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"All right! Let's run the Angel of Music scene again!"

A relieved sigh went up from the cast of the Washington, D.C. production of the Phantom of the Opera.

"I want my Meg and Christine on stage, and Erik in your position backstage!"

Lara Parker, playing Christine, and Lexi Jackson, playing Meg, took their places.

"Lights...quiet on the set! Aaaaand...action."

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravissimo!" Jack Radcliffe's voice echoed out over the set.

"Christine," Lexi began easily. "Christine."

"Christine," Jack echoed.

"Where in the world have you been hiding? Really, you were...perfect. I only wish I knew your secret. Who is your great tutor?"

Lara sighed, getting her head into being Christine during the interlude. "Father once spoke of an angel. I used to dream he'd appear. Now as I sing, I can sense him. And I know he's here..." The updated music's beat quickened. "Here, in this room, he calls me softly!" Lara sang more excitedly. "Somewhere inside, hiding. Somehow I know he's always with me. He, the unseen genius!"

The music slowed back down, and her friend gave her a rehearsed strange look.

"Christine, you must have been dreaming. Stories like this can't come true," Lexi sang. "Christine, you're talking in riddles. And it's not like you!"

The director yelled "Cut!" before Lara could sing another note. Lara and Lexi closed their eyes, waiting for a reprimand.

"Great work, girls! That's the end of this rehearsal, the next rehearsal is tomorrow, same time! Goodnight, everybody!"

Surprised, Lara and Lexi walked back to their dressing room that they shared.

They were already changing back into their normal clothes when the mirror strangely swung open to reveal a swirling, eerie light where it had just been.

Lexi quit taking pins out of her hair. "La-Lara?" she asked shakily, turning to face the antique mirror and the strange sight.

Her friend was already reaching out, and put her hand inside it. Lara quickly jerked it back out. "It " The star of the play stood in thought. "I want to see what's on the other side."

"Lara, no, you don't know what could happen!" Lexi said.

Lexi knew, though, that Lara's curiousity would not let her stay here and do nothing. She could see the thought flashing and processing behind those rare blue-violet eyes.

"At least let me come with you," Lexi pleaded. "And you go and get Frank."

Frank Hopkins, as it were, was starring as Raoul in this production. Coincidently, he and Lara were dating.

Lara sighed, nodding. She walked out and down the hall to his dressing room. Lara knocked on the door. "Frank, it's Lara! If you're out of your costume, I need you to come here!"

Frank answered mere seconds later. He was wearing his usual pair of jeans and western long-sleeve shirt. "What is this? Miss Daae, at my door, for a little late night visit?" he asked in his charming Raoul accent.

Lara rolled her eyes, lightly punching his shoulder. "C'mon, Frank. It's important. Follow me." Her tone was urgent and serious.

"What's going on?" Frank asked as they walked back down the hall, concerned.

"I'll explain once we're inside."

Trusting her judgment, he waited for Lara to unlock the door.

Frank's eyes widened when he saw the misty, swirling light where the old mirror had been. "What is that?"

After Lara had closed the door, she explained to him everything that had happened.

"Lara," he said when she finished, "shouldn't we call the police, or something?"

"You can stay here if you want, Frank," Lara replied. "Call them if you like. But I'm going to see what's on the other side of that light now."

Frank sighed. "I'm not letting you go anywhere without me, Miss Daae. Or should I sing that little line from the song again for you?"

Lara rolled her eyes, taking his hand. "Are you coming, Lexi?" she asked of her friend, offering her her free hand.

Lexi took it, taking a deep breath. "Let's go."

Lara went into the light first, Lexi and Frank following her one at a time.

The cold sensation took over the three actors' bodies, and minutes seemed to pass, until...

"Meg Giry!" Are you a dancer or are you not?"

A woman who looked strangely similar to the actress that played Madame Giry was looking, no, glaring in Lexi's direction.

Thinking somehow that they were in another rehearsal, Lexi responded so as not to draw a sharp scolding from the director. "I'm a dancer, Mama!"

"Good." The woman turned away to watch the other girls in the ballet chorus.

"Lara, what's going on? We're in our costumes again!" Lexi hurriedly asked.

"Where's Frank?" was all that Lara could manage.

"Somehow, I don't think we're in 2004 anymore..."

Lara's mind went through possible scenarios, until--

"Miss Parker!" the woman called out.

If they weren't in 2004, then how did this woman know her name?

Lara started running on instinct. "Yes, Madame?"

"Get your head out of the clouds! Do your stretches!'

Realization flooded over her. They were in the past. They were here, in the Paris Opera House!

"Yes, Madame Giry!" she responded, doing her stretches as she'd been told.

After the practice was over, Lara found her way to the roof of the Paris Opera House. Leaning against the delicately crafted edge, she tried to get a grasp on what was going on...

But then she heard the violin music that had been playing when she first came up here stop.

What if it was him? The real Phantom of the Opera?

Yet again going on instinct, she gave it a shot. "Please don't stop. I was enjoying the music very much. It was beautiful..."