From the castle, King Dedric gazed out the window onto the streets. The sky yawned and rain began to fall, sending the young children who had been playing in the streets home with their mothers. He smiled at the now magic free kingdom, the only way a kingdom should ever be.

A giant wall spread around the kingdom, tall, thick and almost blinding white. The only magicked item in the entire kingdom, hundreds had died creating the wall, putting their on sweat and blood into the marble stones. And now no magic could ever make its way into the kingdom of Brion, thus creating the only truly perfect kingdom in Quiryn.

Those who were caught using magic within the kingdom of Brion were punished in severe ways, terrible forms of torture and death. Thousands had been killed and more were sure to come.

Despite King Dedric's adamant position on magic, a large magic practicing community existed right underneath his nose, within the very wall that was created to keep magic out.