Ok I know it's been ages since I updated but I kinda had my reasons. Right I've edited the first 6 chapters on the mistakes I had. I'm now reading threw my chapters on mistakes now but my story writing is still not good but I'll get a little better one day right onto chapter 7

Chapter 7

Later that night Yaten walks in and finds the letter that was left. Mina was no where, Yaten reads the letter.

Dear Yaten Kun

If you ever want to see your beloved Mina again come to Egypt in the dessert, bring Seiya and Taiki with you, if you don't come I will kill Mina along with the child she's carrying.

From your biggest fan


Yaten rips the letter up and runs out the house to get Taiki, Seiya and the other scouts. Yaten runs fast as he could but runs into a 15 year old girl, she was in a school uniform, she had long silver hair and green eyes, she looks a lot like Yaten's female form.

"I've finally found you"

"Who are you" Yaten looks at the young girl

"Ok, I don't think you'll believe me, but, I'm from the future, my name is Kira, I'm a sailor scout known as Sailor Healer, I'm the daughter of you and Mina, I'm here to help you save my mother mina and my self, if I don't I'll never exist"

"This is really hard to believe, and you're a sailor scout, wow, any ways I don't have time I have to save Mina from one of my evil fans"

"You mean Dorothy"

"Wait how do you know her"

"Back in the future Dorothy appears a few times trying to kidnap me, but she's locked up behind bars now, any ways lets go before it's to late, lets get the others and head off to Egypt"

"Um ok, I guess your telling the truth, but if your lying to me, I won't be to happy"

"I have loads of prove now lets go"

In Egypt Mina opens her eyes and sees Dorothy, Mina realises that she's also locked in a cadge.

"Who are you, and where am I"

"I'm Dorothy, I kidnapped you because you took Yaten kun to your self"

"But why kidnap me, I never did any thing to you"

"I have my reasons"

At Serena's all the scouts gather up

"So you're from the future Kira" Seiya looks confused

"Yes, and I have no time to be answering questions we have to save my mother Mina"

"What so your Mina's child she's carrying now" Lita gets all shocked

"Yes I am"

"Well we don't know who your father is, Mina won't tell us so can you, and you sure do look like someone I know" Serena asked

Yaten get embarrassed

"I guess I'll say before we head off, my dad is Yaten Kou, now I think we should trance form as Dorothy is a monster in real form"

Everyone gets shocked part from Seiya who knew all ready

Seiya stands up and laughs

"Well Kira that explains why you look like Yaten's female form and you sure have his attitude to" Seiya continues laughing

Kira grows very annoyed with Seiya and hits him

"This is no laughing matter, you can laugh as much as you want when I complete my mission"

Everyone transforms even the starlight's as they could still turn female if they wanted to.

"Let's go and stop Dorothy" Kira runs off with the rest

To be continued