Harry Potter and the Heir's staff

Chapter six

When Harry and Albus returned to the group they all decided that before they continue with their shopping, Harry and Hermione should go and buy new trunks so they will have a place to put all the books in. so it was decided, Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore would go and buy their trunk while Ron, Ginny and Remus would go and wait for them at "Flourish and Blotts".

After a five minute walk Harry and Hermione arrived at a weird looking shop, It looked exactly like a muggle hose, with red brick roof and patch of green lawn in the front surrounded buy a white fence, just above the Door that led inside the shop Harry spotted a sign that read "trunks and other gizmos for every witch and wizard". Harry and Hermione looked at the sign with a feel of uneasiness. Dumbledore just chuckled and said, "Don't worry you two, I know the owner of the store. Quite the man he is…" he finished trailing off, a few moments later Professor Dumbledore snapped out of his stupor and motioned for Harry and Hermione to follow him inside the store.

Once inside Harry gave a quick look around the shop to see, that to his right side the wall and shelves were filled with trunks of every kind and size, and to his left side he could see a wide assortment of weird looking objects most of them like the ones in Dumbledore's office. Harry turned to Hermione who smiled slightly at him and said "What do you say that you go and pick out our trunks and I will go and take a look over there" he said pointing to the self with the all of the objects. Hermione's smile widened just a bit, she nodded and went to pick out their trunks.

As Harry was looking at all the strange looking objects, He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, without even turning around Harry knew who this hand belonged to, "you know…" He started, still looking at the shelf, "I never really apologized for what I did in your office before this summer" he continued, his voice filled with shame. "I am sorry".

"Don't Worry Harry it is quite understandable, after all, you had allot to cope with at the moment and besides All the things that you "broke", I have repaired already"

Harry just nodded his head, and than out of the corner of his eye he spotted something sitting on a shelf, it was a two way mirror, just like the one that Sirius gave him last year, but he had no use for this kind of mirror now, but he could think of someone who could find them allot more useful than he would, so he took the two mirrors and headed with them to the counter, only to see that Hermione was just arriving with their Trunks.

One trunk was painted in colors of Gryffindor Red and silver while the other was blue and silver, but surprised Harry the most was that both trunks had five key holes.

"Hermione what are this?" asked Harry.

"Those Harry," answered Hermione in lecture mode. "are our trunks, they both have five compartments, the first two are for cloth and what ever we want, the third one is a special compartment for potion ingredients with a temperature charm in every slot according to the ingredients in it, the forth compartment is like a mini library to put books in it and the fifth compartment is the only thing different between them, mine is another mini library and yours is a special place to store your broom and quidditch supplies, whatever that maybe"

All Harry could say was "brilliant!" right before he pulled Hermione to a bone crushing hug and planted a kiss on her forehead and muttered a 'thank', while Dumbledore just smiled and laughed to himself.

When they reached the front desk of the store, Dumbledore suddenly whistled loudly. Harry and Hermione who was startled by the whistle didn't see the puff of smoke that appeared in front of them. Harry immediately turned his head towards the counter as a strong smell which he couldn't recognize attacked his nostrils, he saw the puff of smoke and gasped in shock along with Hermione as the smoke vanished and a second later was replaced with a lone figure standing in front of them.

Dumbledore was the only one who didn't seem to mind the smoke at all, he only waited until the man appeared and greeted him happily "Monk, my friend how are you?" the man, who had short brown hair, was about the same height as Dumbledore and had blue eyes that if locked with his, Harry thought that they would melt a hole through him.

"As well as can be expected Albus" replied the man with a small smile on his face.

"Very well, Monk. Harry and Hermione are here to pay for their purchases.", Answered the white bearded man.

"Ok let me see…. AH, yes two trunks and a two-way mirror set, will that be all?" he asked.

"Yes, that will be all" answered Harry.

"Ok, lets see…because you are friends with Albus how about fifteen galleons for the stuff?"

"Err…. Ok" answered Harry as he handed the money to the shop owner.

After putting the stuff that they had bought so far inside their trunks Harry muttered a simple "decresco minimus" with his hands and shrunk both of their trunks and slipped them into his pocket.

"You know Harry; you are really getting good with your wandless magic" Observed Dumbledore.

Harry just nodded and tried to hide the little blush that crept up his face, after all it's not everyday that the strongest wizard in the world gives you a compliment like that. Harry just muttered a "thank you sir" as they left the store.

After buying their trunks, Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore headed over to the book shop to but their books for the upcoming school year.

Once inside they immediately spotted the other group waiting for them inside. After a few helloes they began looking for their books, After Harry and Hermione had gotten all the books that they would need for this year at school they headed over for the counter. Just as they were standing in line and waiting for their turn to pay Harry spotted a book on a shelf right in front of him, he picked the book carefully and examined its cover, it was a very Heavy, big and old tome that consisted of thousands of pages and on the cover the title simply read "the secrets of the elf magic".

Harry, though he didn't know why, just felt that he should buy this book as it may come useful someday. So he slowly slipped the book to his pile and went to stand back in line behind Hermione.

When they finished their shopping, they all decided to go and get something to eat at the leaky cauldron, after a very filling lunch they went back home through the fireplace at the leaky cauldron and back to No. 12 Grimmuald place.

A few hours later the as Harry was lying in his bed in his room he shared with Ron, his musing was suddenly interrupted by a loud snoring noise that came from Ron. With a slight chuckle Harry turned to sleep, but just as he was about to close his eyes for some unknown reason his thoughts turned and focused on Dobby the house elf. "Dobby…. House-elves…. House-elf

elves….elf- magic…. The book!" quickly and silently Harry slipped down from his bed and popped open his trunk, he took the book about elf-magic that he had bought earlier today. As Harry skimmed through the book he noticed that the book explained in great detail all of the aspects of the elves magic, and after noticing a few things that he would like to try, "but not for now" he told himself, Harry turned the to the last chapter in the book and nearly gasped when he saw the head line, it read "elf apparition". Harry quickly started to read the first passage,

Elf apparitions, like the one of wizards, is the ability to simply 'pop' out of one place and appear at another only seconds later. But unlike wizards, elves are not limited by any kind of Unti-Apparition ward, thus enabling them to apparate where wizards would normally not be able to. (I.E. the close relatives of the elves are the House-elves that can apparate on Hogwarts ground with no problem at all).


Harry read a few lines after that, and immediately he saw why he needed to know about wards. The passage made reference to all kinds of wards and their spells and how the elves' magic can deify them so simply.

Probably should ask Albus about that, he thought to himself just as sleep took him.

Harry awoke the next morning, with a throbbing headache. Last night's sleep wasn't a good one, if you can call it sleep at all.

After reading the passage about the elves Harry fell asleep, only to get up again about an hour later from his nightmares, that what he was doing all night long. Trying to sleep, and now that it was morning, he knew that he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep again.

As he glanced at the clock on his bedside cabinet he saw that the time was '7:00' in the morning, with a tired sigh\yawn, Harry trotted slowly and silently to the bathroom, once there he threw a handful of ice cold water on his face which seemed to wake him up a little. After brushing his teeth Harry made his way down to the kitchen, upon arriving there he only saw Dumbledore and Remus sitting and whispering in hushed voices, but just as they spotted him the conversation immediately stopped and they turned their heads to him and greeted him with a 'Good morning' as he made is way to the kitchen sink and poured himself a glass of orange juice, took a sip from it and pulled a frying pan from one of the cupboards, after setting the pan on the stove Harry continued to take a few eggs and a handful of bacon strips from the icebox in the pantry.

"Would either of you like eggs and bacon?" asked Harry as he came back from the pantry carrying the supplies,

"Why, yes thank you Harry" answered Albus. Harry watched him for a moment, nodded and then turned his face towards Remus' face to ask him the same thing when he saw the frown on his face he quickly asked "Remus, what's the matter?"

Remus who was a little surprised that Harry was talking to him, quickly answered in a monotonous voice. "Nothing Harry everything is ok".

Harry, not quite believing him, pushed on with his attack. "OK, now I know something is wrong. What happened?" he asked his voice rising a little.

Remus gave another look at Professor Dumbledore and then said, "Nothing Harry, it's just that today is the funeral of the Durslys and your uncle Vernon's sister, Marge… well, she doesn't want you there." Remus finished with a sigh.

Harry, as much as it hurt him, to know that you were not wanted at your only living relatives' funeral, hadn't thought about what to do in a situation like this one, but then an idea came to him. "Well, maybe I can go in my invisibility cloak, right?".

Dumbledore seemed to study him for a minute before answering. "Well, I suppose but you still need for someone from the order to come with you, for protection". Harry thought about that for a few seconds and said with a smile, "can you go with me grandpa?".

Dumbledore just chuckled, obviously still getting used to his new title and answered. "Of course my boy, but then you need to go and get ready; we need to leave in two hours. Harry just nodded and bolted up the stairs back to his room, the frying pan lay forgotten on the stove.

A few minutes later Harry went back down to the kitchen to sit with Remus and Dumbledore when suddenly he remembered the passage that he had read last night, about the wards.

"Hey, Albus, I was wandering if I could show you something?" asked Harry

"Of course my boy, what is it that you wanted me to see?" he replied.

Harry quickly showed him his book, and the passage. After reading the passage Dumbledore's face looked pensive for a minute and then he spoke. "I guess that you wanted to show this to me because of the wards, Am I correct Harry?"

"Yes" answered Harry a little sheepishly, "I was going to ask you if you might have any books on the subject"

"Yes I have a few books on the subject, but if you want to learn it I would suggest you let me teach you, it is quite the complicated subject" Dumbledore answered with a smile, while his eyes were twinkling merrily.

Exactly two hours later Harry and Professor Dumbledore stepped out of the fireplace in Ms. Figg's living room.

"Albus, Harry. How nice to see you" greeted them Ms. Figg as she spotted them from her kitchen, "shall we?" she asked, motioning for the door.

"Indeed we shall" said Professor Dumbledore just before he tapped his head with his wand and became invisible. After that he waved his wand one more time and became visible once more. Harry looked a little confused at this tried to say something but was quickly silenced by Dumbledore's answer to is unasked question.

"Only you can see me Harry, don't worry." He smiled at him and said "now put on your invisibility cloak so we can go, we don't want to be late". Harry just nodded and a second later he Too. was invisible.

The three of them proceeded to walk out of Ms. Figg's house and towards the church at the end of the of the street, as they walked in silence the passed the now vacant lot of No. 4, where Harry used to spend the last 15 and some years of his life, but now, where would he spend his summers from now on? He mused sure, I can spend them at the Wesley's but I bet Grandpa would say that it is not safe. But I guess that there is still Grimmuald place. I think I would just have to ask him later.

And with out even noticing they have arrived at the church.

As they stepped into the church Harry could see very clearly that the Durslys were not the most popular of families.

Only the people he saw there were a few kids for Dudley's school 'Smeltings', a few people from uncle Vernon's workplace and a few ladies, who he thought were probably the gossiping partners of Aunt Petunia

But as Harry's eyes crossed the room, inspecting the people attending the Memorial, He spotted a strange man standing at the very edge of the first row, he wore black suite with matching pants, shoes and a gray tie. But the weirdest part was that in his hand he was holding a kind of leather belt. But as Harry's eyes trailed the belt to the tip of it he realized who this man was, for on the floor sat Ripper, aunt Marge's dog with the belt tied to his neck, and to Harry's surprise right next to him was sitting the overly fat Aunt Marge. How didn't I see her before thought Harry to himself but he just shrugged it off, after all she was Vernon's Sister, there is no way that she wont be here.

After they sat down at the very end of the church the sermon began and the priest stood up and began his speech

As he was hearing the speech Harry realized that although the Durslys were not popular at all the one thing that people did think was – to Harry's luck – how it was good of them to take in that 'Potter boy' as the priest mentioned quite a few times, but Harry just shrugged it off.

After the priest finished his speech the guests of the memorial were permitted to go out to the back of the church for the unveiling of the Headstones.

Harry, Professor Dumbledore and Ms. Figg waited until they were the last people inside and then stepped out of the church.

Once outside, Harry and Professor Dumbledore waited at the back, while Ms. Figg went up ahead to express her condolences to Marge. Again there was a speech, conducted by the church's priest, after which the guests left and the memorial was over.

Once everybody was gone, including Ms. Figg, who suggested that she will go and Help Marge Harry and Professor Dumbledore were the only ones left, Harry silently took off his invisibly cloak and stepped closer to the Headstones, while Harry stepped closer Professor Dumbledore stepped a little to the back in order to give Harry some privacy.

As Harry stepped in front of the headstones His Head was filled with a variety of Emotions, fear, anger, sadness and lastly determination.

At first Harry was afraid that Voldemort will hurt more people that he cared about

But that feeling quickly disappeared when a fresh wave of anger filled him, again aimed at Voldemort but now because he took everybody that mattered to him, but then Harry was filled with sadness for the Durslys who didn't even want him to begin with, and yet they were killed only because someone was trying to kill him.

But lastly Harry was filled with the strongest emotion he had so far, Determination to kill Voldemort once and for all so he would be able to protect those that he care about and especially Hermione…

Hermione, just the thought of losing her ripped his heart, and tore it apart, he knew that he couldn't live without her in his life.

Professor Dumbledore was standing a few meters behind Harry deep in thought about how to help Harry when all of a sudden the strangest thing happened, Harry began to glow with a faint blue color, but just as Harry began so did two other Headstones one in front of Harry and another one behind him

"it has started" Whispered Dumbledore to himself, just as the blue light connected two headstones and shot up to the sky,

But yet all of this happened unbeknownst to Harry.

After Harry calmed himself a bit he stood up and turned to head back towards professor Dumbledore I don't remember sitting down thought Harry to himself but suddenly as he made his way back to Professor Dumbledore, a wave of dizziness came over him and he lost his balance and fell to the ground, in front a set of tombstones.

Professor Dumbledore watched as Harry made his way back to him, but then he saw Harry fall to the ground and he rushed to his side.

"HARRY!" Dumbledore said as he reached him and grabbed him by the shoulders, but Harry was not listening, because his head was glued to the headstone in which he fell in front of, it read…

Lily Evans Potter

Loving wife and mother


Totally in shock and still a little Dizzy Harry turned his head to the right were he found what he already knew to be there.

James Potter

Caring Husband and father


Harry saw this, and He broke down sobbing.


Professor Dumbledore just sat there on the ground and held Harry in his arms while he sobbed for the parents that he never got to know and waited until the young man relaxed.

After a while Harry's sobbing stopped and they turned into snores which indicated to Dumbledore that Harry was now asleep, he gently picked him up in his arms, after taking Harry's invisibility cloak and apparated them both back to Headquarters

Only to find Hermione laying on the ground.

10 minutes earlier, No.12 Grimmuald place

Hermione Granger was making her way down to the kitchen to get some breakfast and see Harry; Just the thought gave her a smile so big that it threatened to break her face.

As she made her way through the door and into the kitchen Hermione went to the kitchen sink and poured her a glass of orange juice, and sat down at the table. But as she glanced at the people sitting at the table she realized that Harry was in fact not there.

"Say Remus, Where is Harry?" she asked.

Remus looked at her from behind his newspaper and his face grew a little darker.

"Oh, He went with Professor Dumbledore, apparently today was the memorial of the Dursly's" he answered.

Hermione a little worried from the look that Remus made as he answered her asked,

"Remus, what's wrong?"

Before he answered his face softened somewhat "oh, it's nothing really. Quite silly to be honest, but you see Harry's uncle's sister; Marge informed us that she didn't want Harry to come to the memorial today. But of course you know Harry so he insisted that he go with his invisibility cloak, so naturally Professor Dumbledore insisted that he take someone from the order to accompany him there, and…. He chose Albus."

Hermione frowned, "so, I don't see what the problem here is".

"Well I was hoping that he would pick me seeing as his parents are buried there" answered Remus nonchalantly.

"THEY'RE WHAT!" she bellowed.

Remus looked a little startled by Hermione's outburst, and before he had the chance to answer she asked

"And why did you want him to pick you so much if I may ask?" ash said in a calm, yet firm voice.

"Well you see, lately since Sirius died, Harry and I started talking about him and his parents and I just thought it would be nice if the two of us will go there".


As Hermione finished yelling, she got up and left the kitchen, but just as she reached with her hand to push open the door, the strangest thing happened. A faint blue beam shot through the roof and hit Hermione straight on the chest, and the last thing she remembers is everybody in the room yelling "HERMIONE!" before she fell to the floor and blackness took her.

Dumbledore who already was formulating an answer to all this in his mind quickly took out his wand and levitated Harry and Hermione to the bed at Harry's room.