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'It's been two years since I left the spirit world.. I miss them all, I miss Haku the most. Why hasn't he came. Or sent me a sign?? Something, anything would do!' Chihiro, now 12, thinks from a ledge on her window.

Every day at sunset she would sit at her window, and stare in the direction of the tunnel to the spirit world, debating going back. School would be out of school soon for summer break, that's the ideal time to go.

Chihiro had matured over the past 2 years, both physically, and a bit mentally. She had gotten taller, her hair was longer, and... Well… the normal things that happened to developing girls.. she still put her hair up every day in the same hair tie her friends made for her while she was in the spirit "this is all I have left of the spirit world..and my memories" Chihiro tells herself

"Chihiro! Time for dinner" Her mothers calls. Chihiro returns with an "okay!" before watching the sunset..and going downstairs to eat

The Next Day

'this is killing me…when will the teacher let us go?' Chihiro thinks, mentally pacing, staring at the clock.

Since it was the last day before school was out for summer, they got out earlier than usual. Kids all over her classroom were itching to go home, to swim, hike, sleep in, and stay up late. But, not Chihiro, she just wanted to see if it still worked, if she could still go to the bathhouse in the spirit world. 'three, two, one, yes!!' The bell rang and everyone ran out the door to go home and go wild with their friends.

Chihiro took a mad dash for home, although her legs were still thin and she still looked scrawny, she was pretty fast. "So the track team did pay off" Chihiro tells herself while running home.

When she approaches the blue house, she doesn't stop, Chihiro just runs in, only to be stopped by her father, "Where's the fire?" he asks, smirking slightly

"well,uhh," Chihiro's Mind raced for an excuse "later today… around 7 I'm going with my friend to her house in the mountains for the summer, and im really excited.. so, I'm going to go pack. Bye!" She yells before racing up the stairs and into the room

While packing, Chihiro was thinking things over, talking to herself, "okay, so.. the sun will go down around 7, so I should leave around 6:30 if I want to make it in time before the lake fills. From then I can find Kamajii and Rin, but then Ill have to visit Yubaaba." She tells herself…surprising herself quite a bit that the first thing to do wasn't to find Haku.

'oh well… time to go' Chihiro thinks, flinging her small bag over her shoulder and running outside and down the stairs, "I'm going early see you later bye!" she yells in one breath, fast too. Then she was gone, running down the path and going towards the forest, before falling down in "waaAAaaAAaaAAhh!!" she yells, before stopping and standing up, brushing off her jean shorts and her large red shirt. "Okay Chihiro…calm down, and pay attention" she tells herself, before starting to run again, nearing the tunnel that will take her to the spirit world..

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