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The Darkest of Wishes

Summary: Hermione has been writing in her diary since her second year (Don't worry, I've checked it for any possible Riddle peculiarities.) at Hogwarts. One night, while with the Order, she witnesses something terrible and wishes that things were different. However, the wish goes awry, because the fairy who granted the wish is none-other than the Darkness Fairy. How will Hermione deal with her new position at Hogwarts and in the war?

Notes: Hermione is in her 7th year. There WILL BE A student/teacher relationship. Don't like? Don't read? Mm'kay? You have been warned.

Chapter 1

And So I Wish...

Hermione leaned back in her plush scarlet chair. It was hers due to the fact that she always sat there, and if any Gryffindor saw Hermione coming they would automatically move from the chair or else feel the wrath of Hermione. It wasn't that she was evil; just that she was tired. And when one is tired, one is rather cranky.

Tonight, however, Hermione Granger felt a deep sadness. Why was it that the most wonderful people had to suffer? Harry, who had been marked Voldemort's equal when he was born, had suffered more than his fair share of death and evil. Dear Ron, being the one of many children, had suffered the loss of two siblings. One sibling to death, the other to Voldemort; Percy really had joined with Fudge (who was actually a Voldemort supporter, go figure), and Percy had seen to it that Charlie had been killed by what looked like an "accidental death due to dragons." Professor Lupin had to suffer through transformations once every month, no stable job, and he's had plenty of death and destruction in his years.

Hermione could continue to add to her list, but it just depressed her. And, Hermione knew the exact counter 'curse' for depression. Reading. Hermione's tired fingers went rummaging through the many books in her bag. Her fingers traced over a familiar book, but not the book she had been thinking of reading. Her diary. With a quick yank, the diary was out of her bag, and placed neatly on her lap. The second counter 'curse' for not feeling up to par was writing... so Hermione decided that it was high time to write in her diary.

Dec 11

I went with Harry and Ron to Hogsmeade; using the Invisibility Cloak with three grown people is considerably a rough task, but we managed. We met with a few members of the Order and then we all apparated or used a portkey to travel to another unknown location (Harry, Ron, and I used the portkey - Moody said that we shouldn't be apparating - we might leave all our ears in Hogsmeade). From there we walked a few kilometers to a broken down shack. As soon as we walked in, the size of the shack grew on the inside and it was then we knew that we had our new headquarters. The past two headquarters had been breeched, and finally Dumbledore created the headquarters himself.

There was a lot of talk that we weren't allowed to be included in, but we are helping out with a few plans. For fear of this diary being read by prying eyes, I won't disclose any of the plans.

Before we left; Ron noticed the full moon and everyone in the order quickly put Professor Lupin in a cage. I was so embarrassed for him; and everyone watched as he slowly and painfully transformed. I've read about such things, but I do not believe that books could do justice to how horribly painful the transformation really must be. For once, I would not like any first hand experience.

As we walked back the few kilometers from the shack; Harry, Ron, and I ... well ... Harry and Ron did most of the talking. I couldn't get Lupin's image out of my head. Finally, we arrived and looked for a spoon - it was the portkey that Moody said we should look for (he also talked about the danger of swallowing spoons, which made Ron and Harry laugh). We were instantly taken to the alleyway behind Zonko's and with the light fading quickly; we hurried on our way using Harry's map.

Of course, I know that there is nothing really worth reading about in this entry, I just feel it's wrong for people to suffer. Especially when it's no fault of their own. Why do others... such as Malfoy... who are on Voldemort's side, no less... why are they not suffering? Why do those of good stout heart suffer? I'll never understand why, I suppose. Magic will not cure such a thing as suffering. Not even a good tickling charm would do the trick.

I guess all one can do is hope and wish. And so I wish that those who suffer, will not have to suffer any longer.

I must get to bed, or Dobby will talk my ear off, and it's taken me the length of two hours to write all of this due to our conversations. Good night.

Hermione closed the book and locked it with the small key.

"Dobby doesn't like Hermione sad." The house elf smiled and his big orb-like eyes beamed with cheerfulness.

"I know, I apologize, but I must get to bed. Do tell Winky that she should come up here so that we all could talk." Hermione stretched and began to walk up the stairs to her dormitory. Hermione turned around quickly when she remembered why Dobby had come up in the first place. "I'll make you some socks tomorrow, Dobby, I'm too tired now."

"Dobby can wait for socks. Dobby will tell Winky, though Winky still only drinks and sleeps, miss." Dobby then disappeared with a small pop.

Hermione walked the length of the stairs and settled into her bed. She closed her eyes and dreamed that her wish came true...

x x x x x

Twilight crept in through the windows of Hogwarts. She had been biding her time for an opportunity such as this. The witch who had been sitting in the red chair for the majority of the night, was definitely in a sad and sorry state.

Twilight knew exactly what she needed to do. She crept slowly up the stairs and engulfed the room into darkness as she entered the girls' dormitory. Twilight saw the book that the girl had been writing in, and with her long dark tendrils she picked it up. She didn't need a key to open it, all she had to do was slide between the pages. She could read much better in complete darkness anyway.

'And so I wish that those who suffer, will not have to suffer any longer.'

What kind of wish is that? Twilight thought to herself. A wish for others? Oh, this will not do.

And then, with fiendish glee Twilight escaped from the pages of the diary and back into the dormitory. She slunk towards the sleeping girl and moved a strand of curl out of her eyes.

"Though you may not wish for yourself, in your sad time. I'll take your wish, and make it mine. And so with my heart-filled gratitude and thanks, I'll swirl the bubbling brew. And when you awake... what once was, is now not with you." Twilight whispered her words and looked around the room. "Remember naught of what you wished."

With a hiss, Twilight the Darkness Fairy was gone, as if she never existed. Now she would go back and wait for another thousand years, and perhaps return when a better wish could be granted.

x x x chapter end x x x

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Chapter 2 Entitled:

Awakening Nightmare