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Missed Opportunity


Toru picked up her bag as the bell rang for end of school. Walking towards the door, she heard her name being called out. "Hey, Toru!"

Turning around, she found herself facing one of her classmates, Minoru Konno. "Uh, Toru, hi. I was, uh, wondering if you're doing anything tomorrow?"

"Hmm… It's Saturday tomorrow, right? In that case, I don't have anything planned, no."

"Well, if you want, would you like to go see a movie with me?"

Toru could see the poor guy was extremely nervous, so she smiled happily. "Of course I'll go!I'll meet you outside the cinema at 11am."

"BOOYAH!!! I mean, cool, it's a date!"

Toru laughed as Minoru ran back to his friends. "Miss Honda, what was that all about?"

Yuki and Kyo were standing behind her. "Oh, nothing much, really. Minoru Konno just asked me to go out with him tomorrow. Umm, that's if, it's alright with you two?"

Kyo's face was turning red. "Of course it's not alright! It's not fair for you to go out with one of the most popular guys in the school! Have you no consideration for anyone else's feelings? Why can't you go out with me, for once?! I -"

He stopped yelling abruptly, noticing the blush spreading across Toru's face, and the odd expression on Yuki's face. "Oh, crap. Did I just say all of that aloud?"

Yuki and Toru watched, bemused, as Kyo ran away, blushing from head to toe. "Umm… So is it alright with you, if I go?" Toru asked Yuki.

"Miss Honda, I think it'd be lovely for you to go out with someone else for once. Since when have I ever stopped you from doing what you want? Go ahead, don't mind Kyo, he's just jealous."


Walking down the path to the house, Toru suddenly realized Yuki was being strangely silent. "Yuki, is anything the matter? If you're ill, you should tell me, so I can prepare something for you," she said.

"No, Miss Honda, I'm fine. But… I was wondering, what do you think of Minoru?"

"I think he's quite handsome, and kind. He's very popular with all the girls, almost as popular as you are. Why do you ask?"

"Miss Honda, do you actually have feelings for him? As in, do you actually like him?"

Toru went into one of her embarrassed flusters, babbling incoherently. "No, of course not, I mean, he's nice and everything, so I guess I do like him, but not in that way, it'd be nice to go out with him, that's what I'm doing tomorrow, so I guess I'm going to be very happy to be with him, but oh, no, of course I don't actually like him!"

Yuki laughed. "It's alright, Miss Honda, no need to get all worked up like that. Anyway, have fun tomorrow, and don't stay out too late, or Kyo will get jealous and start jumping to all the wrong conclusions."


Later that night, Yuki lay in his bed, sleep eluding him, consumed by thoughts and regrets. Why hadn't he beaten Minoru to Toru? He had always known Minoru liked her. Anyone would like her. She was pretty, clever, kind… Everything a guy wanted in a girl. His problem was that he was too cowardly, weakened by his curse, afraid to ever get close to a girl. But Toru knew about the curse, so wouldn't it be alright to love her? But no, he was too slow, too cautious. In the game of love, there was no time to hold back. In the game of love, you needed to get what you wanted, and quickly, before anyone else got it first. Only after that, can you slow down, and relax.

Yuki made up his mind. Minoru would have to pay - for stealing his Toru. Getting out of bed, he quietly walked to Toru's room. The door was open, and he slid inside, carefully making his way to her bedside, making sure she wouldn't wake up and see him. Standing there, he gazed at her peaceful sleeping face, and his heart ached strangely. Softly, he kissed her, and ran out of the room, back to his own bed, where he could wallow in self-pity, and make plans to get her back. For himself.


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