Surf Board Disclaimer: I do not own CSI, Men in Black, The X-Files or The Village A/N: Greg's still in the lab, Graveyard's still together

Hawaiian shirt. Cut off khakis. Blue striped surfboard. Spiked hair. Sunglasses.

"Greg, what are you doing?" Grissom asked. "This isn't casual Friday."

"Never said it was." Greg replied.

"Then why are you carrying a surf board, wearing shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt?" Grissom questioned.

"I'm going to the beach later."

"You aren't in California anymore!"


"Greg, that's not proper work attire." Ecklie remarked.

"Your point?" Greg asked.

"Are you trying to get fired?"


"Greg, this is a warning. Pull another stunt like this, and I will see that you're fired."

"I'll keep that in mind."

-Next day-

Black suit. Sunglasses. Silver cylinder.

"Greg!! What are you suppose to be?" Grissom asked.

"Agent B." Greg replied.

"Agent B."


"Are you trying to be an FBI agent?"


"Then why are you acting like this?"

"I was bored."


"Well, I can't say that this is outrageous, but I do request that you stop pretending to erase people's minds." Ecklie said.

"I'm not pretending. Go ahead and ask Sarah what happened five minutes ago." Greg told him.

"I heard my name!" Sarah said.

"Sarah, what happened five minutes ago?" Ecklie asked.

"I have no idea." She replied.

"See?" Greg questioned.

"Graveyard." Ecklie muttered.

-next day-

Red cloak. Spikes. Hog head. Claws.


"Of course not." Nick said. "That's 'those we do not speak of,' duh."

"Don't encourage him." Grissom said.

"I wasn't trying to. I was correcting your error." Nick replied.

"Did you actually see that movie?" Grissom asked.

"Nope. Mulder told me about it." Nick replied.

"Who?" Grissom asked.

"I was being sarcastic." Nick replied.


"All right, Sanders, that's it. This has gone on long enough. Take off the stupid costume." Ecklie ordered. "It's not scary."

"I'm not wearing any costume." Greg said.

Ecklie slowly turned around, and then glanced back at the red-cloaked monstrosity. "If you're there, then who's in suit?"

Greg looked at the suit and shrugged. "No clue."

Ecklie turned two shades paler. "I just remembered I have something important to do."

After he was gone, the mask was stripped away.

"Man, was that suit hot!" Warrick exclaimed.