Title: Don't Ask
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG for shounen-ai
Pairing: SasuNaru, NaruSasu

Disclaimer: Naruto and all it's characters doesn't belong to me. And the italics also doesn't belong to me.

Don't Ask

- Don't ask the shine to always shine. -

Naruto plopped down on the grass, placing his arms behind his head. Closing his eyes, he relished on the cool feel of the sun shining down at him. Yawning, he returned to watching the sky, blinking as he gazed at the clouds that now moved to cover the sun.

The sky turned gray.

- It can't. The clouds exists. -

The wind breezed through the open field, brushing the grass softly, whispering soothing words, comforting the blades that simply stood there, but it knew better to know that they were all grateful for her comfort. And somehow... Naruto felt like a blade of grass just lying there.

- Don't ask the leaves not to fall. -

And as another breeze flew by, Naruto felt a presence settle themselves beside him, and he took note of how the crunching of the grass reached his ears.

- It can't. The wind exists. -

He opened his eyes and looked at the boy standing beside him, with an outstretched arm, waiting for him to take it. He blinked. And blinked. "Sasuke?"


- Don't ask me not to fall in love. -

"Sasuke, what're you doing here?"

The mentioned boy looked away, determined to hide the color rising up to his cheeks. "Last minute call, dobe. We have a mission."

- I can't. -

Naruto blinked once again, before a grin settled itself on his lips, and he took the hand, hoisting himself up with the help of his teammate. "Yeah, thanks, Sasuke."

"...No problem, dobe."

- You exist. -

"Oh, and don't call me dobe!"

- Owari -

Author's Notes: Couldn't go online so I locked myself up in my room. Got bored of the television and started writing. XD This has been in my head for quite a while now, so I took... maybe just 15 minutes? o.O Quite a trait, considering I mostly take hours writing fics, even one-shots. XD Oh, and AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU, MINNA-SAN! X3 It means Happy New Year... I think... well, hope 2005 would be a great year for all of yah! Hugs and kisses, people! X3