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Rain put the phone down into its cradle. "We're leaving in half an hour!" she called into the house.

"Alright!" a man's voice responded.

Rain shook her head with a smile. It would be time to leave and he wouldn't be ready. She was ready to bet on it. The thought of a bet brought a wider smile to her face as she remembered one bet that changed her whole life. In a very good way. But now was not the time to think of that. She had to get ready! Rain ascended the short flight of stairs to the top floor of their condo-apartment and turned into her room. All her clothes were laid out and ready to go. Rain closed the door and slipped off her shirt. She put on her new top. It was black satin and hugged her body tightly. A two-inch-wide strip of fabric arched over her shoulder, but the other was bare. The front went diagonally across her chest under her opposite armpit from the shoulder with the strap. The hem was also cut at an angle, so that the longer corner was opposite to the shoulder with the strap, giving the impression that the fabric was a parallelogram originally. She then pulled off her shorts and put on her skirt. It was a short denim mini-skirt that fell only to mid-thigh. It hugged her hips and legs tightly, advertising the slim legs that stretched out from under it. She placed her feet into her brand new shoes. They were black stiletto heels. A very thin strap was over her toes and a similar one around her heel. Two of the same black strands were attached to the strap around the heel and Rain laced them up her calf almost to her knee. She was almost ready. Some light makeup and eyeliner to accent her eyes finished the job. Rain brushed out her hair until it gleamed and fastened a pair of dangly silver earrings in her earlobes. Perfect. She smirked confidently into the mirror and opened the door to find Domon all ready. "Domon?"

"You thought I'd forget to change."

Rain blushed and nodded.

Domon raised an eyebrow. "Gotcha, didn't I?" He bent down and captured her lips in a bruising kiss. They pulled apart and he licked his lips. "Mm, I'm glad you don't wear lip gloss anymore."

Rain laughed. "I gave up on it. Everytime I put it on, you wiped it right back off with your kisses."

Domon put on a look of mock hurt. "Then I won't kiss you anymore."

Rain giggled, "Like I'd ever let you do that." She brushed a quick kiss across his lips and stepped back. "Now, let's take a look at you."

Domon was wearing an olive green shirt that had the kanji for 'rain' on it. "Like it?" he bragged. "I found it all by myself."

Rain smiled and kissed his cheek, "I love it."

Domon was also wearing baggy brown cargo pants and the same pair of black sneakers he always wore. He had attempted to comb his hair and taken his trademark red ribbon out. It hung down, raggedly obscuring his eyes, giving him an overall bad boy look.

"You look good," Rain marveled. "I didn't know you could dress yourself in anything that what you normally wear." She winked at him and took his hand to lead him down the stairs.

"That wasn't very nice."

Rain flashed him a grin. "Maybe not."

They donned their light jackets and walked out the front door, locking it behind them. Rain sat in the front seat of their car and Domon in the passenger seat. She turned on the ignition and they drove away toward the city.

Chibodee sighed and knocked on the door one last time. "Come on! We're gonna be late!"

"I'm almost done!" Shirley called for the third time. This time, though, she did actually open the door. "Toldja I was almost done."

Chibodee snorted, "You said that last time and the time before that." He stopped talking though, to see what she was wearing. He whistled appreciatively. "I dunno where you find this stuff."

Shirley was wearing a baby blue fitted cotton tube top. It fell to the top of her low-rise black polyester skirt. The skirt fell to the tops of her knees, and a long triangular slit on her left leg ran all the way up to her hip. She modeled it all off and Chibodee looked down to see her baby blue sandal heels. Her hair was up in a ponytail, accenting her lightly made up face. "Thanks. And what did you find?" She checked him out and smiled with a nod. "Good job. You look really good!"

Chibodee was wearing a red T-shirt with big white lettering that read 'DENIM' and jeans that were faded at the knees. His favorite pair of white sneakers peaked out from the hems of his pants. He, like Domon, had combed his hair, so it stuck up much more tidily. He shrugged at her. "It never goes flat. I tried."

"Doesn't matter," she assured him, "You look better with it up." And she stood on her toes to plant a kiss on his lips. She pulled back, but Chibodee wasn't about to let her go. He put her arms around her waist and pulled her back in again. Shirley wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward. They pulled back gasping for breath a minute later and smiled at each other. "Come on, we better get going."

Chibodee nodded. "Yeah. Or we'll be late."

They walked out of the hotel room and pocketed the key card before climbing into their white car.

Their meeting place was a large black building that read 'Otawa Hall'. Music pumped out from behind the glass door. Two bumpers stood on either side. They were large menacing men that glared at anybody who stopped to look in curiously.

Rain and Domon arrived first and parked in the adjoining parking lot. They climbed out and walked toward the front doors. "Let's wait for Chibodee and Shirley here," Rain suggested. "They'll be able to see us. We have their tickets, remember?"

"Yeah. We'll stay here."

Ten minutes later, Chibodee and Shirley pulled up into the other side of the parking lot and got out. As they reached the end of the lot, the two women spotted each other and waved. Chibodee and Shirley walked faster. "Hey!" Shirley exclaimed, hugging her friend when they reached the couple.

"How are you?" Rain asked excitedly as she hugged her friend back.

Domon and Chibodee clapped each other on the back. Rain reached into her purse and pulled out four tickets. "Ready?" she asked. They all nodded. The group walked to the glass doors and Rain displayed the tickets for the bumpers to see. They nodded curtly at her and the four walked into the club. At first, nobody could hear themselves think, the music was so loud. By the time they had found a table, though, their eardrums had gotten used to the noise. The beat drove into their ears and had even Domon tapping his foot in time.

Eight people sat around a small table not too far from the four and watched them intently. Once it seemed they were settled, all eight slowly stood up and walked around quietly. It was not difficult; the music was so loud no one would notice them unless they turned around. As they neared closer, the blonde squealed in excitement.

The redhead admonished her gently. "Shh! They'll hear us, Marie-Louise."

Marie-Louise mock pouted. "They wouldn't be able to hear me if I screamed."

Bunny laughed, "She's right, you know, George."

George sighed, "You're right."

The young boy bouncing along beside him skipped along, sipping his soda. He laughed, "They'll be so surprised!"

Cathy grinned, "I know! Hey, Sai Saichi, can I have a sip? I'm so thirsty!"

Sai Sachi handed over his soda and Cathy magically produced a second straw. She took a long sip and smacked her lips. "Mmm good stuff!"

Bunny leaned over to try it. "Yeah, it is! I haven't had one of these in years! I didn't know they had them in Japan!"

Janet shushed them. "They'll hear you! We're getting closer."

Cathy shook her head. "Nah. We're still too far away. Want a sip?"

Janet shrugged and took a long sip like Cathy had. "I'm gonna get myself one of these! It's been ages since I had one!"

Bunny grinned, "Me too! Can I have one, too?"

Cathy nodded, "I want one too!"

Janet grinned at them, "I'll just get one for everybody. But first, we need to finish this." The other two girls and Sai Saichi nodded.

Nastasha looked back with a barely-contained smile. "Will you be quiet back there? We're almost there!"

At once, everybody fell silent. Argo smirked, "Guess they're still scared of you."

Nastasha shrugged, "They should be. You should be too."

"But I'm not," he grunted.

"Shhh!" George hissed.

Everybody looked up and the table was right in front of them. They paused and then jumped. "SURPRISE!" they yelled.

Chibodee, Shirley, Rain, and Domon jumped and spun around on their heels before gasping in delight. "Bunny! Cathy! Janet!" Shirley cried.

"Sai Saichi! Marie-Louise! George!"

Domon raised his eyebrows. "You're in a club, Nastasha? Somehow, I don't see it mixing." He turned to Argo and clapped him on the back. "How are you, Argo?"

"Well, and yourself?"

"Good," he nodded.

Chibodee grinned at his girls. "Hey!"

"What are you guys doing here?" Rain asked.


All four blushed happily. "Wow…" Shirley breathed. "Thanks! You guys are the best!"

"Where are you sitting?" Chibodee inquired.

"Over there," George pointed.

They all nodded and trooped over. Right next to it was another empty table, so Domon and Chibodee dragged it over to the first one and put them next to each other. Now everybody could fit.

Suddenly, the song finished and Rain's favorite song came on. She jumped up. "This is my favorite song!" she exclaimed happily.

The girls all jumped up. "Then let's go dance!" Shirley suggested.

The men and Nastasha sat on the side and watched interestedly.

George smiled at his girlfriend. She looks cute. Marie-Louise was wearing a red dress to her knees that hugged her body. Sequins winked every few inches. She had matching red flats with sequins on them. Her hair was tied in the usual half-ponytail with a sequined ribbon in it.

When Chibodee had watched his wife for a minute, he glanced at his other three team members. Bunny was wearing a green tank top with spaghetti straps and a pair of frayed denim shorts. Her legs were bare save for green chunk-heels. Cathy had a blue fitted tee with the word 'Flirt' written across the front in white cursive. Her ruffled black skirt fell mid-thigh. Janet had a white tank top with inch-wide straps. Her skirt was maroon reached mid-thigh, then had a two-inch frill at the hem. He grinned. They were his family. His very hot family. Especially his wife. He laughed to himself.

The song faded away and the DJ struck up a slow song. Immediately, the girls rushed back to the tables to drag their men onto the dance floor. After a very short period of resistance, they all walked onto the dance floor.

George held Marie-Louise around the waist as they swayed to the music. "You look very pretty today," he whispered into her ear.

She beamed. "Thank you, my knight."

He kissed her forehead. "You're welcome, princess."

Cathy took Sai Saichi's hand and led him to the dance floor. Bunny and Janet whistled teasingly at her. Cathy scowled at them. "We're just friends, and you know it!"

Janet laughed, "Yep, looks just like it. Doesn't it, Bunny?"


Cathy wrinkled her nose at them. "He's got a girlfriend. You guys are so weird."

"You know we're just kidding," Bunny giggled.

Cathy turned back to Sai Saichi, "See what I have to put up with?"

Sai Saichi chuckled. "I feel bad for you. And then there's Chibodee…"

"Let's not get started on him," she laughed.

After much coaxing, the other couples and Bunny and Janet managed to get Argo and Nastasha on the dance floor. "What would the superintendent say?" Nastasha joked.

Argo smirked, "Does it matter?"

"I suppose not." She relaxed her tense posture and they swayed unsurely to the slow beat. "I haven't danced in years."

"Neither have I," Argo confessed. "We never had much time. Though, I'm sure the last I did was more recently than you have."

Nastasha nodded, "Probably. We weren't allowed such entertainment once we reached the officer level. I worked hard and enjoy every minute of my job, but I do miss the social life of being a private."

Argo nodded. "I had fun when we first began our 'crimes', as you like to call them." A gruff smile lit his face. "But later, all we were doing was running, and I hated it. But that's all in the past now."

Nastasha agreed, "We'll just think about now."


"More efficient," she nodded.

"Definitely." They blushed and didn't speak for a moment, reveling in the relaxed silence that they rarely got to experience together.

Chibodee pulled Shirley close to him. They swayed and just held each other. "It's been a great year," Shirley finally said happily.

Chibodee nodded with a smile. "Yeah. I loved every minute of it." He rubbed her nose with his.

She grinned. "I'm so glad you and Rain made that bet."

"Why? I would've found you soon enough."

"Would you?"

"Yeah. Once I could sort some stuff out, I would've seen you and not Rain."

Shirley kissed him slowly and he drew it out even longer. They pulled apart and Shirley smiled. "I love you, Chibodee."

"I love you more,' he stated proudly.

"Yeah right," she teased and kissed his nose. "I love you the most."

Chibodee shrugged, "Fine. But you know I'm right. Deep down, you know you do."

"You keep thinking that," she laughed.

Next to them, the final couple was laughing. Rain smiled up at her husband. "Sometimes I wonder why I married you."

Domon pretended to look hurt. "Why?"

"I should've liked a husband who thinks more," she teased, tapping the side of his head.

Domon grinned mischievously. "I'm sure you would've. Unfortunately, it appears that you're not into the bookworm-type after all." He kissed her. "You're obviously attracted to us dumb fighters, right?"

She laughed and tweaked his nose. "Opposites attract, Domon. You needed a smart person in your life, and I suppose I needed a dumb one."

"Hey! That wasn't very nice."

"What are you gonna do about it?"

Domon's smile widened and her tickled her sides. She started to double over and he caught her, placing his lips on hers possessively. She stood up straight again and leaned into it. "I love you," she murmured against his lips.

Domon responded by kissing her harder.

The song ended and they pulled apart, breathing slightly harder than normal. "I love you, too, Rain Mikamura."

Rain pulled him off the dance floor and sat down in the chair next to him. "A whole year," she marveled.

Shirley overheard her and nodded. "Dunno how we managed to do it with these two."

Rain rolled her eyes, "I know. We must be saints or miracle-workers or something."

The two men tried to look offended, but they all burst out laughing. "It's been ages since we've all been together like this."

Shirley smiled wistfully. "I miss those days when we all lived together."

Rain laughed, "We had fun then."

Domon frowned playfully. "I didn't. That's when you guys placed that bet on me."

Rain and Chibodee laughed. "It was fun for us!"

Shirley nodded. "It wasn't all that fun for us."

"So?" Rain teased.

"Well, that's not very fair," Domon pouted.

Chibodee smirked. "What are you talking about?"

A smile crossed Rain's face. "Yeah," she nodded, "Didn't you know? All's fair in love and war!" and winked.

Domon reached over and tickled his wife. She burst out laughing. "Chibodee! Help! Stop it, Domon! I didn't do anything to you! This isn't fair!"

Domon stopped long enough to mimic annoyingly, "Didn't you know? All's fair in love and war!" And Rain collapsed in a fit of giggles again.

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