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Oh yeah I mixed Greek God mythology in here because I know them better than Egyptian ones. Hades is pronounced Hay-dees

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One of the most powerful Gods, Ra, the Sun God was sitting in his almighty chair up in heaven. And being one of the most powerful Gods had its perks. He was looking over the magnificent view of the Sun through his glass windows. In fact those windows were half the room, and Ra loved looking through them. It was rare that he was given a moment's peace; someone was always complaining on how there was no sun, or too much Sun nowadays. This generation of humans was such a whiny group.

So of course, Ra was happily enjoying the scenery when-

"Ra, there's a problem!"

Ra sighed; he knew it was too good to be true. He swiveled his chair around to meet this angel who dared to interrupt him. Ra's eyes widened though when he saw who it was: his brother Hades who was looking none too happy at the moment. Now, Hades was the God of the Underworld, or if you wanted to put it in Catholic terms, hell. He was a darkly handsome man, with black hair and beautiful, intense gray eyes framed with long lashes.

He was looking rather pissed though with his hair tousled, and his splendid black and silver robes were disarrayed.

"What is it Hades?" Ra said alarmed, forgetting to be annoyed. Hades rarely came up to heaven; he had explicit orders from their father, The Great God, to watch over his realm, and well, when The Great God asked you to do something, you followed it to the letter.
"It's one of my level 9 souls. He's escaped again, and is wreaking havoc all over Sector 12, freeing some of the worst cronies you can imagine." Hades said wincing as he remembered the destruction. It would take years to repair.
"Who is he? I'd expect these actions from a level 10 soul, but not a level nine one." Ra said curious.
"It's that damn Egyptian tomb robber Bakura!" Hades burst out, irked. He spat Bakura's name. He continued, "I want something done about him Ra, he's a menace! Giving ideas of escape to the damned souls, it's not healthy!"

Ra put his fingers thorough his unnaturally neon red hair in a weary way. He had a feeling what Hades wanted him to do, and he didn't like it, not one bit.

"He was one of those special cases…A Yami right? (Hades nods). Hmmm…are you sure there's no other way we can handle him, I mean what if he gets paired up wrong, or if he doesn't chang-"

"You promised me." Hades said shortly referring to a promise made eons ago…

Flashback ummm…eons ago?

"Ok boys it's time to decide who gets what realm," said the Great God with his splendid white attire. He continued, "With your 500th birthday I declare that you are officially old enough to rule a realm…But I see we're having a little trouble here aren't we?" the Great God continued with a frown. Only a Great God could say that blowing up the dinosaurs into extinction and ruining decades of evolution was a "little trouble".
"I want heaven-" said Ra.
"But I don't wanna be the ruler of Hell!!!!" cried Hades.
"Well deal with it! I'M GETTING HEAVEN!!!!!"
"We'll see about that. Let's see how heaven looks with no people in it! Die dinosaurs!"

And that's when the trouble began.

"Now boys, I've thought up a solution that's been used for centuries, my father used it, his father used it…every God uses this to solve their major problems! It's a complex game that will test your wit, courage, mind, and body…(dramatic pause)...It is RPS. (both boys gasped) but it is very dangerous, I think your mother taught you how to-" said he Grea God, interrupted by his over-eager children. The children had become very serious at the words "RPS" and began to play the dangerous game (of courage, mind wit...oh you get the picture) that would determine the ultimate ruler…

"Rock, paper, scissors shoot!" chorused the two children. Hades groaned as he saw his 'scissors' crushed by Ra's 'rock'. Damn. Now he was going to ruler of the Underworld/hell/whatever.

Ra saw Hades gloomy, downtrodden look and being a cheery God (he is the Sun God) he decided to cheer his brother up.
"Don't worry Hades I promise that if you ever need my help, I'll give it to you." Ra said cheerily.
"Promise?" asked Hades, suddenly giving a sly smile. His brother could be so stupid sometimes.
"Promise." said Ra, not knowing that he'd just bind himself to a contract that he'd later regret…
End Flashback

'Stupid, stupid promise!' Ra thought. He was looking through a folder labeled "100 Most Innocent Children Between the Ages 13-15". And that was exactly what he was searching for. Bakura was going to need a really innocent "good" child to counteract his darkness.

"Wait tell me why does it have to be a teenager?" asked a nosy Hades while he waited for the guards to catch Bakura.
"One, Bakura in his dark unstable state, might kill a child that young. So if there's a teenager there's a more likely chance that he might not-"
"He abused Ryou you know" Hades cut in.
"So? They became friends…eventually."
"So basically you could be sacrificing her."

And that ended it. No one said these Egyptian Gods were merciful.

"So what was the second reason?" asked Hades as they went through the list, each one unsatisfactory.
"Oh well you know how my last teenaged hikari pairing was a success…they even fell in love so I thought…" said Ra beginning to get uncomfortable.

"You thought there might be a fool's chance of them falling in love?!" asked Hades incredulous. Bakura and love did not go in the same sentence.

"Well…at least become friends!" said Ra definitely uncomfortable.

"…That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Even I know that even you're oh so successful new pairing is having some problems. Even the hikari's fateline is uncertain! And everyone knows what impossible hopes you have for her." said Hades.

Ra squirmed in his seat wishing Hades could just hole himself up in Hell for another millennium and never comeup to bug heaven. But then a light bulb went off. His face became calculating.

"How 'bout we bet on it. If you win where Bakura ends up eternally hating the hikari and kills her…I'll let you rule heaven for a week…But if I win where he becomes friends, possibly lovers with his hikari…I get to redecorate Hell AND I want your dog Cerberus." said Ra firmly. Hades liked the idea of ruling heaven but having RA redecorate his realm. No. Ra liked sunny, bright things and Hades wouldn't be surprised if he'd walk to find Hell covered in frilly bows and other cheery stuff. Ugh. But what Hades didn't like was the possibility of losing his precious dog Cerberus, the vicious three-headed dog who guarded the gates of Hell. There was yet to be a soul who had ever escaped Hell with Cerberus guarding those gates. He was heaven was tempting; he could make quite a few adjustments…

"Fine. I accept…(Ra smirks; he was going to get a dog soon)...Now how about this Mark Swinseltimerkid. Looks promising: age 15, 23rd most innocent-"

"No. Look closely, he's been home schooled, and doesn't even know what's a woman's...errr never mind. Basically his innocence is just pure ignorance."

Hades sighed; none of these children were working out. And he refused to have Bakura in his realm for another second.

Suddenly, Ra spiedthe cornerof a paper that had been hidden in a front pocket. He stopped what he was doing, and being curious, got the paper out. Hmmmmm…oh yes, this was perfect.

"Hades I think I just found our hikari. Nina Thompson, now Nina Sky; age 14; formerly 15th innocent-"

"Wait," Hades interrupted, "you say formerly."

"Yes, formerly. She lost her innocence at five when she saw her abusive father…(Ra pauses and reads the paper carefully) Oh my. He's definitely one of your souls Hades. (Hades nods remembering his level 10 soul; oh he was a bad one)"

"But wait Ra, she isn't eligible anymore is she?" Hades asked remembering something.

"One would think…but with her adoptive father and adoptive brother she's regained enough of her "goodness" to be just "good" enough to be a hikari for Bakura." Ra said, already starting to get the preparations ready. Hades was at first dubious at the idea of a GIRL hikari, but then he imagined Bakura's reaction at the news and smiled wickedly. Perfect.

"Guards bring Bakura in; we're ready for him." Hades said into an intercom.

A few seconds later no less than ten guards came in. Two were each holding an arm of Bakura even though his wrists were hand-cuffed. The rest surrounded Bakura and most of them had their guns and knives pointed somewhere at Bakura's body…just in case.

"Why, hello Bakura." said Ra happily polite as usual.

"Bakura." said Hades simply. It was a fool's chance to think he'd actually greet the spirit who'd just destroyed half his realm.

Bakura had beautiful, spiky, white hair half covering his face. He sat in a plush red chair as the guards left. He lifted his head up and pushed the white locks out of his eyes. Now, his ghostly beige skin (a/n: he'd never regain his bronze skin; it was part of his punishment), his spiky hair that looked as sharp as knives, combined with the jagged scar on his left cheek made the former tomb robber look very dangerous. Bakura glared at the Gods with his dark chocolate eyes. There are very few mortal spirits who dare look at Gods directly, let alone glare at them so Ra was surprised. But Ra didn't think much of it; maybe Bakura was just a little shy!

"Now I'm being polite here Bakura, aren't you going to say hello?" said Ra with a happy smile.

Bakura made a mental note of where Ra should stick his polite attitude. He knew full well that Ra could hear his thoughts.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that Bakura," said Ra curtly. His face lost all trace of politeness and cheeriness.

You do that, thought Bakura with a smirk.

Ra was fighting the urge to growl.

"Well, Bakura you were called here for a reason. You've been wreaking havoc all over hell: (Bakura smiles here), giving your fellow damned souls rebellious ideas, tainting the molten lava pool, injuring the guards, dying Hades' hair pink for a week (now Bakura's grinning. Hades: TT) and that's just to name a few! So you understand now why you're going to be punished." Ra said, smirking as Bakura's face lost its grin.

"We're going to reform you, and since your aura seemed to be its bluest when you were with Ryou…I'm going to give you another hikari!" Ra said.

Bakura paled. Oh no. No, anything but this.

"But not just any hikari, I give you Nina!" Ra said showing Nina's picture to Bakura.

Bakura turned white as he saw the picture. He was horrified; he could handle hell, he could handle the Gods, but this, this, was beyond him.

"But she's a GIRL!" Bakura cried. Hades smirked; this was heaven.

"Maybe you should've thought of that before you ruined my realm Bakura." Hades said. Bakura changed tactics.

"I'll make her wish she was dead. I'll carve into her precious skin until she screams and I won't regret it." Bakura growled, pulling out his curved dagger to prove his point. The metal gleamed in the light, almost mocking the Gods like its master.

"No you won't. Then you'll never see Amane." said Ra quietly.

And with that Bakura was stopped. His face softened for the briefest of moments. Amane: his beautiful, beloved, little sister whom he hadn't seen in centuries. He'd promised he'd protect her, that they'd be together forever…and he'd failed. It was even his fault she was dead…Ra smiled as he watched Bakura's reactions; he wouldn't dare hurt Nina now.

"It's because of her and Ryou that you're only a level 9 damned soul. I still believe there's hope for you to change. Don't screw this up." Ra said kindly. Well as kind as these Gods could be.

Bakura merely grunted, muttering, "I'm stuck in a room with some wussie Gods; Earth's looking pretty good now."

This was the last straw for Ra. Wussie?!

"Well if you want to leave so badly…" Ra said his voice dangerous. He made a motion with his finger and the Millennium Ring came flying over its owner head to Ra. Ra made a few tapping motions on the spokes of the Item, and smiled. It was done.

Bakura felt a weird, tingly sensation pass through him. He felt complete. And he actually liked the sensation…Damnit.

"Maybe you'll even like her Bakura…" Ra said with a wink. Before Bakura could respond with a scathing retort Ra continued,

"Buh-bye Bakura!" Ra opened a box and pressed a red button aggressively. Bakura felt the floor drop from him as he plummeted downward to Earth. He instinctively yelled for a second.
Ra gave a smirk; he made sure Bakura's last words he heard were
Who's the wussie now?

Bakura at the moment (falling like a white comet to ?):
Bakura was thinking about Amane, his new hikari, and how all his evil deeds had lead up to him falling scarily out of the sky, like he was booted out of heaven.
One would think he would learn to avoid with these ::ahem:: interesting God experiences by acting a little nicer…


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