Wrote Christmas presents. This one was for Michelle (aka Insane Vampiress)


Dirty words pass through her lips as she screams, pleading, begging. Words she's never used, never even thought, and noises that don't even sound human, as she thrusts up, only to have the girl pull away.

Whimpering, she feels Gwen's lips nip at her earlobe, her breath tickling her neck, and she can't keep back the cry of need that escapes her.

"Please…" Gwen's voice is low as she lets out a small chuckle. She's evil, she decides, as her hand lightly runs up and down the blonde girl's side. "Please…"

"Come on, girl, you can say it. Whose are you?"

And with a look of submission, she said it, needing what only Gwen can give her.


And her scream of release is so loud, Tara's sure they can hear it back in Sunnydale.