AN: Okay so I just watched every episode of Dark Angel (Though why I did that I don't know I now miss the show and Michael Weatherly). I started writing this just after the first season ended. I think that's all the explanation it needs. Oh the little transcript start of this is from Eyes Only, the Dark Angel site (Which I am very grateful for, otherwise I would have been pausing and stopping while typing).

Reply if you want more…those are the rules…oh and constructive criticism always appreciated. I know I don't have their lingo down, I'm sorry or how to describe their facial expressions, but I'm sure you can imagine them on your own, I can see them, just don't really know what they are.

Chapter One


The Space Needle:

MAX: You okay?
LOGAN: Sure. This is fun.
MAX: I look down at the people and I think about how everybody's got problems. Maybe not a secret government agency on their ass, but, you know, problems and if I sit up here long enough I start to feel like I'm just one of those people, a regular girl.
LOGAN: Well, I hate to break it to you, Max,'re never going to be a regular anything.
(Max steps back and sits down next to Logan.)
MAX: I know you're not too chill with what's going on tonight and I thank you for keeping your concerns to yourself. It's a bitch psyching yourself up for battle when people are throwing around words like "deathwatch."
LOGAN: Well, I think I know you well enough by now. There's no stopping you if there's something you need to do especially when it comes to your family.
MAX: You're my family as much as anyone only we're never going to be any kind of anything if it keeps on like this.
LOGAN: I know.

They continue sitting there just looking out onto the sleeping city, when Logan turns back to her "Are you aware you just said deathwatch?"

Max gives a short laugh, "Did that freak you out?"

He smiles, "Just a little, I'm used to Super Max, you know Maximum Force, Maximum Girl." They both smile brighter, thinking of Phil who made it possible for Logan to be sitting next to Max, hoping not to pass out.

"I'm sorry, how about this'll be a breeze?"

"Much better," he says smiling once more and turning back to the city.