finished there was a pause until ramus finally spoke "harry I believe the you are really on to something lets do a little test shall we?" asked ramus , harry just nodded "ok now you don't you try and summon that quill with your hand , and don't worry this king of magic is practically undetectable so you can use it and no one will know , now go on and try " ramus then took a parchment from Harry's trunk and placed it on the desk

Then slowly harry raised his hand and held it strait while facing the parchment and said "accio parchment".

At first nothing happened and a slight frown was starting to form on Harry's face but then the parchment started floating a few inches above the table and then it shot right to Harry's outstretched hand. "wow" muttered harry and ramus looked like he couldn't be more proud, and so the talked for another hour before ramus stood up and said that he had to go "well harry I have to go it was really nice coming here today and I really hope that I could come again in the near future but we will have to just wait and see, now before I go is there anything else that you need?" he asked

"Well actually yes there is, I could use some books on defense and what not if you could get me a few it would be great and you can take the money from my gringotts vault"

Ramus thought for a minute before he answered "I think I can arrange something…."

"Thank you" said harry and the without even a warning ramus disappearated.

From that day harry had gotten himself into a routine so that he got up every day at 5:30 ate breakfast got dressed and went out for running and exercising at 8:00 he would sneak quietly back inside the house and shower and make himself breakfast before taking care of the other's breakfast after which he would go about his daily chores and by noon he would finish them all and have time for himself up at his room where he would practice his wandless magic and read his DADA books and complete his summer assignments until one day while he was sitting at his desk trying to think of an answer to his DADA essay "discuss the various ways one can defend himself against incoming harmful curses"(3 roles of parchment) when suddenly a number of owls came zooming through his open windows he quickly spotted pig and Hermione's owl "Vera" as he called her , he got quite fond of that name, and then he spotted the same owl that delivered ramus's letter only a week ago carrying a big brown package , he picked the letters and sat them on his desk , game the owls a few owl treats from Hedwig's pack and sent them on their way back saying that he will send a reply when Hedwig comes back. He then decided to open ramus's package first and found that it was quiet heavy; he first took the note and read it to himself

Hi harry

I managed to find a few good books for you in a 2nd hand store as that is probably the only place where you can find these books, hope you enjoy them.



Dumbledore has added a few books of his own collection for you to read, he though that they will come in handy but he wouldn't tell me they were for…..

Harry then slowly opened the parcel only to find a small box that he thought could only hold an ink bottle, upon further inspection he saw that on the box were written the words "tap your wand here", so he did and suddenly the box grew to the size of almost his entire desk. "wow" he muttered to himself and as he opened the box he became speechless upon seeing the big stack of books that were lined up inside It , if he had to make and assessment he would have said that there were at least a dozen books inside the box but after taking the all out he saw that actually there were only 7 of them only some of them looked like they were a few books glued together ,about four of the books were about various DADA subject like "practical defensive spells" or "practical offensive spells for the dark wizard hunter" another one was a book titled "hitwizrad training book grades 1-2" and the other three books which harry assumed were the ones sent to him by Dumbledore were a book about occlumency ,

Another one was titled "becoming an animagus: first hand theory" and the last one was titled "former dark lords and the spells it took to defeat them". Still a little amazed harry put the books aside and opened the letter from Hermione

Dear harry

I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR O.W.L RESULTS!!!!!! (Picture me grinning like a mad woman right about now…)

And sorry that I forgot to tell you but I appears to me that we have exactly the same classes , well except for runes and arithmancy which I am almost positive you will not take(don't take it the wrong way).

I am having the best time of my life here at Bulgaria but I haven't seen victor for quite some time now, he is really busy with his quidditch. Anyway I am coming back in about a week and I have talked with professor Dumbledore and he said that if things will go ok I can come and visit you!!!! Isn't that great! I can hardly wait. 

Now about Ron, I know I promised you the full story but I can't tell it to you in a letter as it concerns you too but I will tell you the short version of it so here goes…

I owl'd Ron about my trip to Bulgaria and I mentioned that I might be visiting victor… He went ballistic!

Saying things like I cant go and stuff like that but you know that I really don't care what he says so I went as usual and when I owl'd him from Bulgaria he owl'd me back saying he will not talk to me until I apologize to him for going after he told me not to.

I mean can you believe him?!?

Well I hope to see you soon

With love

From Hermione


harry look I know that this must be hard for you being alone all the time at "that" place but I just wanted to tell you to hang on and be strong, and just so you know no one is blaming you for what happened last June . Knowing you, you probably are still blaming yourself a little but I just thought that you should know that.

After he finished reading the letter suddenly a feeling of come came over him as if hearing that they didn't blame him was all that he needed in order to get past it , he still blamed himself a little bit yet but now he knew that everything will be ok,

He also got a little angry at Ron and couldn't wait to hear the full story when Hermione comes to visit. Hermione is coming to visit me? He thought and suddenly a huge grin was splattered across his face at the prospect of seeing her again so soon.

He read her letter again and then sighed and went to read Ron's letter

Hi harry

How are you?, great job mate on your owls, mom was so happy when she heard it , I still cant believe that you got an 'o' in potions , Snape, that git is going to be really unhappy seeing you at his class this year as I am sure that he was sure that you would not manage to get in. HA! You showed him alright.

Me?! , well my owls where ok I guess , I mean I didn't get an 'o' I potions and I failed history and divination but other then that all the rest were ok so I got 7/9 owls and in case you were wondering I have the same classes as you , well except potions and healing - I needed potions in order to get that one but instead I chose basic healing which is like half a N.E.W.T. because you only need and owl in potions for that one and you don't need to take the NEWT potions class.

Now for your other question….

Hermione went to Bulgaria!!! , to visit victor!!! Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?!

When I read her letter telling me that she is going I almost fainted but instead I took about 5 roles of parchment giving her reasons why she shouldn't go , and she still did!!! So now I am waiting for an official apology….

Well that is all I have to tell you for now except the fact that Ginny is really getting on my nerves and I hope to see you soon

You best friend


"Soon to be ex-best friend Ron" harry muttered to himself I can't believe that he did that to Hermione, that GIT! He thought

"Well I really need to strait him out" he decided , and sat at his desk to arrange all the mess that he made with his books , he then looked at the box that he got and remembered one particular book the caught his eye and he took it out , it was the theory book on animagus, he waved his hand the book landed softly unto the bed and he put the rest of the books back in the box and in his trunk and he then went to his bed and started reading through it waiting or Hedwig to return so he can owl back everybody , his DADA assignment laid on his desk untouched.

Another few days passed as harry increased his workout each morning and after each workout he would make himself a big breakfast, this things combined started showing on his body and he no longer was the short skinny boy that he was at the beginning of the summer holidays. and as all of his assignments were done he would now spend his afternoons reading the books that were sent to him by ramus and Dumbledore.

Only a few days before Hermione was supposed to come visit him after he got the "all-clear" owl from her and Dumbledore , he was reading again his book on occlumency as he vowed to himself this year that he will make an extra effort to keep voldemort out of his mind so he could prevent things like last year's happening again, and he also found out in that book that there were actually exercises that one could do in order to clear one's mind and not the way Snape tried to teach him and he saw that it was quite easy if he followed the book , one evening he was sitting in his room in the dark practicing on clearing his mind when he was interrupted by a loud knocking sound from the front door downstairs , he crept slowly to the hall so he could hear who it was at such a time for it was unusual that his relatives will be having guests at this time , and when he heard a voice suddenly all the color from his face drained and he couldn't believe it, he went downstairs slowly to the door when he was in the middle of the stairs he heard his uncle Vernon roar "POTTER, COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!" he quickened his pace and came to the door while asking his uncle "what do you wan-"

He caught his breath when he saw that at the door stood professor Snape, ramus lupin, Hermione and two other people which he assumed were her parents. And he got worried "-what happened? Hermione are you ok?!"

He asked and the second that he finished his sentence Hermione ran up to him gave him a big hug and started sobbing on his shoulder, he held her tight for a few minutes and while she cried he looked at ramus and asked "Remus? What happened?"

"Hi harry, this is a very serious business can we come in?" asked ramus with a tone of urgency to his voice.

Before his uncle could say anything harry said "of course come in!" and he closed the door behind them still holding on to Hermione , he led them to the living room , much to his uncle protest but he quickly became silent after he got a glare from Snape. He sat down with Hermione who was still crying on his shoulder but a little better now across from Snape, ramus and Hermione's parents, "harry" ramus said "yesterday there was an attempted kidnapping…. Death eaters tried to kidnap Hermione " ramus gave a few minutes for this to sink in and while harry was stunned he remained silent so ramus could continue " as you know Hermione and her parents " he said gesturing to the couple sitting next to him "were on a trip to Bulgaria for the summer and while they were at a wizarding flee market yesterday two death eaters came and tried to kidnap Hermione, but fortunately severus an I were there as their "tour guides" and we managed to stun them quite quickly after they tried to take Hermione"

Harry was speechless, he couldn't believe it and right at that moment all that he could think about was holding Hermione and never letting her go, a few minutes later he regained his voice and asked "did they hurt her?" ramus sighed "fortunately no harry as I said severus and I were there to prevent any such thing from happening , but we are here right now because we and by we I mean Dumbledore and I " he said that and gave Snape a glare that said everything "feel that for the reminder of the summer Hermione should stay here where she will be safer " without even giving his aunt and uncle time to grasp what was just said he replied "of course!" . but after that uncle Vernon did mange to find his voice and said "HOLD ON A MINUTE RIGHT THERE , aren't you " he said pointing towards Snape and ramus "going even to consulate this with us , after all this Is" he said waving his hand around the living room "our house , and I know that we didn't have a choice but to take "him" but if I can help it I will not take anymore of his kind into my house" he finished with a sneer "if you are quite done ranting durslye" spat Snape, "you really don't have much choice this time either so I suggest that you pipe down and let us talk this over because I for one have better things to do" at this uncle Vernon was going to comment but thought better of it , finally he said "FINE! But she best not be a burden" and with that he went upstairs with petunia following him.

After everything was arranged and settled that harry would sleep in his room and Hermione would sleep in the Dudley's second room Hermione stopped crying but was still holding on to harry as if she was afraid of letting go of him and suddenly she asked "what about mom and dad?" at this Hermione's mom came to her daughter and went down on her knees and put her hand on her and said in a soft soothing voice "we will be ok Hermione don't worry, for now we are going with ramus to a place that is called headquarters until they can put the nessacery protection on our regular house and at that point we will move back there"

Hermione sniffed a little and said "oh! Ok, professor lupin, are you sure you don't mind? ".

"of course not Hermione after all it is Harry's house now" he said with a devilish smile on his face, at this Harry's head snapped up "what did you just say?!" he asked a little stunned, "well after sirius died he left a will as all order members are required to do and in his will he left almost everything to you including his house"

"wow I didn't know that " he said still holding Hermione in his hands , "well we better get going " ramus said as he got up and motioned for Snape and Hermione's parents to do the same "ok" said harry as he walked them to the front door with Hermione,

Hermione hugged her parents and they all said goodbye and closed the door, now it was just harry and Hermione and even though what she went through must have been terrible harry couldn't help but feel a little happy that he got a few extra days with her.