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My Flower


"Oh, Tohru! I'm getting hungry, when will you awaken to prepare another one of your meals of heavenly love?" Shigure's yodeling voice broke through Tohru's dreams of flying over rainbows, and she fell out of bed.

"I'm sorry! I'll be right there!" she called.

Shigure opened the door. "Yuki and Kyo have already eaten, they grew tired of waiting, and they've already gone to school."

"Oh no! What's the time? Oh dear, I'm going be so late!" She panicked and ran around the room like a headless chicken, and tripped over, flying straight into Shigure's arms.

Poof! In a trice, a black dog stood where Shigure had been, and Tohru apologized to it profusely. "I'm so, so sorry, Shigure! I didn't mean to, it was an accident!"

He shook his head. "It doesn't matter, no-one saw. As long as you can prepare breakfast for me soon, I'll be fine…"

He sat and watched as Tohru dashed around her room, trying to get changed (insert screams of 'Shigure, you pervert!'). She paused, noticing him. "Um, shouldn't you sort of, stop looking at me?" she asked.

"Why? I don't see the problem of observing the beauty of nature. You should be proud, rather than ashamed, of your dazzling loveliness. However, I concede," he said, seeing the weird look he was getting from her. "I shall await my princess downstairs. Make sure you come quickly, or my heart will break from your absence."

With those last few flowery words, he walked out of the room, taking his clothes with him.

Later, they sat at the table, eating breakfast. "By the way Tohru, I think you shouldn't go to school today. It's a bit too late to turn up now, so why don't you stay at home?"

"But I have to go to school, for mum," she protested.

"I'm sure one day won't make much difference! Or is it that you don't want to be with me? Tohru, I'm deeply hurt. You've cut a great hole in my heart, which can never be fixed, unless it is healed by your love."

Tohru giggled. "You're so funny, Shigure! Ok, I'll stay, but only for today."

Shigure sighed happily. "Oh, I'm in heaven! A whole day, all alone with Tohru! I bet we could get up to all sorts of mischief… But of course, Yuki and Kyo would think I'm a dirty old man, so I suppose I should call over some company, to keep up all entertained!"

Tohru blinked as Shigure ran to the phone. "Oh, Ha'ri, I heard… Yes, yes, that's right. Could you please tell…You read my mind! Thankyou so much!"

He skipped happily back to the table. "Anyway, I have to get back to my work as a novelist. I fear my poor editor will be drowning in her tears if I don't assure her I'll complete my latest manuscript by the deadline - ah, these editors, they have no faith in the writers of today!"

He ambled off, humming a tune, and Tohru busied herself with the housework.


-Half an hour later-

"Oooh HELLOOOOO! The one and only, wonderful Ayame Sohma has arrived! Shigure, where are you?"

Tohru rushed to the door to let Ayame in. "Hello Tohru, what a pleasant surprise to see you here! Shouldn't you be in school? Oh, but of course, I should have guessed, as soon as Shigure said he would invite me over, you wanted to stay at home to meet me, am I correct? Of course I am! Does this also mean dear Yuki has decided to stay too? I doubt he would ever allow his princess to fraternize with his beloved elder brother, he would be so consumed with jealousy at the thought of leaving us alone together, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

He noticed Tohru on the ground, dazed by his constant chattering. "Tohru, my beautiful blossom, I am sooo sorry, please, accept my sincere apology! Now, if you would be ever so kind to show me where Shigure is hiding himself! Or rather, don't, I would be overcome with grief if he has found himself someone new to devote his love and attention to. Please Tohru, leave me here to die. For my funeral, I want white roses, doves, a sapphire and emerald encrusted coffin and someone to stand at the entrance and whip anyone not crying. Afterwards, you can cry for me all you want, and of course I would be honoured if you marked this day down in your calendar as 'Ayame Day', and you must have memorial services for me… And be sure to comfort my brother, and encourage him to not wear black for the rest of his life in mourning for me, and…"

He looked up as Shigure appeared in the doorway, and in an instant the two were throwing themselves upon eachother. "Shigure, my love! I have missed you so much since we were last together!"

"Ayame, my angel! It is bliss to look upon your beautiful face again! I was about to go insane, from not seeing you for so long!"

Ayame grinned and chattered as they walked to the main room. "You should have seen the expression on Hatori's face when you called! I had come to visit, and he was fascinated in the stories of glorious requests and inventive dresses for my shop, but he looked ever so happy when the phone started ringing! I swear, I have never seen him look so relieved before, and of course, he shoved me into the car almost straight away, and broke a couple of speeding records to get me here! I suppose he knew that we wouldn't last without getting together, and sharing some intimate moments…"

"Ayame, not in front of Tohru. She is still only a child, you know. Now Tohru, why don't you get our guest something to eat?"

Tohru, who had stood on the sidelines, and watched the rapid conversation, suddenly found herself at the center of attention, as both men looked at her. "Oh, yes, of course, I'll be right back!" she stammered, and rushed off.

The two friends sat down. "Now Shigure, being serious for a moment, what did you call me over for?"

Shigure smiled secretively. "Actually, I was hoping you could give me, Yuki and Kyo some advice…" he was cut off abruptly as words gushed excitedly from Ayame's mouth.

"What? Do my ears deceive me? Yuki, my brother, actually wants to ask ME for advice? Oh my gosh, this is absolutely wonderful! See, I'm finally beginning to break down the rift between us, aren't I a marvelous person?"

"Actually, Yuki and Kyo didn't ask. I'm asking for them. I've noticed what's going on around here, concerning Tohru. You see, they both like her, and I although they haven't started fighting about her yet, it's bound to happen soon. So, what do you suggest they do? And what should I do, if they start fighting over her?"

"You've come to the right person, Shigure! I happen to be an expert on this topic. Now, what the youngsters have to do, is confess their feelings. Then let Tohru decide, but get her to decide between them quickly, or else things will get very tense. And once she's chosen, the other boy should just back off and remain friends with her. If her boyfriend dumps her, the remaining boy is the backup boyfriend! Of course, there is the possibility that she won't choose either of them, and go after someone else. In that case, things will just be very tense in the household, and you'll have to kick Yuki and Kyo out. Obviously you can't get rid of Tohru, because she has nowhere else to go. Kyo can stay with Kazuma in the mountains, and Yuki can live with me! Wouldn't that be great? Then we can really get to know eachother, and live a perfectly happy life as brothers!"

Shigure stared at the ceiling, toying with thoughts and contemplating outcomes, as Ayame outlining out his life with Yuki, complete to every hour of every day. Tohru entered the room, carrying a tray of lunch, and Ayame ceased making his plans long enough to thank her.

"And then, he'll need a part-time job, to earn enough money to take girls out on dates. He'll start to work at my shop, and I'll pass on every one of my tricks and creativity to him!" he ranted, but was soon silenced by a glance from Shigure.

"My dear Tohru, this is a delicious meal, I believe I have never tasted anything as nice as this in my whole life! Pray impart with me some of your skills, so that I can be a cooking marvel, as well as a creative genius! Even better, why don't you come and live with me? It would be fabulous, having a pretty gem like you around to brighten up my day, and fill me with warmth every time I see your gorgeous face."

Tohru mumbled, blushing furiously. "Oh, I, uh, ehehe, I mean, er…"

Shigure laughed. "Shame on you Aya. Every time you say something to her, you seem to make her feel embarrassed."

Ayame stared at him, completely serious for one of the few moments in his life. "But I meant it, Shigure. I would be delighted if Tohru came to live with me, instead of roughing it out here in a house with three disgusting, perverted men. Wouldn't she much rather stay with me?"

"I'm afraid that is impossible Aya, because Tohru isn't going to leave this house. She's perfectly happy here, with two of her friends and a trust-worthy guardian to take care of her. And the members of this household have grown too used to her meals, and you wouldn't want us to die from trying to digest Yuki's terrible, overcooked food, would you?" Shigure stared back, also completely serious.

Tohru, now blushing more than ever, looked back and forth as the verbal tennis continued.

"Oh, you'd do fine adapting to Yuki's cooking. Don't you feel you're being rather selfish, hogging this wonderful girl all to yourself?"

"No, she belongs here. It's much better for her to stay around people her own age, and Yuki has been helping her a lot with her studies, so she has improved a lot at school."

"Now that she has learned the basics of studying properly from my brother, she can do it independently! And of course, as an experienced, grown adult, I can help her whenever she wishes!"

"But it makes Yuki and Kyo happy with her around. Wouldn't you want your younger brother to be happy? He'd be angry at you if you took her away. She also makes me happy with her presence."

"Are you implying that I don't make you happy, Shigure? Oh, I'm deeply wounded by your harsh remarks!"

"No, of course, you are my one and only true love, Aya, and Tohru can never satisfy me in that way as long as those two younger boys are living here."

"So how about you move in with me? That way, we can both be happy, because I enjoy your presence as much as I enjoy Tohru's, and you can make up for my loss of her delightful skills in other ways! I shall buy a twin bed immediately, when will you move in?"

Tohru coughed politely. "Um, I'll collect the bowls now, if you've finished with them," she said, indicating the bowls clutched tightly in both the men's hands. They dropped them, sheepish. "We're so sorry for holding up your housework, I'm sure you have things to finish doing," Ayame apologized with a smile.

She blushed, and collecting everything, retreated back to the kitchen.


-A few hours later-

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!" A scream of pure terror ripped through the peaceful silence. It was followed almost immediately by a second scream. Tohru jumped up, dropping the shirt she had been about to hang up, and ran as fast as she could towards the sound. What if someone had been hurt? What if some horrible monster had appeared? What if there was…a cockroach?! The thoughts swept through her mind as she jumped down the stairs three at a time.

Standing, thunder-stricken at the door, was Kyo, pointing a shivering finger straight ahead of him, seemingly unable to move, from fear. Surprised, Tohru looked in the direction he was pointing to, and saw Ayame standing naked in the middle of the room.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!" A scream of pure terror ripped through the peaceful silence. Yuki gasped. "Miss Honda!" he cried out, and ran up the path to the door of the house. An odd sight greeted his eyed. Kyo was standing at the doorway, paralyzed, pointing at something in the next room. Tohru sat, face to the wall, as she covered her eyes with her hands, sobbing.

Narrowing his eyes, he slowly poked his head into the room.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!" A scream of pure terror ripped through the peaceful silence. Shigure sighed. Three times already, that scream had interrupted his peace. Shuffling to the room from which the sound had ensued from, he stopped in surprise, then started laughing hysterically.

Ayame stood in the middle of the room, completely naked, staring startled at the three figures in the next room. Kyo was at the doorway, pointing. Tohru was on the floor, having a nervous breakdown. However, he could have sworn he had heard Yuki scream, but… A yell answered the question in his mind. Yuki charged into the room, wielding a huge sword. Ayame shrieked and hid behind Shigure. Yuki jumped into the air and sliced down, stopping the blade an inch from Shigure's nose. "Where on earth did you get that monster from, Yuki?" he inquired, inspecting the sword with fascination.

"Ayame mumble mumble no clothes mumble mumble miss honda mumble mumble scarred for life mumble mumble kill…" Yuki glared at the figure behind Shigure.

"Why, what a wonderful surprise, Yuki! Imagine meeting you here! How have you been, I haven't seen you in an absolute age!" Ayame pranced up to his brother.

Noting the look of hatred on Yuki's face, he laughed. "Allow me to explain, dear brother! I was merely playing outside with Shigure, and happened to fall into the pond. Of course, being a snake, and sensitive to the cold, I rushed inside to change my clothes, and borrowed some that were kindly lent to me by Shigure. Before I had finished changing, I happened to catch a glance of my face in the mirror, and guess what horrible sight I saw!"

"Hmm… Let me guess…Your ugly features staring out at you?" Yuki said with gritted teeth. Ayame laughed again.

"I saw a pimple! A zit! A blemish, on my flawless skin! It was terrible, and consumed by fear and anguish, I ran out of the room to seek help from Shigure. Unfortunately, I happened to run through here just as Kyo was entering the house. Hearing our screams, Tohru came down to see what the matter was… and yes, you know the rest. So I really didn't mean to show her anything, honestly! But I really can't see what's so bad about it, I'm quite proud actually! Mine is so much more impressive than any of the other boys' ones in high school! Don't you agree?" Ayame babbled, but was soon shut up by a thorough bashing from Yuki.


-Sometime in the evening-

"I've come to pick Ayame up and take him home, Shigure," Hatori's voice came from the doorway.

"I hope you had a good time, and thankyou for taking him off my hands. Where might I find him?" he asked.

Shigure giggled mischievously. "I'm not sure of his exact location, but if you search the woods you might find him tied up, buried in the ground up to his neck. Yuki and Kyo are full of wonderful ideas to punish people, and they had so much fun while they were at it… It's good to have fun once in a while."


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