She's pretty, you think. Your first impulse is to run your fingers through the red and orange streaks in her hair, although where it came from is beyond you. Fred sees you looking at her, and giggles. Fred knows, you realize.

"She's bad," Fred whispers in your ear, warning you, even though her voice still holds amusement. She thinks it's cute. Would she still think it was cute if she knew all you want to do is jump her right now, the rest of the people be damned?

Her gaze flickers towards you, fixing in your direction, and she smiles. Her hips begin to sway seductively as she walks to you, and you can't tear your eyes away from her.

But she passes you without even a glance, as she moves up the few stairs to the doorway and wraps her arms around Faith, grinding into her, before the Slayer grabs her wrist and pulls her up to the second level and out of sight.

She's pretty, you think. So very pretty, and so very unattainable.