Wrote Christmas presents. This one was for Elisabeth


She's sorry, but this is just...wrong. No, not even. More like completely beyond wrong. There isn't even a word to describe the wrongness of it. 'Burn its way into your retinas, god, I'll be seeing that forever' wrong. It's the kinda think that Buffy would have rather gorged her own eyes out than seen. The entire time she's been a Slayer, she's never seen anything that grossed her out more.

Yes, Willow is her best friend, and yes, she deserves to be happy. But this is just too new, and so much of a shock. 'Cause she never had any idea that Willow'd felt that way about him. And they have to have been seeing each other for a while, right? Because there's no way the redhead or he would just have sex with someone on impulse, Buffy knows them too well for that. Or at least she thought she had.

Or she'd think that she thought she had, if she could trust her brain to think without bringing up other scenarios involving what she's backing up out of the room with her eyes squeezed shut to prevent seeing.

But even that doesn't really help, because honestly? Buffy has a feeling that no matter how hard she tries, she'll never be able to remove from her memory the image of Willow in their dorm room, in bed, completely naked doing stuff she so doesn't wanna know about with ...