"Perfect? How about a perfect quickie?" he joked trying to take the end off of this whole situation.

"Open this" she said shoving the bottle of wine at him

He laughed as he took it and then leaned in for a kiss, he had ten hours with her and these might very well be the last times they'd touch in this life. "Kiss first" he bartered, but leaned in the rest of the way before she could refuse, which he knew she would do.

The nervousness disappeared the moment his lips touched hers. She'd forgotten what this felt like, beyond the passion was home. It's why'd she'd fought it so hard because in Logan's arm's she'd always felt like she didn't need to run anymore, it was like she'd never been running away from anything, it was always that she had been running to something, to someone, to him, he made her entire life make sense with one kiss.

"I've missed you" he whispered and she wanted to cry because his lips had left hers

Suddenly unable to remember how to breath she gasped searching for air and buried herself into his chest trying to get as close to him as possible, trying to record how this felt. She looked up "That whole not kissing you to keep my mind in the game?" she shut her eyes trying to forget the pain of that night, of what it felt like to wake up and have lost not only her freedom, but Logan and Zack. "That was the biggest mistake of my life."

"You know if it makes you feel better Max, I made a hell of a lot more mistakes involving us than you did. I'm sorry I kept pushing you away, I'm sorry I kept you at arm's length, hindsight" he gave a grim grin "it's a bitch."

"So are we going to regret this tomorrow?"

"Probably," he answered truthfully, "but we'd regret it a lot more if we let it just slip away again."

She separated herself from his body just enough so she could lift up her head to look at him "We are going to find a cure to this right? This isn't going to be forever is it? I don't think I could live with that." She started to fall apart at the thought of never feeling his arms around her again, the way his head felt leaning down and touching hers, his fingers on the bare of her back, it couldn't just be over in ten hours.

He pulled her tighter and she buried her face into his shirt and he kissed the top of her head "We're going to beat this Max."

She lifted up her head once more "What if we don't, what if these are our last hours like this ever?"

Seeing Max with tears in her eyes destroyed Logan, she had said the words aloud that they had both been thinking, "Then we're just going to have to make them count."

"I really liked your poem" she said laughing as she cried

"I know, you stole it. Gave me a heart attack though, I thought you hated it."

"I didn't, I loved it, I would hear it playing in my mind every night, during drills, locked in small tiny rooms without food or water, I would hear it, I would see your handwriting on the paper, I thought of you writing it late at night. While I was strapped to that bed I would think of you staring out the window into the same night writing. Logan the thought of getting back to you is what kept me strong…"

"And you stayed strong Max, you came home to me. No matter what else happens you came home, I never stopped hoping, I never stopped praying, I never stopped believing in you, even though you died in my arms Max, I never stopped waiting for you at that window."

"Oh god, we're such a pair"

"Lucky we found each other right?"

Max nodded

"You know I'm still holding the wine right?"

She sniffled "Is your arm getting tired?"

"Come on the sidekick's powers are in his arms remember?"

"Oh god, so much wasted time." She said thinking about Cape Haven.

"Hey but you know what Max" he said separating them, and stepped back quickly to put the bottle down and wiped his eyes in the process.

She did the same and laughed, "You lied about your arm being tired."

"More asleep and yea I did. The point is Max" he said placing his hands on her arms and looking down into her still tear filled eyes "We're never going to waste another second, we'll never take each other for granted again, never be scared of our feelings or at least not try to avoid feeling them. Now" he said dropping his arms down to his side "How about that glass of wine?"

She shook her head and took a step closer "I don't want to be separated from you for the next ten hours. " She placed her hands on the sides of his head and lifted up to kiss him "I want enough memories to last in case we don't get another chance."

He leaned in and completed the kiss "You know I love you right?" he whispered it, so very un-Logan Cale.

She nodded, unable to stop the tears rolling down her cheeks, as much as she wanted to live in the moment she couldn't forget how she tried to tell him she loved him. "I tried to tell you."

Tears flowed down his cheeks once more "I know" he said gruffly and nodded

"I saw you….I want you to know I saw you…No matter what happens, when my heart stopped, when they were trying to save me…I saw you, the last thing I remembered before I woke up was you….I was dancing with you…"

"You know we've never danced, not in real life."

"That was real life that was you deciding to stay with me, to not go where it's easier."

"Things might be easier elsewhere, but they mean nothing when you aren't there."

"We're totally supposed to be crying tomorrow not now."

"Good point, so what about that dance?"

"Something happier?"

"You got it"

The next thing she knew she was in his arms as she had dreamed of so many times. She tried to put the time limit out of her mind, ten hours, ten hours was a long time wasn't it? Then why did she feel like it was rapidly closing in on her. Ten hours…

She stopped suddenly, causing Logan mass confusion.. "I love you"" she whispered into his chest, "I love you" she repeated it stronger this time, "I love you " she said finally looking up into his eyes, "I love you so much I…." She just shook her head, there were too many words describe her love and not a single one lived up to what she felt.

He couldn't speak, there were no words left that either of them could say, he kissed her, deeply passionately, not at all tender, it was the crush of lips of people who were losing each other, he scooped her into his arms, there was no time left to waste…