Max groaned as she awoke, the damn seizures left her with a hangover that felt like she'd been drinking for a week straight. She froze as she realized there was a weight on her arm, her bare arm. She took in her surroundings, she was in Logan's room, in Sandeman's house where she had lived for the past two weeks since Marissa's birth, Logan had promised her they'd be fine, that they'd be safe. She felt skin though touching hers. She shot up as she realized she didn't hear the baby either, the seizures always knocked her out for awhile, but she couldn't hear her daughter at all, Marissa couldn't still be asleep this long. Max struggled to remember what happened, she knew she should turn and look at Logan but there was too much fear coursing through her, all she remembered was the seizure and Logan in the shower…Oh god he must have touched her…

She turned finally and saw Logan fully dressed, fully dressed without gloves, but also no rash. No shallow breaths, no gray pallor. She jumped up as she realized he must have just reached out for her, that must have been why she woke up. There was still time. She started to dart out of the room, ambulance, Beverly and then Josh, she went over the order of people to call.

"Hey" Logan said stretching

She turned back and looked at him, still no rash, thank god, she opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say. She ran downstairs and grabbed the phone, she heard his footsteps follow after her.

"Max what's going on?" he asked as she started to punch in the numbers

"Hello, I need an ambulance."

His confused look fell off of his face and he reached out a bare hand to grab the phone, she dropped it and stepped back before he could touch her. He bent to the floor, retrieved the phone and lifted it up to his ear, "Yes, no we're fine. Sorry for the trouble."

"No, no I touched you. Your hand was on me" the words came out in a rush. She watched in shock as he hit the end button on the phone.

He laughed and looked at the clock, "I put my hand there 2 hours ago after I put Marissa down."

She just looked at him puzzled

"It's gone Max" he said it simply


"Marissa" Logan said with a smile "Bev thought of it while you were pregnant, I didn't want to get your hopes up in case it didn't work. Bev and Sebastian have been working on using her blood to give me immunity."

Max just continued to stare at Logan, wondering when exactly she was going to wake up from this dream.

He walked towards her and she fought a battle inside herself to not step back. His hand came to her cheek and he held it there. She counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, she got all the way up to 80 and realized he was still standing there rash free.

"You're okay?" she whispered

"I'm fine" he said with a smile as he stepped closer and leaned down for a kiss. A soft, tender, infinitely sweet kiss.

"You sure this isn't going to end in an hour? A day? A week?"

"I haven't known Sebastian to be wrong, ever." He said cupping the back of her head and looking down into her tear-filled eyes.

She took a slow, shuddering breath as she collapsed into his chest.

"Hey, you know what I was thinking as you took your time waking up?"

She shook her head still pressed against her chest, "I think we should make this whole thing legit, seeing as to how we can now handle that whole You May Kiss The Bride part of the ceremony."

Max looked up and smiled, he'd tried convincing her several times throughout her pregnancy and once afterwards, he hadn't pushed though as much as she'd known he wanted to.

"So is that a yes?"

Max nodded

"We made it Max" he said on a sigh

"I know, Original Cindy is never going to let us live it down." she allowed some laughter through

He joined in her laughter and then bent to kiss her again, the kiss changed from sweet into something more needy very quickly. "Hey" he said pulling apart from her, "You just had a baby 2 weeks ago."

She smiled "I have amazing restorative abilities."

"She'll be up soon." he said before she kissed him again

"Then we'd best be quick." she said with a teasing smile.

"Hey remembered what happened the last time we had a quickie?" his voice grew low

"We got a miracle?"

"Who ever thought that a quickie could give you a lifetime?" he said leaning down and capturing her lips.

Just then the baby started to cry and they both groaned. "This is going to happen a lot isn't it?"

"Hey at least we're able to be interrupted now." he said taking her hand and leading her to their daughter.

What else was for her to do but smile.




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