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Chapter 11

Running her hand over the wine red crushed velvet comforter, Chihiro sighed. Too many thoughts were running through her mind at this point. Sacrifice? Sacrifice for what? And why do we have such nice rooms? Why doesn't anyone else seem to be upset about this? Is there a way out of this room? Will I ever be found?

I'm Scared…

She sat on the large, queen size bed, taking in her surroundings. The room had a theme that reminded her of the outside somehow. There was wood and deep red, golden accents here and there. Her pillows, blanket, and sheets were all deep red, including the fabric on the chairs and tablecloths. Studying her bed frame, Chihiro looked in awe. Hand carved dragons wound up the wooden bed frame, rubies embedded in their eyes. "Wow…"

On the small wooden table in the center of the room, on top of the deep red table cloth, sat a brown vase filled with yellow hibiscus, red in the center. The corner opposite of the bed had a wooden desk, paper and ink on top. Why would they give us that? She thought, but the though returned that they wouldn't give them of this without a reason.

"Dinner time!" Akina stepped in the door, closing and locking the golden doorknob. "I hope you're hungry, it's good today." She smiled, walking over with a golden tray in her hands. She set it down on the table, revealing small strips of meat with cooked onions and peppers on top of rice, the gravy making it no longer white rice. Along with it came green tea and watermelon cubes.

"Not really." Chihiro said stubbornly, looking at the young woman who was wearing a blue and gold Chinese dress today, long black hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Pouting, Akina sat on Chihiro' s bed, crossing her long legs. "Come now. You're no fun anymore. What happened to make you so mean?"

"I'm not mean. You just kidnapped me a day ago!" Chihiro glanced back at her, sadness and anger in her eyes, though she didn't show it.

Standing, Akina decided her visit was long enough. "Oh, the word 'kidnap' sounds so bad, think of it as a vacation!" she smiled and laughed, walking out and locking the door from the outside now.

Chihiro grumbled slightly, not touching her food "Whatever." She crossed her arms


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