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The Ghost

Chapter One

Tru walked through the doors to the morgue at the start of her shift. Davis was already there, standing over the body of a man who had been brought in before her shift had begun.

"Morning Tru," Davis called out, his voice sounding distracted as he collected the personal effects from the body.

"Morning," she replied with a friendly smile. "Busy day?"

"Not really," Davis answered as he looked through the wallet for an ID on the body. "Just Mr Alan Smythe here. Brought in just a short while ago."

"He looks like he's been gone for a while," Tru commented as she took in the colour of the body. His was not the colour of someone who had died only a short while ago. Davis passed her the wallet, which she looked through, more by habit now as she committed to memory his personal details just in case they were needed later on.

"Probably early this morning," Davis replied. "You okay to carry on here, whilst I make a quick phone call?"

"Sure," Tru agreed as Davis headed to the office.

She had not even turned away to prepare herself when the sound of a whisper drew her gaze to the face of the body. By now it was a familiar sound and nowhere near as startling as it had been at first.

"Help me," the body of Alan Smythe pleaded as his head turned towards her.

Tru steadied herself as she felt the day rewind and a moment later she sat up in bed with a gasp.

Leaping out of bed she quickly dressed and hurried out of the building to the address of the victim she had to save today.

As she hurried down the street she recalled that the estimated time of death had been early morning and she hoped she had enough time to figure out how to save him.

Fifteen minutes later she approached the address she had seen in the wallet and ran up the steps to knock on the door.

There was no answer from inside and she banged harder with renewed energy. If he wasn't at home she had no idea where to start looking for him.

"He's not been answering all morning," a voice called out from behind her. Tru turned around to see that a middle-aged woman stood on the step below her. "I live next door and he wasn't answering the door for a parcel delivery this morning either."

"Could he be at work?" Tru asked.

"No, he lost his job last week," the woman answered with a shake of her head.

"Out looking for a job?" Tru suggested, though even if he was the chances of the neighbour knowing were rather slim. This was confirmed as the woman gave a quick shrug and turned away.

Tru turned back to the door and tried to peer through the frosted glass. The image was distorted but even so Tru could clearly see the outline of a man lying at the foot of the stairs. She drew in a sharp breath as she realised she was too late.

Some time later Tru found herself back at the morgue where she explained to Davis about the failed rewind.

"And the day didn't rewind again for you to try to get to him faster?" Davis asked with a frown.

"No," Tru shook her head. "I don't think it would have made any difference anyway. I didn't hear anything from inside the building and I'd gone straight there as soon as I woke up. He'd been dead a while. I couldn't have made it in time."

"He died before your day's restart point?" Davis asked. "That's never happened before has it?"

"No. There's always been time to get to the victim. It's been a close call at times but never an impossible job like this one. Even if the day had rewound again I wouldn't have been able to get there in time."

"Maybe it's a case of you not being able to help everyone?" Davis suggested quietly. It was a subject that they had discussed before and whilst Tru had usually argued that without Jack's interference everyone could be saved, this time there was nothing she could say. Jack had not been there this morning, and even if he had been, there would have been nothing he could have done to stop her saving the victim. For once it seemed like fate itself had intervened to stop her on her mission.

For the next few hours Tru and Davis discussed the whole situation and even after they had explored what seemed to be every angle they were still none the wiser.

Eventually they decided that all they could do was to put it down to experience and consider it a one off anomaly.

Deciding that nothing could be done to explain it Tru walked back through to the morgue where Alan Smythe was once again laid out.

She had not reached the body when she heard the distinct sound of a man's voice asking, "help me".

Standing still Tru waited for the day to rewind again but after a moment or two she realised that it was not happening. She moved closer to the body but it hadn't moved like it normally did. The eyes were closed and the head straight. There was nothing to indicate that it had made a sound and she wondered briefly if she had imagined it.

"Did you ask me for help?" she whispered, feeling rather silly for talking to the strange body despite everything that had happened to her in the last year.

"Yes," the sound of a male voice replied. This time Tru was looking intently at the body and could see that it had still not moved at all.

"Harrison, is that you?" Tru called out as she looked towards the doors to the morgue. It would be just like her younger brother to pull a childish prank like this.

"I'm over here," came the voice again, clearer this time and sounding nothing like the familiar voice of her brother.

Turning around Tru looked towards the door of the office where Davis was still sitting at his computer. Standing in the doorway was Alan Smythe. Turning her head sharply she looked at the body on the table. He was still there. But as unbelievable as it seemed he was also standing in the doorway of the office, calmly looking at her.

"Twins?" Tru asked, as she grasped at straws, knowing that he could not have come into the room and passed her without her seeing him.

"No," the man replied. "I'm Alan Smythe. Or at least I was."

"A ghost?" Tru squeaked, feeling more than a little shaky. She had got used to bodies speaking to her and days rewinding but an actual spook standing in the morgue was going just a little too far.

"I guess," Alan replied as he walked towards her. Tru put her hand up to fend him off and he playful tried to bat her hand out of the way. Tru squeaked again as his hand went through hers leaving her with a slightly cold feeling in her fingers.

"Davis?" Tru called out to where he was still sitting at the computer.

"What is it?" Davis asked as he came to the door.

"Do you see him?" Tru asked with a nod in the direction of the ghost who was intently examining his own corpse with a rather curious expression on his face.

"See who?" Davis asked with a frown.

"Alan," Tru replied nodding in the direction of the gurney.

"Yeah, I see him. Right where he's been since you came in with him."

"Not him, the other one," Tru hissed. "The one standing next to the body."

"Er no," Davis replied with a worried shake of his head. "What do you mean, other one?"

"The, well, the ghost," Tru finally answered, feeling more than a little embarrassed at admitting that she could see the ghost of one of the victims clearly walking around the morgue and currently examining the board on the wall that showed who had been brought in recently.

"Ghost?" Davis laughed. "Good one Tru. You nearly had me going there."

"I'm not joking," Tru insisted. "You know me better than that."

Davis stood a moment and looked at Tru thoughtfully. "You're right," he agreed. "Sorry. You can really see a ghost?"

"He's right over there," Tru said as she pointed across the room.

"Can you two not talk about me like I'm not here," Alan complained from across the room.

"What does he want?" Davis asked.

"He wants us to stop talking about him like he's not here," Tru answered with a roll of her eyes. "Can't you see or hear him at all?"


"So are you going to help me?" Alan asked, sounding slightly impatient.

"How?" Tru asked. "I help to save people but, well, you're already dead. Isn't it a bit late for you to be asking for help?"

"Maybe he has unfinished business," Davis suggested as he picked up the general gist of the conversation from Tru.

"I don't think so," Alan replied with a shrug.

"No one you want to say goodbye to?" Tru asked.


Tru shook her head at Davis.

"You weren't murdered and want the killer brought to justice?" Davis asked.

"No," Alan replied again as he strolled past Tru and sat down on one of the chairs. The chair moved slightly and Davis gasped and grabbed hold of Tru's arm at the sight of the empty chair moving.

Alan noticed his reaction and moved the chair again, grinning as Davis practically hopped from one foot to the other in excitement.

"So what help do you want?" Tru asked.

Alan grinned in response as Tru felt a strange sensation in the pit of her stomach. She had the sneaking suspicion that this victim was going to be far more trouble than any of the previous ones had been.