Good Run of Bad Luck


The rest of the day was basically uneventful; no more tests, no ghosts popping up, no more wise cracks from Tucker. After school, they all went straight home. Danny wasn't too surprised that his parents weren't around and Jazz had gone to the library. It was that certain Thursday of the month, he supposed. His whole family went out by themselves and he had the house to himself.

"Ah…relaxation. Finally," he plopped down on the couch with his hands behind his head and his feet on the coffee table. His eyes wandered from side to side after he said it, "Better not jinx myself. I have a habit of doing that."

He closed his eyes, trying to forget everything, especially that D-. His parents were going to kill him. But he couldn't think about dying right now. That would be too unpleasant.

After a few moments, he couldn't help but hear a low buzzing sound coming from the basement. At first, he thought it was just in his head, but when it continued monotonously, he sat up.

"What the heck?" He stood, ready to go see what was making the noise, only to get a headache. He pressed his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes again, "Oh man…I feel so tired again, I got a migraine."

Slowly, he squinted an eye open and raised a brow; "Do kids my age get migraines?" He groaned and walked almost blindly toward the stairs, gripping onto the railing tightly. Cautiously, he walked down to the lab, holding his head tighter when the buzzing got louder.

Because it wasn't as bright in the basement, it was easier for Danny to open his eyes. It didn't take him long to figure out that it was his parents' new invention—the FGES—that was making the head-pounding noise.

"Ohhh…" he groaned again, wanting badly to go to his room and forget about it. Of course, he wasn't sure if that would help if he could hearing the buzz all the way up there, too. Reluctantly, he walked closer to the machine, his head basically going numb now.

Looking up at the large beam-like object, he couldn't help but notice what looked like ice-blue air coming out of the top. Gazing at it harder, however, he realized that the air wasn't coming out of it, but rather getting sucked into it.

Without warning, his knees gave out, sending him to the ground.

'What's going on…?' He wondered, that having been his last sensible thought. It began to feel like he was going through a dream, everything happening so fast, yet painfully slow. His vision was blurry, the buzz going to the back of his mind like some distant memory.

Danny shivered once when he felt himself go deathly cold, only then snapping out of this trance.

"Gotta…" slowly, he pushed his upper body up with his arms, "get out…" He managed to get to his feet, swaying as he tried his best to walk back up the stairs, "of here…"

Fortunately, he reached the first floor without collapsing. The logical thing to do would have been to leave the house, but his feet carried him up to his bedroom where he wanted to be in the first place.

His bedroom door was closed. His body slumped against it for a moment's rest. He tried to clear his mind. He tried to think wisely. Above all, Danny tried not to panic. 'I'm just tired. All those nights I stayed up hunting ghosts finally caught up to me. That's all. That's…all.'

His hand instinctively found the doorknob. He twisted it, causing the door to fly open due to his body weight. He stumbled forward, but held himself up by holding onto the door. Because of the location of his room and the time of day, the sun shone brightly through his window.

With his head pounding worse than before, he pushed the door shut and quickly pulled down the blinds and pulled the curtains together. Just from this, his body felt too exhausted to stand anymore. Danny toppled on his bed, his head sinking deeply into the pillow. Though something in the back of his brain was telling him not to fall asleep, sleep sounded too good to ignore.


"Danny? Danny, wake up."

Danny groaned when he heard someone calling his name. He opened his eyes against his own will to see his mother standing there. His vision was still cloudy, but he could make out the worried expression in her eyes, "Mom…?"

"What's the matter, dear?" she asked, sitting gently on the side of his bed, "It's only eight thirty and you're in bed? Are you sick?" Maddie put her palm to her son's forehead.

He savored the great feeling of his mother's cold hand, "I think I may be coming down with something…"

"You do seem to be running a fever…would you like me to get you some medicine?"

Danny shook his head, "No, I just want to…" he closed his eyes, "sleep…"

Though she knew she should insist he take some medicine, she thought that maybe sleep was all he needed. Her eyes gazed over his flushed face and slightly heavy breathing. Maddie shook her head, "Danny, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, your dad, or Jazz, okay?"

He nodded slightly, feeling himself drift away again. He felt her get up and walk out, but he also felt someone else's presence in the room. His teeth chattered and, as he hesitantly looked, saw his breath.

"Ghost…have to fight…" he mumbled, but made no movement except for a twitch.

"Hey Danny, how you feeling?"

Danny looked to the left. There was only a little light coming in through the hallway, but it was enough for him to make out Sam. Confusion took over fatigue, "Sam? What are you doing here?"

She shrugged and walked closer to his bed, "I came over to see you and that's when your parents told me you might have been sick. I just wanted to come up to see how you were doing."

He didn't argue with her answer, "I don't feel great at all. I feel like the life's getting sucked out of me."

Sam sat on his bed, pulling her knee up so she could face him. Even though Maddie had just got done doing it, she pressed her hand to his head also. Again, he felt more relaxed from her cold hand.

"Are you cold, Sam?" he asked, putting his hand over top of hers.

"Me?" she questioned, smiling gently, "No, I don't think so. Why?"

"'Cause it feels like your hands been in the freezer for an hour. I must really be burning up," he shook his head as he tried to remember the last time he felt this sick. It had been about two years since he had actually gotten a bad cold.

Sam stared down at him before bringing her other hand to his face. She pressed the back and the front of her hands all over his face to help cool him down.

He sighed as he began to feel more relaxed, his body sinking deep and more comfortably into the bed, "It's my parents' new invention…the big beam thing in the lab…that's the thing making me sick." Though he was saying this, he hardly knew he was.

"You shouldn't go to school tomorrow, Danny," Sam said instead of commenting about the machine.

Danny shook his head, "No, I…I have to get out of this house. It might not be too healthy if I stay here."


"Why? Because…because…" It shouldn't have been a hard question. Danny thought that it shouldn't have been a question at all. Why would Sam question him on something like this? She always trusted his better judgment before. Alas, he could not find an answer. Instead, he said: "Do you mind coming over to wake me up in the morning, Sam? Or tell my mom to get me up? My head will explode if the alarm goes off in the morning…"

Danny jumped a little when he felt Sam's cheek against his. Her face also felt so cold that he got even more relaxed. It felt almost like she was letting out all the warmth in his body and putting in a chill. However, he felt more comfortable with that at the moment. It was always easier to sleep when it was cold.

"Sam…" he whispered her name one last time before his energy was drained once again and he fell back into a deep slumber.


"I wonder where Danny is…" Sam asked aloud the next day in the lunchroom. It was just her and Tucker at their table today, to which made her feel a little uneasy. It wasn't only the fact that Danny was not there, but because they were serving meat loaf at lunch and Tucker decided to get three lunches. In other words, she was surrounded by meat and Danny wasn't there to take her mind off it.

"Maybe his parents dragged him somewhere," Tucker suggested, sticking a large piece of meat into his mouth and chewing loudly.

Sam looked disgusted, "I think Danny would have told us that. Maybe he's sick?"

"He still would have came to school if he was just sick," came his other comment.

"True…" Sam agreed, pushing a cucumber around with her fork in her salad, "Something just doesn't feel right, Tucker. I say we go see him after school."

Tucker nodded, pushing his first tray away to start on his second, "Fine with me." Though Tucker didn't seem worried, he was only trying to get Sam to calm down. Behind all the meat loaf, Tucker was just as anxious to see Danny as Sam was.


"Wake up, Danny, I brought you some soup."

The loud voice that came out of nowhere caused Danny to snap his eyes open. He saw Jazz standing beside his bed with a tray. He managed to sit up just as Jazz rested the tray over his lap. He looked down into the bowl filled with tomato soup, then up at his sister again.

"I never had soup in the morning before." He said with a slight grin.

"Uh, Danny? I wouldn't call this morning anymore," Jazz said as she pointed to his clock.

His eyes nearly popped out his head when he saw it was going on two-o'clock. "Two?! In the afternoon? What about school!?" Danny looked to her again, his eyes going more frantic, "Oh my gosh…I slept right through Friday! It's Saturday now!"

Jazz raised an eyebrow, "Why would you say that? Does it feel like you've slept that long?"

"N-no…well, maybe, but…you're not in school," he finally said.

She smiled, though a bit cruelly, "Surprise, surprise. That's due to Mom and Dad. They said they were going to be busy today, so they told me to stay home and take care of you." Jazz shook her head, "I don't know why. If I didn't come wake you up, you would've slept until Saturday."

Danny blinked before staring down into the soup. He narrowed his eyes as he tried to remember the night before, "But…I told Sam to get me up for school."

"Sam?" Jazz looked confused, "When did you talk to her?"

"Last night."

"On the phone?"

"No…she came over to see me. I told her it would be better if I went to school," Danny explained.

As Danny stared at the soup, Jazz stared at Danny as though he were crazy. She was sure she would have seen his friend if she was there, but then again…maybe she was doing something else at the time. But instead of telling him he was probably hallucinating, she turned to walk out, "Well, I'm sure they'll be over after school to see you. Maybe last night was only a dream."

Danny watched her walk out before zoning out, "It couldn't have been a dream…" he said lowly as he put his own hand to his forehead.

Sure enough, about forty-five minutes later, Sam and Tucker entered his room.

"What happened, Danny?" Sam asked quickly.

"Sam thought you died," Tucker remarked.

"I did not!" Sam cried before she walked over to Danny, "But we were both worried. Usually you tell us if you're not coming to school."

Danny stared up at her to see if she was putting on some kind of cover up because she forgot to come over this morning, "I told you I didn't feel great last night, Sam."

Sam cocked her head to the side as she tried to remember if she indeed did talk to him. But as far as she was concerned, she hadn't talked to anyone after school yesterday. She shook her head, "No you didn't. I stayed at home and didn't talk to anyone on the phone."

"No, you don't understand!" He exclaimed, getting frustrated that people were telling him he was seeing things, "You were right here! You said you came over to see me!"

"I—," Sam was cut off by Tucker.

"Listen, Sam, don't make Danny think he's crazy. Just because I'm here, doesn't mean you can't admit that you were in Danny's room last night…" he paused before adding a second thought, "Same thing for the night before, when Danny said he saw you at his house."

Sam clenched her fists, "I think I would know where I was! I was at home both times Danny said he saw me! I know I was."

Before she could say anymore, Danny wrapped his fingers around her wrist and brought her hand to his face. Sam stuttered over her words and began to feel uncomfortable when she blushed.

"Umm…Danny? Heh…" she glanced over at the smirking Tucker before looking down, "what are you doing?"

"You came over last night and felt to see if I had a fever. Remember now?" Danny asked, hoping he didn't sound too desperate to be proven right.

Sam sighed and, reluctantly, pulled her hand back. "Danny, I wish I came over last night to see you. But I didn't…it was probably just your imagination because you were—."

"It wasn't my imagination, Sam! You were really—," he stopped himself when the buzzing came back again. Even from upstairs, Danny could hear his father exclaiming a triumphant, "Fixed it!"

Danny held his head in his hands, "Not again…not again!" He began groaning and gritting his teeth as the noise invaded his mind and made his body weak. He could only barely hear Sam and Tucker calling his name, sounding more like they were under water.

"Go get his parents, Tucker!" Sam ordered, glad Tucker ran out right away. Sam sat beside him on his bed, her hands gripping his upper arms. "Danny! Danny, snap out of it, tell me what's wrong!" She wanted to punch herself when she felt warm tears cloud her vision. She knew she had to be strong and snap him out of whatever he was in.

"The noise…" Danny said, the pulse in his head feeling like a hammer.

Sam listened, "What noise?" When he didn't answer, she became even more worried, but was quickly pushed aside when his parents came into the room.

"Son, what's wrong?" Jack asked.

"Migraine…" Danny said, making Jack and Maddie slump their shoulders.

"A migraine?" Jack looked to each person in the room, including Jazz who was standing in the doorway, "I thought a ghost possessed him."

Maddie helped him lay down again, "Danny, just rest some more. Maybe you just need a little more sleep. If you wake up and still have a bad headache, then we'll think of something to do."

"Don't you think it's more than a migraine?" Sam inquired, looking at Danny from the foot of his bed, "I mean…he was fine one second and then…"

Jack nodded, "You think he was possessed by a ghost, too?"

"What? No!" Sam yelled, becoming more than a little annoyed, "I just think—."

"Maybe you and Tucker should leave for awhile," Maddie suggested softly, staring down at Danny who fell asleep amazingly fast. "Danny needs his rest, but I'm sure he'll be better by tomorrow."

Sam wanted to argue, but didn't think she would win against his parents. She sighed and came up with a quick plan as she silently walked out of his room and down the stairs. She heard Tucker following closely, bumping into her when she stopped abruptly outside.

"I wonder what's going on…" Tucker pondered, "Do you think it is a ghost?"

Sam looked back up at the house, "No doubt. And just because we got showed to the front door…doesn't mean we can't use his window."

"What? You mean break into his room?"

"Why not?" Sam asked, "I've done it before."

They stared at each other for a long awkward moment. Then Tucker smirked.

"I bet you have."

Sam could do nothing but roll her eyes.