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Chibodee Crockett walked into the hangar of Domon's Gundam. There, as he had expected, was Rain. "Still working, eh? Don't you think it's time for a break? Even just a five-minute one?" he asked, walking up behind her.

"What?! Chibodee!" she yelped, looking behind her, "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Sorry," he apologized, grinning sheepishly.

"Oh well, that's ok." She smiled, "Yes, I'm still working, no, it's not time for a break, and no, I don't have time for even a five-minute one." She looked exhausted, her cerulean blue eyes had dark circles under them from lack of sleep, and she looked underfed from lack of food.

"You haven't been sleeping or eating for the past week, you've got to take a break." He replied firmly.

She looked at him in disgust, "Since when do you care about me? For your information, I'm not hungry, and I'm not tired," but, her loud yawn betrayed her.

Chibodee frowned, then grinned. "That's what you say," and picked her up, holding her over his shoulder with ease. Her light weight bothered him. Nope, she hadn't been eating. He was surprised at how she managed to survive. Oh well, that's Rain for you, he thought to himself. Taking no notice of Rain's futile attempts of escape and her fists hitting his back, Chibodee walked up to Rain's room, and placed her down on her bed. "You are not moving from there. You are going to get a good night's sleep, and if I have to stand watch here the entire time, I will." He grinned at her scowl. He was growing fond of Rain, in a fraternal way.

Chibodee placed his large, muscular hand over Rain's mouth to muffle her protests, tucked her in, and stood guard, making sure that she fell asleep. In a matter of seconds, she was soundly sleeping, much to Chibodee's relief. She was working herself too hard, and her frail form and the dark circles under her eyes worried him greatly. The least Domon could do for her is tell her to stop, but no! He practically encourages her to work nonstop. He says he needs her to work on the Gundam. What a load o' crap! He takes her for granted. These thoughts running through his head, Chibodee walked out of the room, trusting Rain to remain asleep.

Domon arrived back at the hangar. "Alright, that's enough training for today, I hope Rain's finished with the Gundam." Domon walked into the cockpit of Shining Gundam, talking to himself, only to find Rain wasn't there, but that she had left all her tools out. The Gundam's repair obviously was not done. Where did she go? She should finish one job before starting another. The young man scowled as he walked to her room, hoping he'd find her there. But he stopped; there was Rain, in her bed, fast asleep. She was sleeping so peacefully, but the Gundam had to be repaired. After it was repaired, she could sleep.

Domon prepared to wake her when a big man with blue and pink hair blocked the doorway to Rain's bedroom. "What are you doing?" Domon hissed.

"I won't let you wake her." Chibodee answered.

"I've got to. She needs to finish Shining Gundam's repairs." He replied coldly.

Chibodee scowled, "She's been working on that blasted Gundam for the past week. I'm amazed she's still alive. She hasn't eaten or slept for an entire week. She's overworking herself for you. At least let her sleep for a little while."

Domon's scowl matched Chibodee's, "Get out of the way. If Rain doesn't take proper care of herself and overworks herself, it isn't my fault. It's hers. She's the only one to blame. Now, she's got to finish the repairs, so out of the way." He attempted to push past Chibodee, but his large body was completely blocking the doorway. "Move if you don't want to get hurt."

But Chibodee didn't move. "Alright, I'll fight you. But you aren't waking up the lady without getting past me."

The two of them fell into a series of punches. Each blocked the other's attacks. The fight seemed neutral until Domon dodged one of Chibodee's punches and low-kicked him right in the knee. The boxer fell with a groan, but picked himself up right away and once again blocked the doorway. Domon snarled and prepared to push through to Rain by force when Argo came up behind him and picked him up by the collar on his cape. "What is the problem?" Argo asked gruffly. Chibodee pointed to Rain's sleeping form and Argo understood. "Let her sleep, Domon." He commanded firmly.

He glared at Argo. "You too? Rain has work to do. Don't you get it?" he yelled.

Argo put him down and without a word, stepped ahead of him and blocked the doorway with Chibodee. Domon looked quizzically at them and asked, trying, but not succeeding, to remain calm, "Why are you doing this?"

Chibodee opened his mouth to answer, but Argo beat him to it. "Even I have noticed how Rain has been working. Her body cannot take the stress. She must have some rest, even if she works like a maniac when she wakes. Let her have some peace." Domon looked questioningly at him, Argo usually never involved himself in such things as this. It just didn't fit with his personality.

"Look neo-Japan, you seem to be the only one who hasn't noticed the way she's working. She's a doctor! She should know how to take care of herself, but she seems to have lost all memory of how to take breaks. All she does is work, work, work. She refuses to eat, and I haven't seen her sleep in ages. And she says it's for you. At least give her some consideration." Neither man budged from the doorway as they spoke, and Domon wisely left the scene.

Argo left, seeing no more need to stand in the hallway any longer. Chibodee stood guard over Rain. No sooner had Argo left, Rain began to wake. She stirred, stretched. "yawn What time is it?" she wondered, looking at her watch. Then, she yelped, "3:00! What the…? I've got to go finish repairing the Gundam! Domon wants it fixed quickly!" She looked up to see Chibodee standing in the doorway, lounging against the doorframe. "Chibodee? What are you doing here? Is there something you need?" she looked quizzically up at him.

Chibodee grinned, "Nope, just watching over you."

She frowned, clearly not understanding, but did not ask, "What was all that shouting about? I think that was what woke me up."

It was Chibodee's turn to frown. "You've been over-working yourself, Rain. I finally got you to get to sleep last night, despite your protests, and Domon came in just now, trying to wake you. He says your working on the Gundam is more important than your rest. We, uh, kinda, how should I put it?"

"Fought? I can tell from your bruises. Here, let me see them." She reached out and examined his arms, as they were injured the most. "Hmm, they don't look too bad." She put a cream on them and bandaged them so the cream would not rub off onto anything. "There, that should do it." She smiled in satisfaction. "Now time to go work on Shining Gundam," she said, getting up.

"Rain, wait." Chibodee said, as Rain turned around in surprise. "Uh…let me go with you." She looked strangely at him. "I'll explain when we get to the hangar." She frowned, confused, but nodded in consent. Chibodee followed her out the door.

When they got to the hangar, Rain turned around. "Alright, what is it you want to tell me?" she asked.

"Domon's pretty annoyed right now. At me. I just wanna stand here, is that ok with you? Will I be disturbing you?" he asked, his brow furrowing in worry at his last sentence.

Rain stared at him, "Uh, um, sure. It won't bother me. It's just that you don't act like this usually. That's all."

Chibodee smiled to himself. Rain was always worrying, that was one of the things that made her Rain. His real intention was that if she happened to collapse, which he suspected she most likely would, some time or another, he'd be there to help her.

Rain shrugged, and began to work. She worked and worked, always aware of, and strangely grateful for, Chibodee's presence. Finally, she was done. She stood up, satisfied with her work. She could take a rest now. She felt strangely tired, and empty. Turning around, she started towards Chibodee when she fell, half-fainting. Everything looked strangely blurry. Hmmm, maybe I'm getting ill. Oh dear, ill doctors aren't good things. The objects around her took on a grayish hue, as if suddenly bathed in a soft shadow. Her brain began to spin. She felt sick, as if she hadn't eaten in days. Right before she hit the floor, she felt herself caught by a pair of strong hands. Rain looked up into the concerned eyes of Chibodee. "Ch-Chibodee? What happened? I feel-I feel so…so empty." He looked unhappily down at her.

"Answer me truthfully, Rain. When was the last time you ate?" he frowned, knowing the answer, but wondering if she knew herself.

Rain stared at him, trying to remember the last time she had eaten. The realization hit her like a rock. Her head began to throb and her hands began to shake slightly. "I-I think about three days ago. But that can't be right, I must have eaten after that." She shook her head, and instantly regretted it. Her head began to throb. The last thing she saw was Chibodee's face, worried for her. She smiled, "I'll be alright. Really. Chibodee…" Then she fainted.

Chibodee's concerned eyes watched as she fell back into his arms, unmoving. He smiled slightly at her determination and picked her up, bridal style. Making sure no one saw them, especially Domon, he carried her up to her bedroom again, and once more resumed his position as guard.

Domon stepped into the cockpit, readying himself for a Gundam fight, not realizing that Rain had finished the repairs, not that he would have thanked her if he did. It just wasn't a thing that Domon Kasshu did.

Domon arrived back later that evening, his Gundam in fairly good condition considering it had just been in a fight, but it still needed repairs. He jumped out of the cockpit, landing on his feet like a cat, and started searching for Rain. She was nowhere to be found. Where is she? Where could she have gone? He went into their hotel room, hoping to find her there, and found Chibodee leaning over her as she lay in her bed, only just beginning to stir.

Rain opened her eyes, blinking in the light, and saw Chibodee's emerald eyes hovering above her. "Chibodee? Did I faint again? Oh no, I've got to finish the Gundam's repairs." She struggled to get out of bed, but when she finally stood up, Chibodee grabbed hold of her shoulders, and bent down to eye level, looking at her gravely.

"Rain, look at me, you're getting ill. You're gonna hafta stay in bed for a while. No more working on the Gundam for at least a week." Domon, at hearing this, stopped. Stop working on the Gundam? For a week? Rain sick? Things are becoming very strange.

"D-Domon, I'm sorry." She whispered as she spotted him. Domon looked up at her.

"Sorry? For what?" he looked confused.

Rain smiled sadly, "Who'd have thought? Me, a doctor, getting sick? Oh, well. Let's just hope I recover quickly so that I can finish the Gundam's repairs." Chibodee groaned, "Don't you start that again. If Domon needs the Gundam
fixed, he can wait. You are going to have a day off if it means I've got
to kill somebody, got it?"

Rain, slightly surprised at his determination
to give her some peace, nodded meekly, "Sure, I'd like that." She sighed, "A day off would do me good. You're right." Chibodee smiled in victory,
and led her off to the kitchen for a late lunch.

Domon, however, headed toward the Gundam. He stood, leaning against it,
looking up at it in pride. The warm sun drew him outside, and he let the
peace of mind Schwartz had taught him take over. He lapsed into
thoughtful silence, his cares dissolving away. Only one thought remained,
though he knew not why it was that particular one. It was an image, a
memory, of a special young girl he had a deep caring for. A caring so
deep, even he did not realize it. "Rain." he whispered. He loved the
sound of her name. The way it just rolled off his tongue so easily. But
why her? He had never had feelings for her, not this kind anyway, so why
now? Suddenly, Domon's thoughts were shattered as a girl jumped up behind
him, surprising him completely. His eyes opened in surprise and they
turned to the girl that had disturbed him. "Allenby?" he asked, "What are
you doing here?"

She grinned, "I was bored so I came to find you. Or are you busy?" She wrinkled her nose and Domon immediately knew what she was thinking about. Allenby and Rain were not the greatest of friends. Allenby disliked Rain because she thought she was stealing Domon from her. Rain didn't like Allenby because she thought she was stealing Domon from her. Domon sighed; girls were so complicated. This brought his thoughts back to Rain. "Sorry, Allenby. I'm busy." He ignored the hurt look on her face and set off back to the Gundam.

"Fine then. Domon Kasshu, I challenge you to a Gundam fight." This caught Domon's attention.

"Fine, I accept your challenge. Where do you want to go?"

"There's a deserted plain out where I was just training. How about there?"

Domon grinned, "Sure." He turned around, hopped into his Gundam and the two set off to a deserted plain to begin their match.

Rain sat down at the table and sighed at the sight of the food Shirley, Bunny, Cath, and Janet were eating. It looked so good. Have I really not eaten in a week? She shook her head despite the slight pain it caused her. She counted quickly in her head. "No, Chibodee, it's been two days."

The four girls looked up in surprise. "Two days?" Cath exclaimed.

Rain nodded slightly. "I guess I was too caught up in Shining Gundam's repairs," she admitted sheepishly.

Shirley frowned, "Rain, you really need to take a break. You're overworking yourself way too much."

Rain smiled, "Don't worry, Chibodee's already done that. He says if I don't take a day off, he'll kill someone."

Chibodee laughed and rubbed the back of his head, "I won't really kill anyone, don't worry," he assured them at the look Shirley gave him, "But it got you to take a break, right?"

Rain laughed, "It did."

Shirley grinned, "I knew you wouldn't actually kill someone. But what will Domon say if he hears you're willing to murder for the sake of his Rain?"

Rain blushed. "I'm not his Rain," she protested.

Chibodee and the four girls exchanged glances and smiled, "Suuuure."

Domon stepped out of his Gundam and mopped his brow. "Good thing this wasn't a real Gundam fight, or you would've been out of the whole thing! I kicked your ass!"

Allenby flushed and grumbled, "I was going easy on you."

Domon smirked, "Whatever you say."

Allenby gave a deep breath and sat down. "Let's get something to eat. I'm starving."

Domon grinned, "Yea, I guess losing makes you hungry, then again I wouldn't know." Allenby scowled as she found there was nothing near her to throw at him.

"Shut up."

Domon grinned some more. "Come on. I'm not gonna sit around all day."

Allenby grinned in response and they set off for a nearby food stall in the marketplace.

Rain sat down and sighed. Where is Domon? "I guess I shouldn't worry. He'll come back when he feels like it and expect me to immediately start repairs. I should be glad he isn't back yet," she murmured to herself aloud.

Chibodee came up behind her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Rain, he'll come back soon. You should rest."

Rain stifled a yawn, "I'm not tired."

Chibodee grinned, "Right, and I'm the emperor of Japan. Come on." He helped her up and led her back to her room.

Rain walked in and flopped down on her bed. She murmured into her pillow, "I'd forgotten how wonderful my bed felt." Chibodee laughed and turned to leave, shutting the door behind him.

Rain awoke and stretched, feeling refreshed and much better. She sat up in a good mood. Domon promised to take me out to town today! She was excited; Domon rarely did anything with her outside of the Gundam. She walked over to the door and opened it to find Chibodee snoozing lightly outside. He jerked awake at the sound of the door opening.

"Oh Rain! You're awake! Did you sleep well?"

Rain smiled, "Yes, thank you. I slept very well. I'm a little hungry though." She blushed as her stomach grumbled to emphasize her point.

Chibodee blinked and grinned, walking with her to the kitchen. She made herself a little food and ate it quietly, a smile playing across her face. "What's got you in such a good mood?"

Rain smiled some more. "Domon promised to take me out to town today."

Chibodee frowned, "That's a first…"

Rain's smile faded slightly. "What's the matter? Chibodee?"

"Domon left earlier this morning with Allenby… He was taking her out to town."

Rain's face fell immediately. "Oh."

Chibodee scowled, "The idiot must've forgotten about your arrangement."

Rain sighed sadly, "It's ok. He's had a lot on his mind lately."

Chibodee shook his head disbelievingly, "How can you tolerate him? You're an angel, I swear, Rain, and he doesn't even realize it."

Rain blushed, "Thanks Chibodee."

Chibodee suddenly brightened. "I'll take you out today. Domon may have forgotten, but then it's his loss."

Rain looked up in surprise. "But Chibodee, I'm sure you have other things to do…"

He waved away her concerns. "Don't worry about it. I didn't have anything else to do anyway. We'll have fun. Come on!"

Rain nodded gratefully, "Thank you Chibodee, that's very sweet of you!" She smiled and he grinned in return.

---Two Hours Later---

Rain and Chibodee sat laughing and talking happily at a pizza place, finishing off a wonderful day of walking around, looking at stores in the area. Domon and Allenby walked out of the arcade across the street. Domon looked across to see two familiar figures at the pizza place. That kind of looks like… As they ventured closer, he made out the laughing forms of Rain and Chibodee. She looked so happy with him, as if she had no cares in the world. …Rain and Chibodee. Chibodee slapped some money down on the table and stood up, taking Rain's hand delicately and helping her up. She giggled and blushed as she took his hand. Domon's blood boiled. How dare he steal my Rain? Mentally, he stopped and backtracked. What am I saying? She was never mine, so he's not stealing her, and she's not MY Rain. He shook his head and continued onward, hand in hand with Allenby, who was glancing curiously at him. He ignored her strange looks, focusing instead on calming his temper. He took a deep breath and was in control once more.

Allenby cocked her head sideways. "What's on your mind, Domon?"

He shrugged, "Nothing. Just thinking."

"About what?"

"How badly I beat your ass in that last video game." He snickered at her indignant face.

"It was really close! You beat me by like a point!"


---The Café---

Chibodee led Rain over to a small jewelry shop. He opened the door and stepped inside, Rain following right behind. It was a quaint little place with simple, inexpensive jewelry, but something about it made it feel like so much more. They glanced around, admiring the beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Suddenly, something caught Rain's eye. It was a simple gold necklace. It comprised of a thin, delicate gold chain with a small heart-shaped pendant hanging in the middle. What caught her eye was the gorgeous raindrop-shaped pearl placed in the center of the heart. Chibodee followed her eyes to the necklace and smiled, an idea forming in her head. "That's a pretty necklace."

The storekeeper stepped forward from his little workshop behind the counters and spotted the necklace they were admiring. "Ah, this is one of my favorites. Would the young lady wish to try it on?" His speech was impeccably polite and he sounded as if he were a butler from a mansion. His accent hinted that of an Englishman's, washed away by years of speaking Japanese.

Rain smiled, "Yes, please." She stepped up, bent over slightly, and craned her neck forward so that he could place the necklace on her.

"Could you lift your hair for me, miss?" She obeyed and held her short cinnamon locks up against the back of her head with one hand and balanced her body against the glass counter with the other. After the clasps were secure, she let her hair fall and stood up to face Chibodee. He grinned at her.

"It looks beautiful on you, Rain."

Rain smiled gratefully at the compliment and turned around to look at her reflection in the mirror the storekeeper was holding. She gasped. The necklace hung delicately down, as if holding its thin golden arms around her neck in an embrace. The heart-shaped pendant sat quietly below her collarbone like a jewel embedded in her skin. Slowly, unconsciously, her land lifted to finger it lightly. Before she had realized what she was doing, the light gleamed off its smooth surface and danced before her eyes. Her eyes widened. It was like she was holding a tiny fairy within her hand, its glow softly shining out like the words of a gentle lullaby. She closed her hand around it and held it wordlessly for a moment; shutting off its radiance and bringing her fingers back to darkness. Finally, her face broke into a grin. "It's beautiful, Chibodee. I love it."

Chibodee smiled at her, "Do you want it?"

Rain blinked, taking a moment to understand what he meant, and immediately, frantically, shook her head, "No, no! I couldn't accept something like this from you! It would be too much! I'm sure this necklace must cost a fortune!"

The storekeeper smiled lightly at her words. He leaned over to the Gundam fighter and whispered something in his ear. Chibodee's eyes widened and he grinned boyishly. He turned casually to Rain and gently took her hand. He spoke smoothly, a hint of humor in his tone, "Would my lady accept this necklace as a token gift of our friendship?"

Rain giggled and blushed under his intent, yet humorous gaze, "If it pleases my lord." She curtsied gracefully and turned around so the back of her neck faced him. She lifted her cinnamon locks to her head once more and he placed the necklace around her head and clasped it again. Once again, Rain was stunned by the simple beauty of the piece of jewelry.

Chibodee stuffed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, flipping through them quickly, and handing almost half of them to the cashier. Rain almost choked, "Y-You don't need to…"

Chibodee looked hurt, "So I'm not allowed to buy my friend nice gifts?"

Rain shook her head, "No! I didn't say that! It's just that…it's expensive…"

"I know. I want to buy it for you. If it makes you feel better, I won't get you a birthday present this year."

Rain smiled and punched his arm lightly, "You know you'll get me one anyway."

He winked playfully, "So why are you complaining?"

Rain giggled, "I guess I can't stop you."

"Nope. No one can stop the great Chibodee Crockett!"

Rain laughed behind her hand. The cashier rung up the price and gave a few bills back to Chibodee. "Thanks, buddy." He led Rain out of the store and they walked side-by-side back to the hangar. Inside, they slowly made their way up the stairs and opened the door that led them inside. Chibodee sat down on the couch and grinned at Rain.

"Chibodee," Rain began, "Thank you so much." She fingered the necklace fondly. Domon burst through the door and stormed down the hall. Rain took no notice and continued. Her words stopped Domon. "I had a lot of fun. I hope we can do it again sometime!" She smiled brightly and turned around to walk into the kitchen but met Domon's furious glare. Chibodee quickly excused himself and was out of the room in a flash. "Domon," Rain exclaimed in surprise. "What's the matter?"

Domon fought to keep his temper under control. "What's that?" he pointed to Rain's necklace.

"Chibodee gave it to me. Why?"

Domon growled, "Never mind. Why were you out with him?"

At this, Rain grew angry. "Why does it matter to you? I can go out with whomever I want. You definitely do. For your information, he took me out to lunch and then we stopped in a jewelry store and he bought me this. I don't see why you're so bothered, Domon. You were out with Allenby all day. You promised that you would take me out today! You promised, Domon!" Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes and she furiously blinked them back.

Domon froze at the sight of them. Oh, Rain. I'm sorry. I didn't think you would care. But the words resounding in his head never made it to his mouth and as he opened his mouth to foolishly retort, Rain's next words made him stuff his foot deep into his mouth.

"I can't believe you forgot, Domon! I was looking forward to spending the day with you!"

"I didn't forget. I'd rather spend the day at the arcade with Allenby than walking around town looking at dump shops with you! Allenby's not a girly girl like you!"

He immediately regretted his words, but it was too late. The tears rained forth from Rain's sapphire eyes and she turned around, her short cinnamon locks whipping about her. "If that's what you think of me, then fine. I resign from my position as your partner and mechanic, Domon Kashuu. The government will provide you with another partner." She walked off without looking back once. As soon as she was out of Domon's sight, she began to run. Her footsteps reached Chibodee's ears and the American stepped in front of Rain. Rain, who wasn't looking bumped straight into Chibodee's muscular chest and brought her dazed and tear-filled eyes up to meet Chibodee's concerned ones. "Sorry, Chibodee," she mumbled.

"What the…?" Chibodee murmured to himself. He brought himself back to reality as Rain attempted to push past him. "Oh, no, you don't. Rain, look at me."

Rain her head, her eyes firmly trained on the ground. "Rain," he demanded. Finally, with a sigh, she brought her head up. "Rain, what happened?"

"Nothing," she muttered.

"Rain. What happened?"


"Then, why are you crying? It was Domon, wasn't it?"

At the sound of her ex-partner, Rain collapsed into sobs. Chibodee gently led her outside through the hangar and out into the bright, cheerful sunshine. He steered her down to a small ice cream shoppe. After they had sat down at a small glass table with olive green chairs and pine cushions, he put his elbows on the table. "Ok, now tell me what happened."

Rain, staring at her hands folded in her lap, took a deep breath and through hiccups and sobs, spilled.

When she finished, Chibodee looked furious. "How dare he? He never thinks before he speaks!"

"What?" Rain looked confused.

"I bet he forgot about your date and didn't want to admit it and then didn't think so he lied and said he'd rather be with Allenby. Bet he feels really bad right now. You know better than anyone that when he's mad he doesn't think and gets himself in really deep situations. He was jealous that I bought you a necklace," Chibodee stated matter-of-factly.

"Jealous?" Rain repeated incredulously. "Why would he be jealous?"

"Because he loves you and I'm the one who bought you the necklace."

"He what?!" Rain nearly screamed. "He doesn't love me!"
"Yeah, he does. It's pretty obvious. He just doesn't want to show it."

"Domon doesn't love me," Rain said firmly.

"Yeah, he does. Ok, fine. Let's just say you were going out with some other guy and Domon got obviously jealous, would you believe that he loved you?"

"Yeah, but one," she held a finger, "he wouldn't get jealous; and two," she held up a second finger, "why would I go out with someone else?"

Chibodee smirked, "I don't know why. You love Domon, so you would never go out with someone else, right?"

"Yes. Wait, no!" Rain cried, flustered.

"Say what you will, I know the truth, Miss Rain. Now, back to what I was saying before. You would believe me then, right?"

Rain nodded, "Sure."

"Great! How about this: you and I go out and I'll prove to you that Domon will get very very jealous." He grinned.

"What?" Rain exclaimed.

"Am I that repulsive?" Chibodee teased.

"No! It's just that…"

"It wouldn't be serious. I just want to prove to you that Domon would get jealous. Whatddya say?"

"Um…I guess…"

"Great! If you win, I'll buy you anything you want. Not that it matters, because I'll win. And if I win…Hmmm…You have to kiss Domon!"

"What?" Rain screeched. She seemed to be saying that a lot lately.

"If he gets jealous that means he loves you and you love him, so just kiss him and everyone's happy."

"I don't –"

"Yes, you do. Now is it a deal or not?"

Rain sighed. What hurt can it do? "Sure." They shook hands over the table and Chibodee winked at her as they stood up. Now, let's discuss our plan of attack."

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