AN: As some of you may realize after reading this. It's based on I think Tawainese Drama Series "Lavender"

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Summary: 8yr-old Sakura felt that Syaoran was the only one who was there for her. When Syaoran left for Hong Kong, he left behind a small vial with a dried lavender flower. 12years later, a famous musician XiaoLang has come to tour Japan. If he is Sakura's old Syaoran, has he changed?

Lavender I

"OH! XIAOLANG!! Can I have you're autograph!"

Syaoran looked at the two girls standing next to the door, he unwillingly took their cds and signed 'Xiaolang' on to one.

He was about to sign the other, when the quieter girl stopped him.

"Can you sign in your Japanese name?"

My Japanese name.

Syaoran took the cd and wrote "Li Syaoran"

After the squealing girls left, Syaoran stuck his hands in his pockets and leaned against a wall. Staying inside would help him avoid more fans, for now. And it'll let him have some time…to think…

I haven't used my Japanese name since…

"Give this to Syaoran."

Eight-year-old Sakura looked at the pink envelope in her hands, "Why?"

"Don't ask questions! Just give it to him!" Meiling said, scowling.

"Why do I have to give it to him?"

"You hang around him more, now stop being stupid." Meiling turned on her heels and left, followed by her gang of girls.

After school, Syaoran and Sakura were walking home.

Sakura kept lagging behind, her head down. She touched the envelope and wondered if she should be doing what Meiling said.

"What's wrong with you today?" Syaoran prodded, stopping and turning to face Sakura.

Sakura looked away and shoved the envelope at him, "From Meiling, she told me to give it to you."

Syaoran didn't even look at it, instead he crumpled the envelope in to a ball, and let it drop to the floor.

Sakura's eyes grew wide, "You don't want to read it?"

"Why should I, I don't like her – you shouldn't be helping them." Syaoran said, and started walking again.

Sakura stared at the envelope on the floor and back at Syaoran, "Than who do you like?"

Syaoran stopped walking, he stared at Sakura from across his shoulder, "I – why should I tell you!"

He wheeled his bicycle away humming a tune; Sakura smiled and ran to catch up with him.

"What are you singing?" She asked.

"I don't know, something I made up," Syaoran continued singing, Sakura forgot about everything concerning Meiling. Syaoran could always make her smile.

The next day, Meiling and her friends cornered Sakura in the bathroom.

"You didn't give it to him!" Meiling cried. Sakura backed up in the stall and furiously shook her head.

"I did! I really did!"

"Liar! See for yourself!" She threw the envelope at Sakura's feet. It was still crumpled in to a ball, and now it looked as if it had been stepped on.

Meiling was red, "You like Syaoran yourself, that's why you didn't give it to him."

Her friend aimed a hose at her, "This is a warning, stay away from Syaoran!"

"No! I don't! I gave it to him! He didn't want to read it! I don't! I don't!" Sakura screamed, the hose drenched her school dress, and it was freezing cold.

"Hmph, bitch." Meiling shouted, as she left Sakura in the stall, with tears in her eyes. Her hair was wet and her clothes clung to her skin.

I don't. Sakura cried, her head in her hands. I don't like Syaoran.

"Sakura, class started fifteen minutes ago, where were you?" The teacher asked, "And why are you all wet?"

Sakura didn't say anything.

Syaoran frowned. Why was she all wet.

The teacher sighed after she didn't answer her questions and gestured at her seat, "Go sit down, we're talking about the coming track meet."

Sakura, with her head down, made her way to her seat. Meiling was eyeing her dangerously, and Sakura looked away.

What's going on. Syaoran thought.

"Okay, do we have any nominations for the relay race?" The teacher was saying.

Meiling raised her hand, "Kinomoto." She said with a smile.

The teacher's eyes raced, "Any objections?"

Syaoran's hand shot up, "Sakura cannot compete in the race!"

"Why not?!" Meiling protested, "This is a major event, how come she's not allowed to participate?!"

Syaoran scowled, but he said nothing.

The teacher nodded, and looked at Sakura, "Sakura…you're father has already excused you from any physical activities…what do you think?"

Sakura turned to meet Syaoran's eyes. He was furiously shaking his head at her. No!

Sakura turned around to look at the teacher, "I'll do it."

"Okay, but only if you get permission from your father, only than will I let you go."

Sakura nodded. Syaoran had his eyes closed. She can't do this!

"Okay, now who else wants to nominate someone for the relay race?"

"Syaoran!" Sakura called, gasping for air, trying to catch up with the boy, "Syaoran wait up!"

Syaoran turned to look at Sakura, let out a frustrated sigh, and started walking again.

"Syaoran!" Sakura called again, grabbing his arm, "Are you mad?"

"No." He said, walking on. Sakura grabbed his arm again, breathing heavily.

Syaoran wrenched her hand aside and stopped to face her, "Look at you! Just a little run, and you're already out of breath!"

Sakura's eyes froze, "I'm not going to let Meiling have her way around me! I can prove to her that I'm not that weak!"

Syaoran frowned, and grabbed Sakura by the shoulders, "Have they been hurting you?"

"No." Sakura replied hastily. Syaoran saw through the lie immediately.

"I don't get it, why do you always pick on you?!" He said, frustrated.

Sakura looked down at the ground and kept her mouth shut.

Syaoran let go of her and started walking again, "Alright fine, if you're going to run, I might as well give you some pointers about passing the baton, and everything."

Sakura brightened, "Really!?"

Syaoran looked at her over his shoulder, Sakura caught up to him, he was humming a tune again. A different one. Sakura couldn't help but laugh, forgetting everything.

Syaoran was humming again, his back leaned against his bike, hands shoved in his pockets.

Sakura brightened once she saw him and ran up to him, "Were you waiting for me?" She asked, breathing hard.

"New shoes?" Syaoran asked, looking down. Sakura smiled.

"I pooled my savings, after – " After dad told me not to participate in the race. Sakura stopped shortly.

"Than you'll probably run faster." Syaoran commented, and took Sakura's hands, "C'mon."

Meiling and her gang watched as Sakura and Syaoran came in to the class, laughing. Syaoran was still giving Sakura pointers. Meiling felt herself go cold.

During PE, Sakura was to participate in her first lesson. She would usually sit out. Her father insisted that Sakura would not run. She had a fatal heart disease. Sakura went to get her new shoes. Her hand swept through her cubby hole but she felt nothing.


Sakura desperately looked up and down around the small cupboard. Nothing.

She had no choice but to go to PE class bare footed.

Everyone laughed at her, Meiling was laughing the hardest. The Coach looked disappointed and told Sakura to just watch this time.

During the whole period Sakura kept looking down at the ground, trying to hide her tears. She had lost her new shoes.

Meiling clenched her fists as she watched Syaoran stare at her with a worried look.

"My shoes!" Sakura exclaimed, she rushed for the trashbin and pulled out two muddy and grass stained white shoes that were laying on top of the trash.

"Those ugly things?" Meiling cried from behind, she shoved Sakura in to the bags of trash, Sakura fell over, near tears.

"You're going to race in those, how disgusting." Meiling howled, and walked off. Sakura got shakily back on her feet and hugged her shoes. She promised that she would clean them, when her father wasn't looking. And accomplish the race. Against her father's wishes. To just prove to Meiling, that she wasn't weak.

Sakura smiled, she would.

All she needed was to finish the race.

The day of the race came sooner than Sakura expected. In no time, she and Syaoran were in their track uniforms. She was a 503 and Syaoran was 504. He was giving her pointers.

"You've got to breathe deeply, don't panic." He was advising. Sakura nodded, shaking, nervous.

"Don't panic." He shouted, noticing her distress. Sakura gave a meek smile. He returned a smile of his own. Meiling scowled in the stands.

"Okay! Take you're places around the track!"

Sakura and Syaoran walked to their marks. Sakura would be receiving the third pass. She would be passing to Syaoran who had the last sprint to the finish line.

"On you're marks! Get set! GO!" The pistol rang, and the first runners burst from their spots, swinging the baton back and forth as they went.

Sakura took a deep breath, like Syaoran had said.

I can do this.

The baton was passed. Sakura closed her eyes, waiting and calming herself. Calming her already rapidly beating heart.

The boy was charging nearer. And nearer. Closer. Sakura remembered what Syaoran had taught her.

Move forward a little, get ready to run, and take the baton with one hand to the back.

Sakura did just that, and started moving forward.

The runner was ten feet away.

Seven feet.

Six feet.

Five feet.

Sakura took a deep breath. Calm. Relax. Don't panic.

Three feet.

Two feet.

The boy stretched his hand for Sakura, Sakura grabbed the baton. Glad that the piece of metal was secure in her grasp. She was well ahead of everyone else. Their team was faster.

Sakura ran.

Her heart was pumping now. Beating. She was kicking up dust.

"Go! Go! Go!" The stands were roaring. Sakura felt her heart racing now. Out of control She could see Syaoran racing closer. The other runners were catching up.

She was falling back. Syaoran had a look of concern and encouragement on his face. Sakura used it to keep going. She had to keep going. Finish the race. She ran.

Her heart was everywhere. She felt pain. As if a knife was being drawn in between her lungs. But she kept running, ignoring the piercing white-hot pain that was shooting in her chest.

She wasn't calm. Her mind was racing. Her breathing was out of control. Her legs were stiff. Syaoran's hand was just feets away.

"Sakura!" Syaoran desperately called.

With the last bit of endurance she had she leapt forward, and Syaoran nearly had to catch the baton as it soared through the air. Sakura was falling.

Syaoran burst forward, just as Sakura hit the floor.

Her heart was pulsing. Rapidly faster. Everywhere. Panicking. Sakura felt her mind blackening. She couldn't see. All she felt was pain shooting around in her head. Her heart. Her body. Her legs. Pain.

Syaoran looked back, and saw that Sakura was in danger. She couldn't get herself up from the floor, and seemed to be losing consciousness. And nobody had noticed. Nobody had helped her up. Nobody was calling the ambulance. Sakura was…Sakura…was…

Syaoran stopped running, and began springing with all his energy back to Sakura. The crowds roared. Syaoran was running back. He forgot all about the race. Sakura was more important than any stupid race, or winning it. He ran back. Ignoring everything. He had to run back.

"Sakura!" He grabbed the girl, and flipped her over. She wasn't breathing, "Sakura! Sakura!!!"

He was screaming now, "SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!!! SOMEONE CALL 911!!! SAKURA!!!"

Syaoran was crying, he held the girl against his chest, she had gone cold.

He heard sirens wailing in the background.

"She's going to be okay." Touya was saying.

Syaoran nodded. He was still in his track uniform. And he and Touya had been waiting outside the emergency room for hours. Touya had just received word from the doctor that had been operating on her.

"It's all my fault, I should've told her not to – her heart – the race – I should've – she – I could've – this should never have happened – this – " Syaoran cried. Touya cut him off.

"It's not you're fault. She." He broke off, "She wanted to do this…"

Months after the incident, Sakura was back in school. Prohibited to ever run again. In her life. Or it might end up causing her life. The doctor had said that she had been incredibly lucky, that she had not died this time. It had been a miracle that she had arrived just second in time.

But Sakura was to forever sit out in PE.

Sakura sat alone, watching the other nine-year-olds play basketball. She always sat alone. No one understood her. Except Syaoran. Who was still faithful even though he knew that she had a heart problem.

The ball bounced out of court. Sakura caught it.

"O'er here!" Syaoran called from inside the court. Sakura smiled and walked up to her classmates.

"Give us the ball!" One boy cried. Sakura stopped smiling.

"Can I play…with you guys?" The green-eyed girl asked.

The boy scowled, "No! You might accidentally die or something, like last time." The kids laughed, "You won't last two seconds playing with us!"

The boy took the ball away from Sakura and left. Sakura felt like crying again and went back to her spot, alone. She picked a flower in the nearby bush and stared at it, it was alone in the bush like her. She felt tears streaming down her face.

Syaoran noticed this, and passed the ball in his hands to another player, "I'm quitting."

"But you're the best we have!" The kids protested. Syaoran ignored them, and walked up to Sakura, he sat down.

Sakura looked up, she had been crying, "Why aren't you playing with them?"

"Nah. I don't want to play." Syaoran said, with a care-free look.

"You don't like playing?" Sakura sniffed, and wiped the tears with her sleeves.

"I just don't want to play right now." Syaoran commented, and looked at the flower in her hands, "That's a Lavender."

Sakura looked down at the purple flower, "This? How do you know?"

"My family owns a big greenhouse, a lavender is my favorite flower." Syaoran smiled, "Smell it."

"What?" Sakura said, looking skeptical at the flower.

"Just smell it. Go on." Syaoran gestured at it. Sakura unwillingly pressed the flower against her nose. Syaoran suddenly pushed the flower in to her face, causing Sakura to scream loudly.

"Syaoran Li!!!" She cried, and proceeded to chase him around playfully around the bush. Syaoran laughed loudly.

The boy that had laughed at Sakura before noticed them. He was struck with an idea.

Sakura went inside the classroom to find a crowd gathered around the whiteboard, pointing, and laughing.

"What are you guys doing?" She asked, trying to sound cheerful.

The crowd took one look at her, began howling, and parted for her to see. The boy that had made fun of her was in the middle, pointing at the board and chanting.

"Syaoran is in love with Saakura!" He shouted. The whiteboard had a heart, with Syaoran and Sakura's name inside. The class giggled madly.

Sakura felt herself turn red, "No! He doesn't!" She went forward and grabbed an eraser, "Take it off!!! Stop it!!"

"Syaoran is in love with Sakura! Syaoran is in love with Sakura!"

Even Meiling joined in, feeling very sour over her victory in making Sakura look bad.

"Stop it!!!" Sakura cried, the boy blocked her way to the board. The chanting was getting louder.

Syaoran stepped in the room, "What's going on?!"

"SYAORAN LOVES SAKURA!!!" The boy suddenly cried, pointing. Syaoran turned red, and marched in front of the boy who jeered tauntingly, "FIRST COMES LOVE!!! THAN COMES KISSSING!!! EWWW!!!" He cried.

Syaoran grabbed Sakura's hand and pulled her away from the crowd, "ERASE THAT!"


Syaoran snapped, he grabbed the boy with both hands and pushed him to the floor.

"Fight! Fight!!"

"No! Syaoran!" Sakura screamed, and tried to pull him off the boy.

"Fight Fight!!!!" The crowd cheered enthusiastically. The boys were punching each other now, rolling on the floor.

"Stop!!! Don't!!!! LI!!" Sakura was screaming.

Sakura sighed, and lifted the cotton ball in front Syaoran face, "This is going to hurt a little. You're going to have to bear the pain."

She was treating the many bruises and cuts on Syaoran. Just looking at it, she felt like crying again.

"Don't worry about it, it's nothing." He said, wincing slightly when she applied the medicine.

"What are you crying for? You're not the one hurt." Syaoran commented, noticing Sakura tearing up, again.

She hastily wiped the tears away and took a bandage, "It was all my fault, I couldn't get them to stop."

"It is not you're fault, I got in to it on my own." Syaoran protested, fidgeting as Sakura wrapped his leg with the bandage.

"You're actually bleeding, when I fell down on the track, I wasn't bleeding," Sakura said, wiping more tears.

Syaoran rolled his eyes, than exchanged looks with Sakura, "You've got to take care of yourself…you can't keep crying like this…you're acting like…a crybaby."

"Huh?" Sakura wiped the tears away, staring at the auburn-eyed boy.

"I'm…I…just meet me after school. I want to show you something, okay?" Syaoran insisted, standing up.

Sakura looked puzzled but nodded anyways, "Okay."

Sakura looked at the bike, and looked back at Syaoran, "No, it's scary."

"Just trust me with this Sakura! It'll feel just like running! C'mon, have I ever lied to you before?"

Sakura thought about the lavender flower but shrugged it off, "Okay, but don't fall…"

"I won't, it's easy, just get on, and hold on tight" Syaoran mounted his bike and waited for Sakura to get on to the back. She wrapped her arms around his waist.


Sakura nodded.

Syaoran pushed off, and after a couple wobbly turns, they were speeding along smoothly.

"See?! Doesn't it feel like running!" Syaoran shouted over his shoulder. Sakura grabbed on tighter, as they went over a couple ditches, but it felt wonderful. She thought she would never feel the wind rushing in her light brown hair.

"It's perfect, just like running!" She shouted back, laughing.

Syaoran smiled, and rode on.

"Where are we going?" Sakura asked the boy in front.

"Just wait, you'll see."

After a few moments of riding, Syaoran stopped and helped Sakura off the bike. They were in front of a huge greenhouse. Sakura gasped.

"Is this yours?"

"My family's." Syaoran replied shortly, and walked to the large sliding doors. He grabbed both sides and pushed. The doors opened with a large screeching sound, but the inside was a wonder. There were so many different plants. Crawling around the walls. Varieties of different color flowers. Beautiful petals. All blossoming.

Sakura felt herself go dizzy at all the plants growing in such a nursery, "It's beautiful."

"You like it?" Syaoran said, smiling, "C'mon, there's more I want to show you." He grabbed her hand, and started running forward. Through the rows and rows of plants. Sakura couldn't take the time to look at them all.

They went out through a backdoor. There were no more houses. Instead, there was a beautiful clear lake, and an enormous plain that stretched on for what seemed like forever. The sky was bright blue. And there was only a gentle breeze.

"What is this place?" Sakura asked in awe, after they stopped.

"My quiet place, I like to go here, to think." Syaoran said, and sat promptly down on the dirt. Sakura sat down next to him.

Sakura looked at him funny, "You're acting different."

"Am I?" Syaoran asked.

The two stayed in silence for the longest time. Sakura than noticed they were surrounded everywhere by purple flowers. Lavenders. They were beautiful. Sakura sighed.

"Hey…Sakura." Syaoran finally spoke. Sakura looked at him and he paused.


"I'm…going away." He said finally, "To HongKong"

Sakura was lost for words. He was moving away?!

"I don't know how long I'm staying…" He said, Sakura could only nod. She couldn't say anything. For fear she might start crying again. And she didn't want him to think she was a crybaby.

"I want you to have this." The two finally looked at each other, and he shoved a vial in to her hands. She peered inside the glass sides. It was corked shut. There was a dried lavender inside.

Syaoran held up another vial in his hands, "Keep yours, so I'll always be with you, no matter what."

Sakura smiled, choking back tears, "Will you…will you come back to…visit?"

"Maybe. On your twentieth birthday, I'll come back." Than he smiled, "For you, I promise I'll come back."

Sakura stared at the vial in her hands.

"Syaoran?" She said after another long period of silence.


Another pause. Sakura felt the breeze run through her hair, and the plain looked like waves in an ocean. All the lavender flowers were bending over and moving like water.

"Who do you like?" She said.

Syaoran looked at the scene in front of him, "The person I like…she's really pretty and shy."

Sakura looked down at her hands, wondering whom he was talking about.

But he went on, "She's not exactly healthy or perfect, and people like to pick on her a lot, but I think she's the one for me." He was smiling now.

Sakura was smiling too. She would never forget that smile. His face. His laugh.

And it was after he left to HongKong. When she learned that the flower Lavender. The flower that was sitting in the vial on her table.

Represented love.

But did he know that?

AN: I hope I didn't rush too much but I just wanted to get through the prologue a little quicker, straight to the point. Which really takes place 12 years later. I tried to make them sound childish. After all. They are eight.