2. Searching

This was written the day after Ifirst saw the episode with the dragon guy in the book that tricked Raven. On the back of a french sheet too. Eat that, Mme. Russel! In any case, I am getting back into the series for sure. Note that all grammar and weird stuff in the poem is intentional. This one is sorta BB/Ra

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So many times: I'm always


breathing in existence(!)

opening, turning,


my own little space in this world.

i never really



i clutch lies.

i've (looked) for the shadows,

that come and go.

that give me warmth,

but take it away.

(they go)

my hands become


fingers unable to


(blind deaf mute girl)

it always turns out,

that whomever gives me this warmth,

is dissembling,

and i have my eyes glued shut,

heart screaming 'stop stop stop!'

i want someone...

(stop, please)

i always have...

(just stop, just stop)

face like stone, unpeaking.


'i'm not creepy, i'm just different.'


i let go of hope, and yet i'm still


Was searching for someone (like) you.

You weren't really searching.


The saddest thing about that episode... for me anyways... was her hugging Beast Boy at the end. Suddenly, I was weirdly in favour of that relationship. But I know that sometime (earlier, later, whatever) Terra comes in, and I'm a BB/T supporter. Made me sad. Poor Raven.

In any case, Raven needs someone.

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