Wrote Christmas presents. This one was for GrimSage


Sometimes, she's not sure if what she remembers actually ever happened, or if they did, they happened to her. Sometimes, she'll be doing something and it'll be like she's done it before, like she already knows how.

It's like she remembers sitting in the principal's office, the panic and fear of being caught for doing something, even though she's never been caught for anything major.

It's like when they first kissed, Dawn knew how to tease her, before pulling away, daring her to kiss Dawn back.

And, maybe, Dawn thinks, it's like the thousands of dreams she's had where she's looking in the mirror with blonde hair and a flat chest, kissing Angel, or slaying vampires, that maybe aren't dreams at all.

But that doesn't really matter, because whether it was her before, it's her now that's making Faith scream and wither in the dirty hotel room. It's Dawn Summers that's doing this, and nobody can tell her that this isn't real.